12 Best Windows PDF to Word Converters (Free Download Available)


When looking for a PDF converter or application, you don’t need one with a steep learning curve. Each software needs to provide you with exactly what you’d like. More so, it should ensure that you’re more productive.

Therefore, what is it that you need to consider when choosing a PDF to Word converter ? How do you identify the software that ideal for your needs? That’s what we’re here for. Assist you in finding the perfect PDF converter for you.

WPS PDF to Word Converter


As a PDF user, you’ll find that you can read PDF from almost all versions of Windows. However, not all PDF conversion software supports all these versions. WPS is different. You get to enjoy the software from any Windows operating system.

With the extensive support, nothing is stopping you from converting documents. Besides, when converting a PDF document to Microsoft Word, you can choose from the doc or docx formats. WPS is swift to use, something that’s suitable for batch conversions.

Besides converting documents, you also can opt to merge or splitting documents. It’s essential when you don’t need to spend much time on one document. That is, you can split a PDF and only convert the bits you’d want. You can merge PDFs to convert a single, larger document.



Unlike WPS, PDF to Word is an online tool. Meaning that you can use it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Online tools are also ideal for your PDF to docx conversion needs. With PDF to Word, you’re able to convert any PDF document swiftly.

Why use PDF to Word? Well, it’s free. Also, it’s ideal for users who don’t have much editing to do after conversion. It’s simple to use thus being ideal for students or even people who convert PDF documents once in a while.

With this tool, you have some limitations though. When uploading a PDF, the maximum support for a single document is 100 MB while 150 MB is the maximum for batch documents. The batch documents also have to be below 20 files.

Soda PDF Pro

Soda PDF Converter_3

Soda PDF provides you with both an offline and an online tool. Depending on your needs, both of these converters will enable you to convert any PDF document to docx quickly. There is seamless interaction in both tools to ensure that all your work is updated.

The interface is intuitive. There’s clear button placement to ensure that you know exactly how to start the conversion process. As for choosing which files to convert, you can upload them directly from your PC, Dropbox, Drive, Evernote, or OneDrive.

Security is another strong suit of Soda PDF. When editing the Word documents, you can opt to redact information or use the whiteout tool. Nonetheless, you can use the 256-bit AES encryption to set passwords.

PDF Hero

Online tools are the future of PDF conversion software. PDF Hero is no different. It’s simple to use and provides you with all the tools that you’d need to convert PDF documents to doc. There’s support for batch conversions.

It’s a swift process as long as you have fast internet and smaller PDF documents. However, after conversion, all files are placed in the order they were converted. Besides, you can identify which files are already complete and those which are underway.

After conversion, you can opt to remove all the files after you’ve downloaded them. So doing ensures that any work you convert is secure. More so, you have some peace of mind when you manually delete the documents online.

UniPDF Converter

Drag and drop is a feature which most PDF converters lack. It’s present in UniPDF to make it easier for you to convert any document. It’s ideal when converting batch documents. Besides, you’re able to choose the pages which you’d like to convert.

In return, this saves you some time. More so, in an organization, you get to be more productive. The PDF to Word option is simple to use since all you need to do is select the “Word” output format and click on the red “Convert” button.

More so, you have a user center in UniPDF. Here, you can learn about the files which you’ve converted so far. Likewise, you get to learn about newer versions of the software. In case you face any challenges when converting a document, you have the feedback option in the software.

Free Online OCR

If you convert small PDF documents to docx frequently, Free Online OCR is the best tool for you. It supports only 15 MB of PDF documents. However, this can either be a single document or batch. Therefore, its ideal for people who want a swift converter that won’t take much time.

Since it’s free, there are some tradeoffs — all which won’t impact your work. The only limitation is the size of files which can be uploaded at a single time. However, there’s support for 46 languages. Something that lacks in most PDF to Word converters.

This feature allows you to convert PDF documents from and to any language that you’d like. It’s ideal for translating any PDF document that you don’t understand. More so, you can edit the same document in Microsoft Word and later convert it to the language you’d like.

Nitro PDF to Word Converter

Nitro PDF stands out due to the availability of OCR support. What’s OCR? It stands for Optical Character Recognition. When converting a PDF document that has images or scanned content, the software will be able to convert all the information available to text format.

OCR is automatically turned on whenever you’re using PDF to Word conversion in Nitro PDF. As for converting the documents, all you need to do is click on the “Add files” tab. Here, you’ll be able to choose all the PDF documents that you’d like to convert on your PC.

Yes! Nitro PDF supports batch conversion. If you’ve listed multiple files, you can rearrange the order to ensure that they’re properly converted. Besides, you can choose the specific page numbers that you’d like to convert.

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TalkHelper PDF Converter

One of the reasons why most people prefer TalkHelper is the sleek interface. Besides being the best, high-quality PDF to Word converter, it also has an intuitive interface. Therefore, it’s ideal for new users and professionals. The available cloud computing components make the software perform better.

When editing the Word document, you have the option of redacting information or even using annotations. This ensures that your Word documents are secure after conversion. More so, you have OCR support with TalkHelper.

With this, all images in a PDF are automatically converted to editable texts.

Icecream PDF Converter


Icecream PDF stands out because you’re able to convert PDF documents to multiple Microsoft Word formats. These include ODT, docx, and doc. Unlike other software which provides you with only doc or docx, Icecream PDF ensures that you have some flexibility.

For the conversion process, it’s very simple. The interface is clean and intuitive. All you see when you open the software is the beautiful Icecream PDF logo and the options available. If you want to convert a PDF document to Microsoft Word, choose the “From PDF” option.

After this, you’re able to upload either one or multiple documents on the software. When converting, you can choose to split or merge the documents. It saves you time and ensures that you only have the number of documents you’d like.

Nuance Power PDF

If you’d like to extract data from a PDF, converting it to Word is an ideal option. Nuance Power is one of the best applications to use for such tasks. The security measures make it easier to ensure that the Word document doesn’t get tampered with.

More so, you have the collaboration option. Ideal for institutions, the collaboration will be essential when multiple people are responsible for editing a document. Here, you can all share the document and work on it together.

Adobe Acrobat

For organizations, whenever the staff has to use new software, they need some training. Due to the intuitive user interface of Adobe Acrobat, it’s easier for anyone to comprehend how to use the PDF to Word converter.

When converting a PDF document, you have cloud support. With this, you can choose to save your documents online or upload them from the online storage. Besides, it makes it easier for you to access any of the converted documents in the future.

Since most people use other Adobe products, it’s easier to fit in the ecosystem. The PDF to Word converter supports batch conversion as well as drag and drop.

Foxit Phantom PDF


In some cases, when converting PDF documents, collaboration is essential. As a professional, collaboration ensures that the edited document is free of errors. Nonetheless, you’re able to ensure that all the sensitive information is redacted.

This is one feature of Foxit Phantom. Likewise, there’s a tabbed interface. It makes it easier for you to plan which PDF documents should be converted. More so, you can keep track of the entire progress. OCR support also makes the software an ideal choice for PDF to docx conversion.