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Hampshire Mental Health Advocacy Network
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Meeting Information
Place: The Wellness Center above the Center for Feminisms
Time: Wednesdays 7pm
Contact Information
Email: ecpe13@hampshire.edu
Signer Information
Signer 1: Emma Petersky (ecpe13@hampshire.edu)
Signer 2: Maia Holloway (maah13@hampshire.edu)
Signer 3: (open)
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Jessica Ortiz
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 609
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Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual

For On- Campus and Off- Campus Mental Health Resources/Hotlines please scroll down.


Mission Statement

To utilize the student voice to raise awareness about issues surrounding mental health on campus, including symptoms of mental health disorders, stigmas involved in talking about mental health, and the resources available both on campus and in the wider Pioneer Valley community.

Our beautiful Tumblr: http://hampmentalhealthadvocacynetwork.tumblr.com

List of Good Mental Health Resources

On Campus Resources

  • Hampshire College Health and Counseling Services - 413.559.5458
  • Hampshire College Wellness Center - 413.559.5743
  • Hampshire College After-Hours Mental Health Crisis Hotline- 413.559.5424 (to speak to a mental health crisis hotline after hours, call the campus police line to request one)
  • Hampshire College Emergency - 413.559.5555
  • In case of an emergency, Hampshire College EMTs can be reached at 413-599-5555. For non-emergency related inquiries, contact HampshireCollegeEMS@gmail.com
  • For mental health advocacy on campus, contact the Hampshire Mental Health Advocacy Network. hmhan@gmail.com or see the Facebook group. Meetings: Wednesdays, 6:00 to 7:00 PM, The Wellness Center above the Center for Feminisms.

House Directors: House Directors are available for a variety of issues, including mental health and general wellness support, conflict mediation, and crisis support. They can be reached in their respective House Offices during normal business hours. There is always a House Director on call, and can be reached through Campus Switchboard at 413-559-5424, 24/7 (just ask to speak with the House Director on Call). When necessary, HDs can also get students into Health Services without an appointment and are able to contact the clinicians after hours (24/7). Students can also approach HDs about concerns related to another student's wellbeing.

  • Araiña Muñiz, House Director for Greenwich & Enfield - amuniz@hampshire.edu, 413-559-5314
  • Chris Hinesl, House Director for Prescott - chines@hampshire.edu, 413.559.5085
  • House Interns are also available for all issues related to student's wellness. There is always an intern available in each House Office during normal business hours. Interns are always available to support students well-being - each student living on campus has an intern who is there to support them. Every residence area has an intern on-call during weekends (Friday 4:30pm-Monday morning).
    • Dakin - 413-345-0508
    • Merrill - 413-345-0408
    • Greenwich & Enfield - 413-345-0167
    • Prescott - 413-345-0493

Sexual Offense Resources

Spiritual Life Resources

  • Liza Neal, Director of the Spiritual Life Center, is available for general wellness support, as well as spiritual counseling. She is also a confidential resource for sexual assault. lneal@hampshire.edu, 413-559-5282

Peer Chaplaincy (https://www.hampshire.edu/spiritual-life/peer-chaplaincy-program)

Who We Are Students who care about the well-being of other students, no matter they are, what their backgrounds might be, or what they believe. We are Div II and Div III students studying a variety of things: art, gender, music, trauma, dance, sustainability, literature, sexuality, politics, religion, writing, and more. We are students with a variety of spiritual backgrounds and students with no spiritual background. We are trained and engaged in on-going training on subjects that include mental health, rape crisis, peer support, substance abuse, suicide prevention, eating disorders, clinical pastoral education, identity development, social justice, and spiritual care, with supervision through Spiritual Life. What We Do Peer chaplains take time to "be there;" through nonjudgmental active listening they provide a confidential ministry of presence. We cultivate a mutual sense of well-being, working to reduce feelings of alienation, and offering love and compassion to anyone in need. Peer chaplains are learning to be spiritual leaders. We take into account how a person’s beliefs or lack thereof play into how that person is feeling. Peer chaplains can help provide a window for the individual to look inward and reflect. A peer chaplain is present, a witness to and companion in a challenging moment. Experiencing open communication and radical acceptance can invigorate one’s spirit. Peer chaplains provide connection and affirmation to help students seek hope, gain insight, and explore perspectives to find grounding. How to Schedule an Appointment/Drop In Hours Make an appointment online or call 413.313.6500 Hotline Hours: Sunday, 7-10 p.m. Drop-In Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 6-8 p.m. The peer chaplaincy office is in the Wellness Center, 2nd floor Enfield


