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Ananda Valenzuela

on a train in Cairo
Contact Information
Extension: n/a
Residence: 70
Year of Entry: F07
Division: IV
Concentration: Organizational Development and Institutional Ethnography
Areas of Interest: organizational development, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, business, organizational theory, open source technology
Languages I Know: English, Japanese, Spanish
Languages I Am Learning: Arabic
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division I: Omar Dahi
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division II: Colin Twitchell, Myrna Breitbart
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division III: Colin Twitchell, Kim Chang, Jane Fountaine
School: CSI, IA

Ananda Gale Valenzuela spent four amazing years at Hampshire College studying organizational development and institutional ethnography.

Born in Boulder, Colorado, she spent her formative years in San Juan, Puerto Rico, until she moved to Golden, Colorado for high school, where she stayed, other than a year-long stint as an exchange student in Nagano, Japan. Two days after graduating from Hampshire, she began working at Third Sector New England, a nonprofit capacity-building firm based in Boston, Massachusetts.


Division III


My Division III will consist of several interrelated projects. In Fall 2010, I will undertake a two-month internship at Third Sector New England, which will count as an Advanced Learning Activity. It will also play a major role in the development of my main Spring project, where I intend to do an organizational development consulting project with an organization. My other Advanced Learning Activity will be a studio ceramics course.

In my internship, I will be engaging in observant participation, in hopes of analyzing the manner in which this organizational development consulting team aids nonprofits in a variety of capacity-building projects. I will go into the field with consultants and take extensive ethnographic field notes. These field notes will document the consulting projects, in order to analyze the project development and follow-through, consultant-consultee relationship, interpersonal interactions, and perceived/actual effectiveness of the interventions. In addition, within the office itself I will study the organizational structure, work culture, and individual consultants’ roles within the organization. To this end, I will engage in open-ended interviews with the individual consultants that delve more deeply into their personal views and perceptions of the work that they do.

I will also be working on a variety of projects within the organization. I will be analyzing round-table feedback from nonprofit leaders regarding leadership, in order to see if there are any gaps in current leadership training practices. In doing so, I will be engaging with larger questions regarding the nature of leadership and the skill set necessary to be an effective leader. I will also aid consultants in the creation of reports and presentations. By drafting an organizational assessment draft, I will learn how to analyze and translate a vast range of qualitative and quantitative data into a format that aids an organization in strategic decision-making.

Overall, I hope to walk away from the internship with an in-depth understanding of the work done by organizational development consultants, and the confidence to develop and engage in my own consulting project. Portfolio contents from the internship should include ethnographic field notes, co-written reports drafted for the organization, and ethnographic writing.

In the Spring, I intend to undertake an organizational development consulting project with a nonprofit. I will work as a solo consultant doing an organizational assessment with recommendations for restructuring, and will develop an organizational transition methodology built upon what I learned at my fall internship. In order to do the assessment, I will interview about twenty stakeholders, and work closely with a committee of Board and staff members. The assessment report, which will go back to the organization, will serve as the main vehicle for communicating my recommendations. In order to delve deeper into the theory and methodology of my consulting project, I will then annotate the report for my committee, analyzing how I came to those conclusions. After delivering the report to the organization, I will engage in conversations about potential changes to the organization and facilitate a decision-making process, so that by the time I leave on April 1st, they will have decided upon a plan of action and taken the first steps towards restructuring. The writing I do for my committee will thread together consulting work and literature within the field of organizational development.

Overall, my writing will be reflexive, focusing on process and methodology, and will address the larger theoretical questions that guide my on-the-ground work. In doing so, I will engage with literature that supports and/or challenges my assumptions and conclusions.

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