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Anime Club
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My drill can pierce your heavens anytime, babe.
Meeting Information
Place: West Lecture Hall in FPH
Time: Fridays @ 7pm - 12am
Contact Information
Signer Information
Signer 1: Lisette Medina (lmm13)
Signer 2: Gabriella Oddo (gno13)
Signer 3: Meghan Straus (mes13)
Advisor Information
Advisor name:
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 604
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Student Group Signer Manual

Welcome to our twisted meme.


Mission Statement



My mornings start off with a cup of coffee with cream!

... whoops. Wrong rules!

Anime Club provides a community space for fans to gather and watch anime every week! We try our best to provide a flavorful lineup of shows for everybody to enjoy, and emphasize member input in what we watch-- this includes other forms of east asian media as well, as the fan communities for anime, samurai or kung fu flicks, k-drama/pop, and so on do tend to intersect. If you've got a suggestion, bring it! We're open to anything that makes the club fun. This also includes planning events relevant to our content, such as cosplay making, amv and music showcasing, and convention trips! We have so much in store for the club, and hope you'll join us along the way!

At our screenings and events, we aim to make everybody happy while we enjoy our nerdy content. Come prepared for a good laugh, a good cry, and above all else, a good time!

General Information

This guy's gonna give you the rundown:

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Better listen up, or he'll have a bone to pick with you!

Anime Club meets every Friday night at 7pm in FPH's West Lecture Hall to watch mostly anime, but also movies, live-action TV shows and whatever mysterious files the signers have banging around their laptops, all upon request. We screen a few series each semester (usually around 3 or 4), show a few movies when we can squeeze them in, have a few theme nights (Robot Night, Nostalgia Night, etc.), and generally enjoy each other's company (with food!). We also take a yearly trip to Anime Boston, which is an enormous amount of fun, and hold an event or two per year if we can get away with it. Anyone and everyone is welcome! We're a very fun, laid-back group that ranges from the casual fan to the cosplaying, figure-collecting Evangelion-obsessee.

Come join us!

Now Showing

Spring 2016:

  • Assassination Classroom
  • Death Parade
  • Haikyuu!!
  • K Project

Previous Lineups:

Fall 2015:

  • Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen)
  • Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings
  • Akatsuki no Yona
  • Nichijou
  • One Punch Man


Spring 2014:

  • Baccano!
  • Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
  • Mushi-shi
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Fall 2014

  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Kamigami no Asobi
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Cowboy Bebop


Spring 2014:

  • No.6
  • DRRR!
  • Dangan Ronpa
  • Kill la Kill


Fall 2013:

  • Attack on Titan
  • Free! (Season 1)
  • Spring 2013
  • Kamen Rider and various movies


Fall 2012

  • Wolf's Rain
  • Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica
  • Polar Bear Cafe
  • Kids on the Slope

A detailed older schedule can be found here.

Are we going to Anime Boston this year?

We go eeeeeeevery year! Yay!!!

If you want to attend the con with us, we'll need the following information when registration is open (we'll let you know when!):

  • Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Date of Birth (ex. 07/15/94)
  • Desired Badge Name (can be anything you want, even memehugger69! but please don't make us put memerhugger69 on your real badge. please.)

Please keep in mind that our trip policy is to give priority to first year students and club members who have not yet attended a con with us recently, when things start to fill up -- if slots go fast, we will more often give the space to a newcomer than an upperclassmen, depending upon the situation. This way, everybody gets a chance to go. Thanks for understanding; we want to make trips fun for everybody!

In addition to AB, we're now regularly attending AAC (Another Anime Convention) in Manchester, New Hampshire! We look forward to booking it again with you all next year!


After the decline of the old Hampshire Anime Group, the Hampshire Asian Media Society was founded as a more broadly inclusive club in the fall semester of 2000. Although it retained a focus on anime screenings, from the beginning its charter included other Asian media such as giant monsters and martial arts. Despite hitting one of its high points in popularity during the original Japanese release of the anime Full Metal Alchemist, it declined during fall semester 2004, and was no longer a signed group in the following spring semester.

The group was revived in Fall 2005 under the name "Hampshire Asian Media" to continue the focus on screenings of general Asian cinema, in addition to Japanese anime. The first official screening was held on September 22nd, 2005, and consisted of 2 episodes each of the anime, Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu and Genshiken. Although the weekly screening of Densha Otoko was live-action, the first semester was generally very heavy on anime screenings, and the only scheduled event was a Miyazaki Movie Marathon.

Since the group's second semester, there has been much more in the way of live-action screenings and movies. Events have also become more diverse, including Asian food nights, Chinese movie marathons, Halloween Screenings, and organized group trips to Anime Boston and other conventions in the New England area.


Traditionally, signers have screened Anime Music Videos before the scheduled screening as a way to pass the time as people show up. In the past though, this has also opened up to include live-action music videos, commercials aired in Asia, general crap from the signer's computer, and Jackie Chan turning into Chun Li from Street Fighter. Currently, we marathon a lineup of shows with occasional movie nights, starting off with a brief pre-show of a certain mini-series. Come enjoy yourselves.

Contact Information

Go here to subscribe to the Anime Club Mailing List!

You can also contact our individual signers here at their respective addresses:
Lisette Medina -
Gabriella Oddo -
Meghan Straus -

For anything else, feel free to talk to us in person at screenings!


Our club currently does not have any inventory.

Photo Spotlight!

Check out these radical pictures from past trips and screenings! If you have a photo to submit, please email it to a Signer and it'll be up on this page before you know it!

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