Request an appointment: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aE54pESEFyWsc8u4NIPCsVyDSMwslMLL63Y9AGwQ8lU/viewform Peer Chaplaincy Office, the Wellness Center, Enfield 413-313-6500

Drug & Alcohol Resources:

  • All of the above resources, especially Health & Counseling Services, House Directors, Interns, and Liza Neal. Health & Counseling Services can do a BASICS alcohol screening and intervention.
  • Mindful Recovery Group meets Mondays, 12-1pm, upstairs in the Wellness Center. Led by Zeffa Kinney. Group is open to all kinds of recovery (not just drugs and alcohol).
  • For discussions about on-campus culture of substance use, and a newly forming student group, contact Emma Opitz, eco10@hampshire.edu
  • Upon request, Hampshire's Campus Police will do an Alcohol Awareness presentation. Officer Lopez will also teach you how to ride a segway. 413-559-5424

Off Campus Resources

  • UMASS Health Services - 413.557.5000
  • UMASS Therapy and Support Groups - http://www.umass.edu/uhs/health/support/
  • Everywoman’s Center at UMASS - http://www.umass.edu/ewc/
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1.800.273.8255 (callers may discuss themselves or someone they care about)
    • The VA Suicide Hotline can be reached by dialing 1.800.273.8255 and then pressing "1"
  • National Eating Disorder Hotline - 800.931.2237
  • Trevor Lifeline (LGBTQIA Suicide Prevention) - 1.866.488.7386
  • Walden Comprehensive Eating Disorder Treatment 109 Main Street, Northampton - 413.582.0100 - http://www.waldenbehavioralcare.com/about_walden_location_northampton.asp
  • Access2Wellness http://www.access2wellness.com - (866) 317-2755 - a service that helps people with little or no insurance coverage find financial assistance for prescription drug costs. Their website allows you to enter information directly and find out what resources are available.
  • Clinical and Support Options, Emergency and Crisis Stabilization Services- Open 24/7 -140 High Street, Greenfield, MA, 01301 -(413) 774-5411 & Alternate Phone: (800) 562-0112 (toll-free) & Fax: (413) 773-8429- www.csoinc.org- email: info@csoinc.org- CSO provides a crisis-intervention 24-hour hotline, as well as a mobile intervention service that can travel to individual homes. They work with adults and children.
  • Carson Center for Human Services -Westfield, Springfield, and Ware MA -Phone: (413) 572-4132 Fax: (413) 572-4137 Hotline: (413) 568-6386 (urgent)- http://www.carsoncenter.org/locations/westfieldlocations/ -They can be reached by phone, or by filling out their contact form at http://www.carsoncenter.org/contact- The Carson Center offers crisis intervention (in-person or by phone), counseling for those leaving a psychiatric facility, help with substance problems, individual and group therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and sex-offender assessment & treatment. Their range of programs is so wide that it's best viewed by location on their website; the link below will lead you to a list of their programs in Westfield.
  • Adcare Hospital -215 North Street, Worcester MA 01605 -Phone: 508-799-9000 Alternate Phone: 800-345-3552 Fax: 508-753-3733 -Email: info@adcare.com -Website: http://www.adcare.com -Adcare Hospital offers help to people and families dealing with alcohol and drug concerns. This is a 24-hour on-site program, geared towards detox, but also open to those who have been given multiple diagnoses. This is a voluntary program, and people receiving treatment are free to come and go as they please. For Adcare's off-site program, visit www.adcare.com/outpatient/services.php, or check them out in our Community Resources listings. (Please be aware that this is not primarily a telephone support service, and that callers may be evaluated clinically.)
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics- Phone: 562-595-7831- http://www.adultchildren.org -Adult Children of Alcoholics is a worldwide service for people who have lived with a family member who has, or has had, trouble with alcohol. They follow the traditional 12 Steps, and encourage using spirituality as a tool. The website has a full list of meetings you can attend locally, as well as contacts for individual meetings.
  • All-Out Adventures -184 Northampton St, Suite H, Easthampton MA 01027- Phone: (413) 527-8980 & Fax: (413) 527-2483 - All-Out Adventures is open to those who identify as disabled, as well as their families and friends. Most of their programs are free, but some carry a fee, usually around five dollars. They offer kayaking, canoeing, & wheelchair-accessible hiking trails, seasonally and as weather permits; they also have accessible bikes and equipment available for use at their events. They will ask you to fill out a waiver, and collect personal and medical information from all participants.
  • Safe Passage - Safe Passage provides a variety of support and advocacy services for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. For further information about any of our services, please contact our office.

