Appropriate Technology in the World II

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Meeting Information
Location: Lemelson 113
Days: Monday, Wednesday
Time: 10:30-11:50
Extension: 6032
Office: Lemelson
Office Hours:
Home Page:
Technical Information
Course Level: 200
Course Number: 288
Course Capacity: 16
Course Website:

Appropriate Technology in the World II is an Interdisciplinary Arts class taught by Donna Cohn.

Course Description

This course, which is a continuation of IA/LM 237, Appropriate Technology in the World, will look at the issues involved with design and fabrication in situations where there are limited resources. Students will engage in the hands-on study and design of technologies considered appropriate for less developed and small-scale local economies. Topics will include water quality, human powered cargo transportation, energy production, food storage and preparation, and wheelchair technologies. We will consider factors that make for successful adoption and widespread use of appropriate technologies. There is a $60 lab fee.

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