Art and Energy: Solar Music and Beyond

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IA-0182, LM-0182

Meeting Information
Location: Lemelson Shop
Days: Monday, Wednesday
Time: 10:30-11:50
Extension: 6032
Office: Lemelson
Office Hours:
Home Page:
Technical Information
Course Level: 100
Course Number: 182
Course Capacity: 16
Course Website:

Art and Energy: Solar Music and Beyond is a crosslisted Interdisciplinary Arts/Lemelson Program class taught by Donna Cohn and Michael R. Duffey, a visiting Professor of Engineering from George Washington University.

Course Description

Solar energy can be used to make musical sounds, to animate sculptural forms, to create color-changing textures, and to choreograph dancing lights and shadows. We will push the frontiers of energy and environmental design using some very intriguing but easy-to-use technologies, both ancient and modern. Our portfolio will include both hands-on workshop projects and conceptual design projects. Students with diverse arts or science interests are welcome. There are no specific prerequisites, but some basic understanding of at least one of the following will be useful: music theory, sculpture, industrial design, or high school physics. This course has evolved from a concept developed by M.R. Duffey. Lab fee $60.

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