5 Best PDF To Excel Converter Software With Free Download Link

Converting tools have played major roles in ensuring that we save on time, relieve us from the task of having to go around with papers and the work of re-entering data into new file documents. To bring to the know to those not familiar about converters is that when you have such a programme on your device and often handle PDF files, you will not need to worry on minor issues such as errors while feeding information manually as these converters that we are looking into are exceptional are the best PDF to Excel Converters for Windows that you would ever think of.

As a matter of fact saying that we are going to look into them in depth would be a lie since you cannot exhaust everything in details on the best of the best converters. They are simply converting tools of a million words.

PDF2XL PDF Converter


pdf2xlCogniview Pdf2xl_7

This is the only converting tool that I would refer anyone to without the fear of them coming back angry on how it has not meet their expectations. Over the past few years the PDF2XL PDF Converter has been the number one priority many users that often convert their PDF files to Excel have been using. Reading from the customer reviews, messages of gratitude have been received expressing how this great PDF to Excel has fully serviced them.

That is a clear indication that the PDF2XL PDF Converter is a converting programme that you can rely on.  It has some very features that you can look forward to help you big time when dealing with everything Excel. Give it a try and be part of the testimony that everyone has turned to be.


  • It is an affordable and reliable converting tool that a user can throw any ask at and offers a speed that no rival converter can match.
  • Can convert over 500 PDF files at a go, giving you a reason not to worry on the size of file being converted.
  • Features a free evaluation that allows you to test the product before purchasing it and running it on your Windows device.
  • Users enjoy a free full support customer care assistance.
  • Ensures that purchase is done safely by involving a third party hence user has no reason to worry on being fraud.
  • Does not demand for a lot of requirements for operation as it requires only an installer size of 25MB, and a footprint OF 37 MB.


  • Does not run on all Windows version.

Nitro Pro PDF Converter


The Nitro Pro PDF Converter is a one of a kind converting tool and their developers deserve to be awarded for coming with this helpful converting software for Windows. Even top world organisations from the customer reviews have confessed on how they heavily rely on this great PDF to Excel converting tool for all their spreadsheet chores.

It has been recorded that it has over two thousand two hundred users from different sites. If it’s a matter of guarantee and reassurances that would convince you to giving this amazing converting tool a try, then the numbers have spoken.


  • User can request for electronic signatures commonly referred as the eSign from anywhere at any given time from your Windows device.
  • The process of converting PDF files to Excel is very fast and accurate where it maintains all the file formats and designs.
  • It also not only converts files to Excel but also other file formats that it supports such as PowerPoint and Word to mention but a few.
  • Allows text modification and other editing features such as adding of automations that can be easily traced back.
  • With the Optical Character Recognition feature the user can scan their documents into searchable documents.


  • Users are not happy about their sending of output documents to the email as it makes it necessary for one to have an email account in order have a successful converting process.

iSkysoft PDF Converter

iskysoftiSkysoft PDF Editor_3

Thanks to iSkysoft developers, now there is a perfect Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter. Over time the Adobe has been the point of reference for a very long time but with the development of the iSkysoft PDF Converter things are about to change. It is indeed suitable for both business and personal use as the features that it brings to the game has made it possible to perform any task that this converting tool is thrown at.

It comes with a trial version so that the newbies can have a sample of this amazing PDF to Excel converting software. You should not risk your money for purchasing a converting tool that will not meet your expectations, that’s why the iSkysoft gives a trial package.


  • User can add password in order to control viewing and editing of information from an outside party thus observing security.
  • The technology of the Optical Character Recognition technology has allowed users to easily convert scanned PDF files not only to Excel but also Word, PowerPoint and other formats it supports.


  • Supports only one language that happens to be English thus cutting off those countries that do not speak English.


TalkHelper PDF Converter

The one thing that is irreplaceable about this top converting programme is that it is generally lively. With its white and blue background colours and those cartoonish icons make it more enjoying every time you are converting your PDF files to Excel or any other file format. Apart from that the TalkHelper PDF Converter features very amazing abilities such as converting files into multiple formats which are supported by it.

Exhausting the features of this converter would be impossible if it is discussing I over this platform. Why this magical converting tool has always been everyone’s favourite has to be just more than the features, so let’s look at the advantages of having the TalkHelper running on your Windows device.


  • The TalkHelper has a very smart and simple user interface that is easy to navigate and at the same time very appealing. This makes adaption even very easier and reducing the learning curve. As a matter of fact it resembles that of the Microsoft Office Word interface.
  • Features a customer assistance service that allows user to communicate with the developers via a provided email for errors that may occur unexpectedly and the response there is fast and direct.
  • Supports multiple conversion where user can work on a number of PDF files at a go.
  • The interface is also well equipped with various editing tools giving premium services at a very low price or rather a pocket friendly price.


  • To get the whole full package that is the programme and optical character range it might be quite expensive that is one hundred and twenty nine dollars.

Able2Extract PDF Converter

able2extractAble2extract professional_3

The debate on whether the Able2Extract PDF Converter is the best was long over after the developers updated this exceptional converting tool. It has been developed in a way that it has no capable rivals at the moment and that should not be confused to giving credit where not due.

Those who have ever tried the latest of this software will agree that the feeling while using the Able2Extract PDF Converter cannot be compared to anything it has actually turned the process of converting PDF files to Excel more of something to enjoy rather than consideration as work. I would suggest for anyone looking for an ideal converting tool for both business and personal to give the Able2Extract PDF Converter a try. I will accept the message of gratitude.


  • It possesses a multilingual user interface that support international languages such as English, Italian to mention but a few.
  • Can convert a number of PDF files within a short time thus guaranteeing speed and efficiency from a single converting tool.
  • Allows user to directly generate and work instantly with raw texts formats.
  • It allows user to switch back and forth between data modification and data extraction.


  • Might be a bit complex to navigate especially for newbies. Otherwise apart from that it works perfectly well.


If you anyone of my clients asks me which is the best converting tool for their personal or business use, giving a straight away answer would be lying to him or her. This is because there is no perfect converting tool just as we have seen they all have their disadvantages.

One has to be specific on what they want from a converting tool so as to help them narrow done to one PDF converting tool especially for their Windows device which has been overcrowded with a lot of options. The lack of information about converting tools has left most of them settling for any converter which at the end leaves them frustrated since most users spend a lot f money only to be later disappointed. However, after reading the above article, it is for sure that you are well informed and you can make that bold step of choosing the appropriate PDF to Excel converting programme.

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