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Meeting Information
Location: Community Council Office
Days: Tuesday
Time: 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Contact Information
Tel: {{{tel}}}
Fax: {{{fax}}}
Officer Information
Rebekah Merck, Co-Chair, Secretary
Emily Caplan, Co-Chair
Aiden Caplan, Safety Officer
Position held by all members, Technology/Communications Officer
Member Information


Dissolution of COCD

As of Fall 2013, COCD is now defunct. All of its governing responsibilities have been taken over by the Scope Group on Student Experience.

Committee on Community Development: Who are we?

The Committee on Community Development (COCD), is a sub-committee of Community Council dedicated to improving and maintaining the grounds and physical communal spaces at Hampshire College. In addition, COCD is interested in helping to create a more cohesive community. By means of the Student Activities Fee ($20,000 of which is allocated to us at the beginning of every seemster), the Committee on Community Development (COCD) funds the renovation, creation, and maintenance of large-scale social spaces for the Hampshire community. The Tavern, Bridge Cafe, and Airport Lounge are all past projects of COCD. COCD also brings the New York Times to Hampshire College campus.

COCD meetings are open to the public and community members of all constituencies are invited and encouraged to come. Community members who attend three consecutive meetings are granted a voting position on COCD. Applicants must submit a proposal to COCD and contact the group ( at least two days before the meeting in order to ensure a spot on the agenda to present their case. After a debate and information gathering period, COCD decides whether to support the proposal. Successful applicants work with COCD to solidify timetables and budgets and to secure spaces and assistance for the realization of the project. As a subcommittee of Community Council, COCD refers matters of special importance to  Council, which in turn decides if the issue merits an All-Community Vote. With a final vote of approval, COCD adds the proposed funds to their budget and allocates them to the applicant group.

Our bylaws are found


To submit a proposal to COCD, please email it to our listserve at <email></email>. Proposals that usually get funded are ones that concisely explains the project and its benefits to the community, lists everything that will be accomplished, built and the logistics and provides the itemized breakdown of costs. An example of a proposal we funded is [1].

Meeting Minutes: Spring 2013

CoCD Meeting Minutes for Tuesday 03-05-2013 Minutes taken by Adrianna

Attendees: Emily, Aiden, Adrianna, Mandy, Jesse, Bexx, and Jessica (guest)

• Jessica is here to talk about the new TV screen and sound system for the Cultural Center o $2,000 o the technical stuff will be handled by Media Services o the proposal has been approved for $2,000!!! ☺ • Update on Solar Heat Lamp for Bus Shelter o Mandy met someone in mailroom who agreed to build a solar heat lamp • Update on CoCD Screen o Emily went to FiCom to ask for FiCom involvement (via $2,000 funding) to purchase the screen…FiCom denied o Emily talked to Andrew Hart about possible places for where the screen can go for Spring Jam movie night (near the beer tent or near the band tent) • Updated CoCD Submitting Guidelines reviewed for final submission • Review Town Hall o Are we interested in submitting the two questions that were asked by CoCD representatives for responses online? • General consensus is yes. • Adrianna will post these questions with spots available for answers on the Hampshire CoCD page o Chief of Police search is now down to 3-5 candidates

• CoCD and the Transition o Mandy read off the Scope Group Concerning the Student Experience purview from the red SGA binder that lives in the CC office o Discussion on reaching out to new potential CoCD members blending with the idea of a smooth transition to the Scope Group Concerning the Student Experience o Reaching out to Residence Life (housing interns), Re-Rad, Re-Hamp, IT, EMTs, student workers at the Dining Commons

Refer to this page.

CoCD Tuesday, February 19th 2013

In Attendance: Emily, Jesse, Anna, Aidan, Mandy, Joe

Mandy is taking minutes today. Anna is taking minutes at the next meeting.

Center for Feminisms Update:

Looking to buy a projector, a screen, a cable, and a ceiling mount. Student Projects Approval form approved.They have been contacted multiple times to attend a CoCD meeting and have yet to do so. Total cost is $931.95.

