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The Committee on Community Activities

Meeting Information
Location: Community Council Office, Johnson Library Center (behind the Airport Lounge)
Days: Tuesday and Thursday (Spring 2013)
Time: 7:00-8:30pm, Office Hours Tuesday 4:00-6:00pm & Sunday 3:00-5:00pm
Contact Information
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Fax: {{{fax}}}
Officer Information
Mandy Theissen, Co Chair
Carter Gill, Co Chair
Adrianna Perry, Director of Finances
Ashley Barnes, Administrative Assistant
Jessica Doanes, Communications Officer
Member Information
Jasmine Washington, Voting Member
Ramon Lee, Voting Member
Avi Miller, Voting Member
Reiann Liston, Voting Member
Frances Caperchi, Voting Member
Sal Migliaccio, Voting Member


Dissolution of COCA

As of Fall 2013, COCA is now defunct, all of its governing responsibilities have been taken over by FundCom and the organizing of Halloween and Spring Jam have been taken over by Hype Committee


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The Committee on Community Activities (COCA) deals with the planning and funding of community activities. COCA plans community-wide events like Hampshire Halloween and Spring Jam, and reviews and allocates funding for student group events. All COCA meetings are open to the student body, but only members of COCA have voting privileges. After attending three consecutive meetings, a student may petition COCA for membership.

Using our online system, you can 'submit an event request', which will be processed in a timely matter. If you have questions about our system, feel free to contract us in any way you see fit. Event proposals can be submitted to COCA both from recognized student groups and any group of three students who get together to propose an event on the Zoho. You can also 'Check funding decisions' via ZOHO. Event requesting has (hopefully) never been less complicated. 

Event Request Guidelines

-Requests that require contracts (performers, speakers, instructors, etc.) must be submitted two weeks in advance. That’s how long it takes to get a contract processed. If the contract is for someone outside of the U.S. it may take up to two weeks longer.

-Requests for more than $250 must be submitted two weeks in advance. As a general rule, more money requires more planning.

-Requests without a contract, and for less than $250 can be submitted anytime up to the event. Keep in mind PO requests take 3-4 days to go through the business office.

-Requests must include the student group name and a contact person. If the event is not being held by a student group then the names of three students must be supplied.

-An event location is required.

-Make sure the estimated attendance does not exceed the location capacity.

-The event description should not only provide a detailed plan for the event, but should also describe the relationship of the event to the student group purview.

-The base fee to hire media services is $150. Unstaffed equipment rental may be less.

-The largest performer cost requests are usually somewhere around $2,500, and may be as low as $50. Make sure that travel is specified as included or separate from the honorarium.

-Crowd Managers cost $24 per hour, and are necessary for events at the Red Barn and Dining Commons.

-Event Monitors are $8 per hour.

-Event food is capped at $5 per person. Exceptions have been made for events ABOUT the food, and religious occasions.

-Advertising is usually $5 per 50 people expected.

-Other costs must include a detailed breakdown.


Spring Jam 2013

Hampshire Halloween 2012

Hampshire Halloween 2011

Spring Jam 2011

Hampshire Halloween 2010

Spring Jam 2010

Hampshire Halloween 2009

Click on the link for access to the Google Calendar



Funding Guidelines

Constructive Accountability

CoCA is enforcing a probation list. If a group is on this list, they broke some CoCA rule(s). The groups on this list will remain on this list until the end of next semester. If during the time when a group is on this probation list, they break any more CoCA rules, that group's ability to be funded will be compromised.

Event Requests

Meeting Minutes

Recent Minutes

Older Minutes



  • Walkie Talkies - Available in Campus Leadership & Activities for large events/conferences
  • "COCA" event staff t-shirts

Disciplinary Issues

November 8th, 2009: Letter to the Hampshire College Community regarding purchases from last semester: File:Letter to Hampshire College Community From COCA.pdf

All community meeting on November 12th, 2009: Partial minutes that includes attendance, agenda, and suggestions from the Hampshire Community File:November 12th, 2009.pdf

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