How to Grow Weed The Right Way

Growing Weed The Right Way

The entire cultivation of marijuana can take anywhere from three to six weeks. While this may not sound like much time, it really depends on how fast you’re able to grow plants indoors. In addition, if you’re growing marijuana for recreational use, then you’ll probably want to start small. You should only buy seeds that are high quality, so they won’t die before producing buds. When you get them started, make sure you keep the lights on 24/7 until the plants reach maturity.

What’s needed to grow weed?

Focusing on just one aspect of marijuana cultivation would make an already lengthy article even longer and less interesting. So, here are some things to keep in mind when cultivating your own weed.


A person who studies biology even a little bit knows that plants require light to produce food. When this light hits the chlorophylla, which is the green color in plants, it turns into oxygen and water. Then the plants feed on this carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas to grow and make fruit. This process is called photosynthesis.

Marijuana plants require as much sunlight as any other crop does, whether they’re being grown indoors or outdoors. This is so that they can make enough sugar to grow strong. When marijuana flowers, bright lights work best because they provide consistent amounts of energy for longer periods of time. Artificial lighting also works great, but only if used during daylight hours. Sunny days are ideal for growing marijuana, but cloudy days are fine too.

To grow healthy crops, choose the best lighting conditions for them. Good lighting makes big crops.

Indoor, Outdoor or Hydroponics – Which is better?

The indoor vs outdoor debate rages on. Many growers have asked which method produces better results–indoors or outdoors? The answer is that there is no definitive proof either way. Both methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, indoor-grown marijuana tends to produce larger buds, but they lack the flavor and aroma of outdoor-grown weed. Outdoor grown marijuana, however, tends to grow smaller buds, but they contain higher levels of THC.

On the other hand, the indoor space offers certain advantages over the outdoors, including things like artificial lighting and bug control.

Regardless of the conditions, you select, cannabis will grow well for you if you follow the right steps. Like the results, a skilled botanical expert could achieve!

Grown Strain, and Its Genetics

When choosing a strain, you should consider what type of high you want. Some strains are great for relaxation, others for energy, and some for both. A good place to start is with Indica genetics. Indica plants produce a sedative effect that helps people relax after a stressful day.

Sativa plants are great for creativity and productivity. They give users energy and help them focus during the day. Hybrid strains combine these two types of effects into one amazing experience.

You need to pick a strain that fits your needs. If you’re looking for a rich and robust smoke then a Sativa might be your best bet, but if you want something milder an Indica would be better.

Curing and Pruning

So you’ve taken extra care to grow your weed into a big and healthy plant, and the buds have produced their THC vibrant flowers, it’s time for harvesting, and then the quality defining moment called “curing.” You might have been careful all along, but errors at this stage can cost you your entire harvest.

Curing is the jarring of buds after they have been dried to heighten their potency. Buds can be placed in wide mason jars for this to be done correctly, but you must ensure to check them regularly in case there is a mold, which could ruin the overall quality of flowers.


There are a whole lotta things to think about when growing cannabis, but hopefully you’ve learned something here that helps take you one small but important step closer to making your own high-quality weed. Don’t be scared by the idea of it being expensive, or complicated. Instead, embrace the challenge and enjoy the journey!