Student Representative: Kyra. 

It will be installed on the first floor in a public space. Who is responsible for funding upkeep?

Bus Shelter Heat Lamp Update:

Previous models are all custom made. Will reach out to Lemelson Center.

Ping Pong:

$634 Estimated cost. Go ahead from housing.

Movie Screen Update:

24 foot screen to match projector. Approx. 750 people can view. $8,599 for the 24 foot. $11,595 for the 30 foot.

VIBE punk PA:

Amp/mixer, 4 monitors, 5 microphones, 10 mic cables. Total: $2269.90 This seems to apply more to FiCom’s purview as it’s permanent equipment.

Center for Feminisms Vote:

Motion to fund the initial project and its upkeep. Total cost: $931.95. Yes votes: Aidan, Joe, Emily. Motion passes.

Town Hall:

Do you have any questions that you want our representative to ask the candidates? 

What are some important things that you want the candidates to be aware of about Hampshire?

Emily & Bexx will speak.

Meeting Minutes: Fall 2012

Refer to this page.

Meeting Minutes: Spring 2012

  • Monday, January 23 [2]
  • Thursday, January 26 [3]
  • Thursday, February 2 [4]
  • Thursday, February 23 [5]
  • Thursday, March 1 [6]
  • Thursday, March 8 [7]
  • Thursday, March 29 [8]
  • Thursday, April 5 [9]
  • Thursday, April 12 [10]

Meeting Minutes: Fall 2011

  • Monday, September 12 : [11]
  • Monday, November  [12]
  • Monday, December 5 : [13[14]

Meeting Minutes: Spring 2011


Check out the results from our recent (September 20th, 2010) survey of what students want changed on campus:


Projects for Fall 2011

New York Times

Solar Charging Station (batteries and parts)

Tea house (new table)

Materials for Enfield Solar Greenhouse

Drum Kit for FPH Practice Space

Market Garden Four Season Greenhouse

Frigidaire Freezer for Mixed Nuts


Scale for Multisport Center

CoPOS system for Mixed Nuts

Lockers for EDH

Truing Stand for RCC Bike Shop

Picnic tables

Projects for Spring 2011

Putting in a clock in the RCC&gym Funding the ReHamping Div III Corner in the Library Funding the greenhouse building EPEC at the Farm Center Funding a Mixed Nuts portable food cart Providing the New York Times to the campus

Projects for Fall 2010

 COCD is working on several projects this semester, including:

- Mixed Nuts running a student café out of The Tavern

  • Spearheading an initiative to remove the fence which divides the Dakin/Merrill house office pavilion and the quad in front of Roberta's. {Ella}
  • Installing Adirondack chairs and picnic tables for outdoor spaces at Hampshire
  • Granting funding to groups of students looking to buy equipment to support the Farm and other underfunded community programs around campus (please email us if you are interested
  • Installing booths and hightop tables in the upper RCC. (Also, possibly rugs, lights...)
  • Give us your ideas!

Projects from Fall 2009

  • Replaced foosball tables, provided new equipment for the pool tables in the upper RCC
  • Helped a student-initiated group by a golf cart for the Farm
  • Supporting the Yellow Bike group in a project for giving each Yellow Bike a custom paint job (providing spray paint), as well as general parts and equipment for repairing the bikes throughout the year

Projects for Spring 2008

  • Bought new furniture and equipment for the upper RCC
  • Organized a community dialogue event on Free Speech and Student Rights with speakers from F.I.R.E. and the A.C.L.U.

COCD Meeting Minutes November 7, 2011

Josiah, Liz, Devon, Kwaku, Leah, Emily, RJ

Leah has not been refunded for event money food yet. She's confident it will get worked out with Pam. Leah will go to CLA tomorrow and also discuss Mixed Nuts refunding.

