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In one sentence Hampedia holds the collective intelligence that constitutes Hampshire College. In more detail Hampedia is the wiki-based platform that allows users to collectively create, edit, and document all the academic, non-academic and social content (text, video, images, and sounds -among others) produced at Hampshire. The platform also provides a wide variety of productivity services including class websites, calendars, forums, chat, and book trading among others. Hampedia is collectively developed and improved by individuals of the Hampshire College community, and is available the entire world. The project was created and developed in the Fall of 2007 by student Jose Fuentes ('05). Today Hampedia is widely used by current and past students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Hampedia currently holds 3,578 pages (and counting) of content related to Hampshire College, and is available to the entire world under the Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike. Hampedia is operated by the Hampedia Project.


What is Hampedia?

In one sentence, Hampedia is the academic, social, and cultural content that makes up Hampshire College.

Hampedia is designed to be a generative purpose technology. In other words, Hampedia is a space in which all students, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees can collectively create, document, and edit any kind of digital content (text, images, video, audio, etc.) related to Hampshire College.

For the external world Hampedia is the place where prospective students, parents & families, friends of the College, and any other individual who desires to learn about Hampshire can better understand what constitutes Hampshire's experimenting liberal arts eduction.

What can I do with Hampedia?

This is only a sample of the ways you can use Hampedia.

Hampedia was created and developed with openness and malleability in mind. As a result Hampedia is highly generative and has (and is continually adding) uses and services tailored to the individual needs of every user.

If you need help figuring out how to edit Hampedia, check out the tutorials.


If you are a current student you can use Hampedia as the place where you document your academic and extracurricular path during your time at Hampshire. Since Hampshire has no majors, documenting the academic activities that make up your concentration will help you and other students to design stronger and more innovative concentrations. Hampedia can also help you to connect and collaborate on projects with other students whose interests intersect with yours.

Hampedia is also very helpful tool to connect you to other students though student groups. Hampshire has more than 140 student groups (That's one group for every 10 students! Traditional colleges have no more than 40 organizations). The Student Groups Core has information related to all student groups and is the place where you can learn more about them.

Finally, Hampedia can help you produce better and more innovative academic work. You can publish your papers and your Div III in order to collaborate with others; you can receive comments, suggestions, and guidelines from other students and faculty.


If you are an alum and you already have a profile on Hampedia (if you don't, get one!) you can use Hampedia first and formost to see what is going on at Hampshire. Hampshire is continually evolving and continuously producing work that you will not find at any other college. Browse Division IIIs, see what your favorite professors are up to, see what events are occurring, and more!

If you are looking to hire students in a particular field, then Hampedia is the place to learn about what students are working on and find great candidates.

You can also use Hampedia to connect with your old classmates and friends. Update your profile, and then look at those of your old friends, to find out where they are now in life. Revive old Hampshire history by contributing to its history, and make pages for old projects and legends from your time at Camp Hamp.


If you are a faculty member you can use Hampedia in class as your course website. There are many innovative ways to take advantage of Hampedia as a platform for classes, from having students create pages on certain topics to putting up diverse course content quickly and easily. Students can put up finished projects, from films to photography to papers, on Hampedia, so that all the work can be easily collected, organized, and saved.

Hampedia can save you time and effort. Have students sign up for office hours on Hampedia, put up information related to programs and projects you work on, and quickly and easily find information about anything having to do with Hampshire.


If you are a staff member you can use Hampedia as a content management system. You can makes pages quickly and easily on any topic, which makes it extremely useful for organizing and collecting information. Meeting minutes, notes, reports, FAQ, and more can all be posted on Hampedia, which provides a great platform for information sharing.

Hampedia is a great way to help others better understand the work done in your office. What are the common misconceptions about your work? What questions get asked over and over again? What controversial decisions have you made? Take advantage of Hampedia as a way to share explanations and information with the rest of the community. <span style="font-weight: bold;" />

Prospective Students

If you are a prospective student, you are in the right place. Hampedia is where you can learn about Hampshire College firsthand. Here is the place to see what the Hampshire community is doing right now, from student groups to events to Division IIIs. Check out the courses being taught, photos of the campus, concerts, talks, and more.

If you are seriously considering coming to Hampshire (which you should), student pages will help you to define your potential concentration, find faculty you may want to work with, and explore academic work currently being produced. Understanding Hampshire from the outside may be somewhat complicated, but once you get it you will understand why this is such a special place.

Parents & Family

If you are a parent and/or family member, Hampedia is the place to better understand Hampshire's culture and academics. If you are helping out a prospective student, you can learn more about Hampshire's academic structure, student culture, and campus. If your loved one is a Hampshire student, you can go here to learn more about the student groups your child is involved in, questions you may have about different offices, a better understanding of Hampshire policies and rules, courses your offspring is taking, and interesting news.

Visitors from Other Planets

If you are a visitor from another planet you can use Hampedia to better understand human culture, specifically the habits, work, and interests of a very specific segment of Earth's population: those who are part of the Hampshire College community.

Hampedia Policies

Hampedia is governed by a set of Policies and Guidelines.

Who is in control of the content that constitutes Hampedia?

All text, images, video, audio, and files (in technical terms; all bits and bytes) are not in control of any particular party, department, office or individual; nor does any of this entities can exercise any kind of control over all and any content on Hampedia. All content on Hampedia is a decentralized unit of knowledge. This means that the content that constitutes Hampedia is not governed by or attached to any exclusive set of laws and/or guidelines. However, the significance and meaning of the content is the sole responsibility of the individual who chooses to participate and actively use Hampedia. Thus Hampedia as a technology by default transfers the entire benefit and responsibility of any positive or negative result and/or consequence that may result from the content created, contributed, and/or edited to the individual who chooses to use Hampedia. So, Hampedia is a space developed under complete personal responsibility. Every Hampedia user must always act as his or her own measure of self-control and self-governance. It should be noted that articles on individuals are restricted somewhat by our page ownership policy.

Who owns the content that makes up Hampedia?

Everyone related to Hampshire but no-one in particular; all the content hosted on Hampedia is released by their authors under the Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported (CC-BY-SA 3.0), so the articles are free content and can be reproduced freely under the same license. No particular party or individual has or can claim partial or total ownership over Hampedia.

Who is in control of the Web site?

Hampedia is managed by the members of the Hampedia Management Cell through the Hampedia Board of Trustees. The site is run by the members of the Hampedia Management Board guided by the Hampedia Policies and the Hampedia Advisory Board.

Who owns the Web site?

All domains related to Hampedia (except for hampedia.hampshire.edu) are owned by Emogination Research.

Who is responsible for the technology that runs Hampedia?

The technology that enables Hampedia to operate, both in terms of software and hardware, is under the responsibility and accountability of the Hampedia Board of Trustees.

Who is responsible for the content on Hampedia?

You are! You can even edit this very page, as long as the edit is helpful. Hampedia is a collaborative effort that grows and improves with every new edit.

History of Hampedia

Hampedia was started by Jose Fuentes in the fall of 2007 as Hampshire's open documenting tool, and a coherent information arena for all individuals related Hampshire's academics, life, and culture. See the History of Hampedia main article for more details.

Hampedia Events

Relation to Emogination Research

Emogination Research, Inc. is a non-profit science and research institution started by Jose Fuentes, and directed by Fuentes, Ananda Valenzuela, and Fred Concklin to provide financial and institutional support to Internet-based information services powered by freely licensed and generative technologies. Hampedia is a beneficiary of Emogination Research.

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