Safe Passage 43 Center Street Suite 304 Northampton, MA 01060 Phone: (413) 586-1125 Hotline: (413) 586-5066 or TTY/TTD: (888) 345-5282 Fax: (413) 586-3742 General emaili: info@safepass.org

  • Allies in Recovery- 111 Pleasant St, Northampton MA 01060- Contact Person: Jeanine Bedard- Phone: (413) 210-3724 & Fax: 413) 378-4379- info@alliesinrecovery.org - http://www.alliesinrecovery.org (Their website is still under construction, so for more information, call or email them at the contacts below.) -Allies in Recovery is a center for those who have had problems with substances, and their families. They offer coaching, support, advocacy, and information resources to individuals and families. Some of their services are covered by insurance, but calling them ahead of time to check might be a good idea.
  • Baystate Behavioral Health Center- 3300 Main Street, Springfield MA 01199 -Phone: (413) 794-5555 -Baystate BHC offers both 24-hour on-site, or day-to-day, support. The program is open to people struggling with drug and alcohol use, and those who have psychiatric diagnoses. They accept people in both voluntary and non-voluntary situations. They offer specialized services for the elderly, and for those who struggle with food and body image issues.
  • Western Mass Recovering Learning Community - Holyoke, Pittsfield, Springfield & Greenfield, (Alternatives to Suicide group currently meeting on Mondays, 6:30-8pm at the Friend's Quaker Meeting House, 43 Center St, Northampton). Peer to peer support by phone and in person, resources, wellness supports, social opportunities, respite house, Hearing Voices & Alternatives to Suicide Groups - http://www.westernmassrlc.org/

Drug and Alcohol Resources Recovery meetings for any of the following groups, Hampshire Health Services has a booklet of meeting times and locations. Health Services can also help coordinate rides

  • Alcoholics Anonymous: 413-532-2111 or 1-800-Alcohol. Meetings in Western Mass.
  • Ala Non (for people affected by a friend/family member's drinking or using): 413-253-5261. Meetings in Western Mass
  • Narcotics Anonymous: 413-538-7479. www.na.org
  • SMART Recovery Meetings are held at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. Contact 413-586-8550

Detox and Treatment Center

  • Beacon Detox: 413-773-2377
  • Providence Detox: 1-800-274-7724

Hotlines/Web Resources

  • Helpline (substance abuse resources): 1-800-327-5050
  • Drug Abuse (referrals and information): 1-800-662-4357. Website.
  • Web Self-Screening for alcohol abuse/addiction online.
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