How can new graffiti wall function better? Need to address disposal of cans.
Looking for funding for regular disposal of cans
COCD because it's student run and student used.
Two requests: (1) fund the disposal for the rest of the academic year ($2191) and (2) fund the disposal in perpetuity.
Kwaku: we could setup a NYTimes-like situation where COCD signs a PO every month (instead of yearly as proposed).
Josiah: role of Dean of Students Office is to help the wall function cleanly and safely, while having it stay student-maintained and owned.
COCD will pay for the exact amount of the barrels each month after the cost is relayed to us (opposed to a flat cost) from the Environmental Health and Safety Office. Money will be fronted by the EHSO and then reimbursed by COCD.
This agreement will be written into bylaws.

Emily will email Betsy at the Mutlisport Center to arrange the purchase of scale. Will report back with price of speakers.
Pam says Bob Gramarian needs to approve purchases before being made.

Solar charging station paperwork has been approved. Money is in Glenn's hands (Lemelson).

Market Garden proposal for $470 in supplementary greenhouse supplies.
Is it a community space? Or is it for a student group and would the proposal fall under FiCom?
Kwaku: thinks we should approve and then see how the money they will make off of food is used.
We'll email FiCom to see if the proposal falls under our purview or theirs? After we'll conduct a vote through email because of the time pressure of the request.

Community Council would like to know how many officers there are in COCD.
Kwaku: add fourth position considering we've merged with SafeCom.

Dishware cart from New Leaf
Logistics of check out need to be figured out.
Buy from Savlation Army or Goodwill if looking for cheapcheap dishware.
Official proposal not yet provided. Leah will contact them.

Coffee Cart
Pam said should go under Mixed Nuts since student cafe is not a recognized group.

Zach Clemente's Div III
Pam says to needs to go through student project approval process.
Could go through different student group (such as Community Garden)
We still need formal proposal.

Pam is excited about the student publication center (Omen, Climax, Reader).

Can Blacksmith Guild storage shed be grant funded? Could Lemelson build it? No formal proposal provided.

Drum Kit
We will revisit after we review where our current budget stands and how much we have left for the semester.

CLPP is holding a meeting to discuss Campus Police presence at this spring's conference. Monday, November 28 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm (Merrill Livingroom)

April 11th, 2011

Only three weeks left of the semester!

We talked a little more about the NY Times - we'll have a design for the door hangers soon.

Talked about the Mixed Nuts request and having them talk with an electrician about installing the open sign.

We also talked about finances - Kwaku and Emily met with Pam on Tuesday (April 12th) to talk about finances.

--> We have slightly more than $27,000 in our account right now. Spending this semester is listed as follows:

$9200 for the Showcase
The Spiritual Life Center materials: $800
$600 for Ben's tea house table
$400 for New Leaf proposal
$150 for Mixed Nuts
$8300 invoice for the four season greenhouse

$2000 more for NYTimes

Total: $19,650

We talked about goals for the end of the semester! They are as follows:
- Get everything we've agreed to pay for paid for
- Writing things down from Div IIIs in the group for next year
- New members get a binder!
- Getting the Enfield launrdy room painted - funding food for that event

Assignments for the week:

Kwaku - Looking more into the New York Times food for meetings stuff (how we get funded - reimbursements or what not), new york times hangers will be done this week and sent out

Leah - Phys plant said to talk to an electrician - Leah will get back in touch with them about getting it installed. Following up with RJ for signer next semester.

Emily - gather proposals from the past two semesters and figure out COCD finances, contact Evan about the four season greenhouse, send out an announcement for the student initiated, make COCD dropbox, painting the Enfield laundry room

April 4th, 2011

Attending: Leah, Emily, Kwaku, Noga, Rebecca, Amir, Josh

New Leaf --> Came in to talk about a proposal for stickers for the light switches for campus to reduce amount of energy waste, they would be using Sunrise Copies in Hadley and for two kinds of stickers (one for light switches, one for paper towel dispensers). Their proposal for around $350 was approved given COCD figuring out finances during the week and New Leaf making a few edits to what they will order.

