Top Ten Skype Call Recorder On Windows 10 In 2019

Skype is a great software for communication that comes in handy in our daily activities at one point or the other. At certain instances, we need to keep a record of the Skype conversation.

However, Skype does not have a good way of doing this and the only option left is to record the chats and calls. This calls for the need for third-party software to aid in this task. Luckily enough, lots of software that serve as Skype call recorders are available for the Windows platform as we will find out below. This article features 9 Skype recorders that you can choose from.

TalkHelper Call Recorder For Skype

Expect just the best in regards to Skype call recording when you get started with this top utility. Easy of use is guaranteed while at the same making sure any recorded Skype calls are of the best and highest quality. It is capable of functioning in an automatic mode which basically monitors when a call comes in and starts recording it without the need for your interaction.

This can be an incoming call, outgoing call or a conference call that may or may not contain video. TalkHelper screen recorder for Windows is very reliable by enabling you to pause, resume or even stop recording Skype calls as you may wish. Active development that follows this top program ensures the latest version of Skype is supported in regards to recording.

As for the Skype audio calls, you are free to save them in WAV or MP3 format with support for mono and stereo options. When you need to record a Skype call in video form, it can be saved in AVI format while implementing XVID codec. Explore a world of no limitations with TalkHelper as the best Skype call recorder for Windows.

CallGraph Skype Recorder

This is a Skype recorder for Windows that is provided to the user free at no cost at all whether for business or personal use. It is also rich in recording modes as you can record Skype to Skype, Skype In/Out and even Skype conference calls all from one place. Expect high-quality recordings when working with this Skype recorder while at the same time enjoy voice optimization.

CallGraph is a go-to software when you need to record Skype interviews with the best experience. Better yet, you are guaranteed of no malware or spyware when using this free tool. At the same time, expect no limitations or restrictions when you get started.

Pamela for Skype

Skype video and audio recording are vital at certain junctures and Pamela for Skype comes in to delivers lots of features at your disposal. Skype call recording and chat recording can be done with this tool that does not require you to spend any penny to access its features.

In fact, this software is absolutely free hence a very reliable Skype recorder for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 PC. You will be able to manage Skype conference calls conveniently while enjoying automatic call recording. It is also possible to capture audio in either stereo or mono format. In addition to this, you get to record Skype chats while at the same time enjoying free Skype video recording.

Evaer Skype Recorder

Evaer will record Skype calls for you in the popular MP4 and AVI video formats which are widely used. It will also enable you to manage automatic call recording to make sure you don’t miss any moment.

You are free to record Skype video and audio calls coupled with group videos and necessary conference calls. To achieve all this, different modes are availed to the user including side-by-side, PIP, separate files, remote-webcam only and not forgetting local-webcam only mode.

To get feedback on the kind of Skype call recordings you are making, a preview feature is available for you to implement. Audio is also informative and can be captured in stereo or mono format.

Callnote for Skype

At one point or the other during Skype recording tasks on Win PC, we may need to capture audio and video separately. This definitely requires a specialized tool and that is exactly what Callnote for Skype is for. The output delivered at the end by this software is of HD quality.

You should not be afraid to miss any moment as you are taken care of with an automatic recording feature that monitors when calls are made. Various control options are provided including start, pause, record and stop buttons that ensure you in total control. This Skype recorder for Windows does not disappoint with what it offers.

Vodburner for Windows


Vodburner does not only serve as a Skype recorder but also carries a built-in video editor for you to make complete video productions conveniently. When it comes to videos, this app is able to capture every single frame at the possible maximum resolution to deliver a high-quality Skype call recording.

As for the editor, you make adjustments side by side for split-screen mode, local or remote side depending on which one is of interest. After the video has been recording you can apply further adjustment like adding subtitles and annotation here and there. In regards to saving formats, you can choose WMV or MP4 as you may prefer.

iFree Skype Recorder

None of us really likes software that comes with limitations, especially for important functions. iFree Skype recorder for Windows has taken this into consideration and delivers this tool that has no length limit. It gets even better as you have a choice between manual and automatic Skype call recording modes.

There are two audio streams involved during a call and this tool is able to record each of these in either stereo or mono format. Recording Skype calls is done both from the local and remote side and saved in MP3 format for convenience. On the other hand, you get a built-in MP3 player that you can use to preview recorded files.

Amolto Call Recorder for Skype

Efficiency when dealing with any software is a dealbreaker when choosing software to use. Amolto has perfected in this as a Skype recorder for Windows. Besides recording Skype conversations, it is very efficient in keeping track of recordings. This is even enhanced by the simple and instinctive user interface that does not give a first-time user a headache.

You will never miss capturing any moment thanks to the available automatic call recording feature. Get started with this great tool for free and without any limitations on the recordable length of time. You will also be able to record and audio from any source on your Windows 7/8/10 PC without compromising on the final quality.

Supertintin Skype Recorder

Supertintin comes in a very small installation package to ensure that you get started within no time. Being that small, it translates to the software being lightweight and a very non-steep learning curve for a first time user. With this Skype recorder for Windows, you can record not only audio but also video streams in top quality.

Data loss is not a word you will come to use with this software when compared to normal screen recorders. Whether you open, close or resize the Skype window, all that has no effect at all on the final video quality.

A wide range of modes is also provided when you need to capture local or remote video streams.

Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder

This Skype call recorder for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 functions to record content in basic three modes including PIP, audio only and video only. The mode to use will solely depend on the kind of content and goal you have to achieve.

It guarantees high-quality video and audio capture on Skype without taking a toll on your computer resources. Recording Skype calls is made convenient with control buttons like pause and stop that can be implemented at the click of a button. Besides being very easy to navigate, this Skype call recorder also boasts of a live streaming feature without the need for re-encoding.

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