Arousing Sex And Food

Food And Vegetables To Increase Libido

There are many tactics for those who want to spice up their relationship a little more. But have you ever stopped to think that the secret may be in the food? That’s right! Betting on foods to increase the libido can make the moment even better for two! Here are some aphrodisiac foods that will increase your sexual desire:


Several kinds of seafood contain good amounts of minerals, such as protein, iron, calcium, B vitamins, and zinc, which may be related to sexual disposition and the production of hormones such as testosterone.

Some examples of these foods are: Oysters, shrimp, lobster, scallops, squid, etc.


Caffeine gives more energy to the body and can act as a powerful aphrodisiac, helping to arouse the body. However, some studies do not classify coffee as a food that increases libido, since its consumption in excess can cause the opposite effect. In other words, it is best to drink moderate amounts of coffee!


Widely consumed during the summer for being refreshing, watermelon contains bioactive agents such as citrulline that promote “increased blood circulation in the genital regions, providing a relaxation of blood vessels, ensuring a high sexual performance”.


Walnuts are also rich in zinc, a mineral related to raising and maintaining good testosterone levels. So including nuts in your menu can improve your health in many ways, even your willingness to have more sex.


Very popular in Chinese medicine and among the Spanish actors who perform in “Porno Español” for many reasons, this root works on systems such as the cardiovascular, immune, and neural systems. An experimental approach pointed to ginseng as a great aphrodisiac, being widely used to aid sexual performance and satisfaction. In this paper, the authors point out that in addition to human hormones, “the type of ginseng and the consumption are factors that can make a difference in the ability to increase libido.


Chocolate alone is not fully considered an aphrodisiac. According to a recent article, the combination of chocolate and spices can act as a sexual stimulant, increasing libido and revitalizing the body, but more research is needed to prove this fact.

The same study explained that “when ingesting chocolate, the brain releases endorphin, causing feelings of pleasure and well-being, very similar to what one feels during sexual climax,” which is why the ingredient is often linked to an increased libido.


For some, the banana is just a phallic food, that is, a food that contains similarities to some sexual organs, therefore awakening the desire for sex. But this fruit “contains good sources of potassium, vitamins A and B, and tryptophan”, nutrients that provide more energy to the body, maintain blood pressure and can act as an aphrodisiac.


Like the banana, the fig is considered a phallic food because of its shape. According to one article, the compounds present in the fig contain aphrodisiac activity, as they “increase the amount of testosterone in the body, significantly influencing libido and sexual desire.”

So how about including these libido-boosting foods in your next romantic dinner to create the perfect mood? Enjoy and see also other ways to improve libido.


Clove is considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Especially its essential oil, a paper with mice showed that clove extract increases sexual activity. This research concluded that “the phenolic and steroidal compounds, present in the spice, stimulate the central nervous system, providing increased sexual function.”


Saffron can be considered an aphrodisiac spice because it stimulates the erotic zones of the body. A recent article pointed to a type of carotenoid found in saffron as being responsible for the aphrodisiac properties. Thus, the spice could be used to aid sexual dysfunction treatments, however, more experimental tests are needed to prove its effectiveness.