We spoke about the New York Times food for events program, they are willing to pay for 4-7 events at $50-70. Need to find out how they pay (if it's reimbursement or PO). Also maybe an exciting paywall discount for Hampshire students? The New York Times is also interested in fuding COCD advertising and getting involved with new student orientation.

Talked about stipend and officer positions, voted to have officially four officer positions with a $100 stipend each.

Amir came in with a proposal for the EMTs, they need to re-stock their equipment, asked for itemized list of $330-350. COCD gave tentative approval to speak with FiCom and assess who is responsible for funding this request.

Talked about Mixed Nuts request for toaster and open sign, encouraged them to speak with Phys Plant about installing an open sign. Gave them a tentative approval as well until COCD finds out about finances and until they speak with Phys Plant.

Spoke about the machines for the student server room ($4,000 project that was approved during Jan Term).

Decided that Emily would gather proposals from the past two semesters and figure out finance numbers and meet with Pam

(Spoke with FiCom after the meeting and they reported that COCD spring funding was on its way to the account, and that they would pay for EMT funding request)

January 20, 2011

Attending: Kwaku, RJ, Mike. Visiting: Zilong
1. Hampshire Confuscious on behalf of Spiritual Life
2. Wants to replace TV in SL
3. Many students utilize the space, but because they can't use the TV, they'd like to replace it.
4. Be owned by the College.
5. Will be chained
6. Total $645 (TV, DVD, chain installation)
7. Will serve as better meeting space for Donut 5 and Five College Language Program
8. Approved

1. 40-50 CS students who use student servers
2. Host students for all things student related--whether student group or not
3. Individual students could host their websites there
4. Room for physical equipment, to give control to COCD, Kwaku and Josiah Erikson. Instead of equipment going into students rooms and other misc places on campus.
5. President's office and other bodies support the project
6. Main goal is to provide students with an accessible server room
7. Total request: $4,902.91
8. Approved

1. Request by Rehamping for $1,540.82

2. TV, computer, wall mount, cables necessary for Div III Showcase.

3. For a Div III magicboard-like TV that can also be used by librarians and CASA and anyone else for Div III related presentations or meetings.

4. Computer for D-Space browsing.

5. The shelf will be built during the beginning of Spring 2011 semester with the help of Thayer Street builders. Rehamping has been in contact with Buildings and Grounds and together have decided that this is the most appropriate way of ensuring high quality.

December 6, 2010

Attending: Amanda, RJ, Rob. Visiting: Evan Evan leading EPEC this fall practicum in four season sustainable agr. Spring EPEC will focus more on design and construction.
Accessible, unheated, movable greenhouse
Amanda mentioned that if the cost be split to be less than 5000 so that the funding process be expedited
Made sure the project wasn't Div III
COCD should arrange meeting with Farm Use Committee
We should write up a contract laying out responsibilities of Farm Center, COCD and individuals' (Evan's).
Evan to arrange a time for Amanda to sign off while making purchases.

November 15th, 2010

Attending: Emily, Leah, Rob, Kwaku, Aemelia, Vanessa, RJ, Chris

Pam Tinto to include COCD in the Tavern working group

How much should COCD be involved in getting the college up to accessiblity code We should press the issue, but it should not use COCD funds We should all be on the same page; know what projects are in the works

Should we do anything with the semi-circle patio outside the Tavern? Get patio furniture? Something weather proof and move proof Umbrella over a table Reinstall doors that were there before? On the front facade Not an ideal study space--it gets loud Turn it into a student center program

Fixing roofs in Prescott (Tavern and roofs attached to other mods) Hiring someone to assess the roofs Would become a long term project Not weight baring Have the roof become an outdoor study space PP is not doing a roof assessment now

Wall between Merrill and CLA quad Concern from Pam that it would make the CLA quad loud Wall was originally there because it formed the backyards of the people living in those areas Mark Capello says to get support from all parties who would be affected Emily will go around this week to get signatures, but is at a little of a loss how to go about this

Mixed Nuts freezer and fridge were installed yesterday, but one needs a plug and it still needs to be confirmed that they are in working order

Bylaws Kwaku will have first draft ready by Thursday

Safecom and COCD merging Not in favor because they don't do the same things In favor because each group doesn't have many projects going We hit walls with administration so we don't get many projects going Each develops the community Separation of interests Safecom purview is issues of community safety on campus (lighting, accessibility) Each group should have power, but do groups really gain more power by combining? Groups could work together while not merging Maybe merger wouldn't even need to happen once bylaws were written "Committee on Community Development" doesn't speak very well to the group's purview Have a joint issue to talk about with both groups

November 1st, 2010

It was a short meeting in which we discussed current projects (no one has anything new to report) as well as the possibility of combining COCD and SafeCom. We also discussed getting headphones to be checked out in the library. 

October 25th, 2010

Thanks for a good meeting. Let's keep brainstorming about a few things, Amanda's community event idea specifically. Maybe we'll come up with something really great. Also, Megan Meo came in and asked for $600 for freezer and fridge for Mixed Nuts, which we approved. They'll be getting them used from Bart's Ice Cream, and Phys Plant has offered to deliver and install them. Amanda and I will go in tomorrow to sign a p-card form and help Megan with payment if she needs.

For this week:

Leah - I'm assuming you're still checking out feasibility/desire for an awning outside Mixed Nuts, and maybe some solid benches/bike racks in that quad as well. Also an open sign (if you want to put up a form on the intranet I can help if you need).

Amanda - Sending out an HC Announcement and notes to the school offices about NYTimes paying for food for classes, checking out more about hammocks on campus.

Sam - Ordering picnic tables (circle ones!), getting approval for the Adirondack chairs

Emily - Following up about the Prescott Bridge (getting another point of egress to make it a public space), thinking more about lighting on the Bridge, thinking about the Enfield laundry room and making it a nice space...I'll be doing a survey of Enfield residents and talking to the house office to make graphic guide in the form of a mural for washing machine use.

Kwaku - updating Hampedia with information about the 3rd floor computer lab/meeting room (Rob might have some specific things he wants to add, you might want to email him).

October 18th, 2010: Campus Walk-Through

Thanks for a great walk-through. We'll do it again soon, maybe in the snow. And we'll go sledding.

Tasks for this week:

Rob - Updating our Hampedia page with some information about the 3rd floor library lab (feel free to send out an HC Announcement with the link to our page as well!)

Emily - Looking into the Prescott Bridge, the Prescott decks, the separating fence between Merrill Quad and CLA

Leah - Checking out feasibility/desire for an awning outside Mixed Nuts, maybe some solid benches/bike racks in that quad as well

Amanda - Sending out an HC Announcement and notes to the school offices about NYTimes paying for food for classes, checking out more about hammocks on campus, working with Vanessa to figure out the status of the graffiti wall

Vanessa - Working with Amanda to figure out status of the graffiti wall

Sam - Ordering picnic tables (maybe circle ones)

October 4th, 2010: Open House

RJ - Working on moving the printing presses still - maybe into EDH hallway?

Kwaku - Keeping us updated on plans to do wireless, working with Sam to order outdoor furniture
Leah - Still working on gathering info about lighting on the bridge with Emily. Fill out the question on the Intranet...

Emily - Working on Jake and Prateek's proposal (Pam, talking with FiCom)
Amanda - talking to phys plant still about the FPH ramp

Check out Jake and Prateek's website: Also, Kwaku is our new rep to Council! Anyone can go with him, if they like (Tuesdays at 3:30 in the Faculty Lounge). And RJ is our new secretary, yay! Please sign up for the COCD list if you haven't yet (

In light of Benny's real worries about Prescott, let's have our campus walk-through on Monday, October 18th. Let's start at 5 pm that day so we have plenty of light. If anyone has any other thoughts or ideas, email the list!

September 27th, 2010

RJ - Working on finding where we can put the big presses. Jim Wald sounds like a great contact, and you might want to look into the artist book classes in EDH. Vanessa - when did you say they meet?

Leah - Getting us more information about the Re-Hamping needs in terms of furniture, and working with Emily to find out what we should do for lighting on the Bridge.

Kwaku - Taking over for Sam about the outdoor chairs and benches to purchase in the next two weeks (you can talk with Josiah and Pam to get that information, and just let me know when that's done and we'll go in to sign off on the purchase). Also, checking out wireless possibilities with Bob Crowley. Yay!

Emily - Working on Bridge lighting with Leah, and talking to the Community Garden people to get some greenery up in the RCC. I'll also get those catalogs for Re-Hamping to start browsing. We will be buying a lane line and a pace clock for the pool (Amanda, let me know a time when you are available to go order that stuff with Marie in the CLA).

Amanda - Are you still working on talking to Phys Plant about the base of the FPH ramp? Also, did we get posters for the Open House next Monday?

September 20th, 2010

We will be having an open house on October 4th at the same time. Please email Amanda if you want to help poster (

Tasks for the week:

Sam - looking for outdoor chairs and benches to purchase in the next two weeks (remember to talk with Josiah and Pam to get that information)

RJ - looking into rugs/bean bag chairs, etc. (Same as with Sam - talk with Josiah and Pam. Maybe you and Sam can collaborate? Strength in numbers!)

Christina - Looking into who owns the printing presses, and whether we can get them moved. I would suggest going to Susan Dayall in the Library - she's our wonderful archivist and has been here since the early days and so knows lots of those odds and ends. Also, Christina is looking into plants to get donated/buy for the Upper RCC. Let's collaborate with the Community Garden (Katy Hofmeister, Anna French, and Sue Pickering).

Amanda - Looking into fixing the pavement at the base of the ramp next to FPH and getting posters/food for the open house. Let's have that poster to Duplications by this Friday (the 24th).

Emily - I've written up our survey and the results ( and on the Daily Digest soon) - please check it out, let me know what you think, and feel free to make revisions. Also, general revisions can always be made to our Hampedia page. I've sent out an email and I'm looking back into chalkboard paint for the Upper RCC wall, and looking into lockers for off-campus students. I heard back from Glenna about the time clock and lane lines for the RCC. She says they also need a lifeguard chair. I'll be looking at their catalog and coming in with quotes on Monday. Also, I'll be figuring out the bathroom stall situation!

Leah and RJ - if you can get in touch with Spencer, let him know we're all behind him for the fence taking-downage

September 14th, 2010

First meeting of the semester!

We have upped the number of New York Times that are coming to campus every weekday. That project will cost around $4,000 for the semester.

We're setting up a survey on the intranet to get student interests for this semester.

We are looking into replacing the plastic genies (for cigarettes) with something more durable.

We will be buying a freezer for Mixed Nuts soon.

May 6th, 2010: Final Meeting

Finalized funds for the semester. After all projects have been factored in, we have $1,230 which are to be used for minor improvements of the community coucil office.

$1,519 were set aside for campus accessibility. Pending Joels details we are trying to get them passed. We emailed him a reminder.

We talked about continuing the service of the NYT. We decided to continue at the current number. In addition, we will be ordering 25 more each day.

April 29th, 2010

Turns out we have more money than we thought. Recalculations show us having $4000 left over, so we're going to buy the fridge AND freezer, and approve both of Joel Dansky's projects. 

Sam things we should have an event for the treehouse before the semester is out.

Ruben came in. Got an email today from COCD. Hasn't yet sent Sam the information regarding the survey. We discussed how an All-Community Vote might work. People seem doubtful about the prospect of a 1 week ACV during finals week. If he can get everything set up, we are going to be at the next Council meeting to try to persuade them to allow the ACV.

April 22, 2010

Mark Capello found a way for the graffitti wall to be built within the range of $13000 using pre-poured concrete panels. We'll have roughly $2000 dollars left over at the end of the semester. Obviously this isn't enough.

DeeDee: Honestly, I think you all should come to the Community Council meeting and ask to have an All-Community vote to access the funds from the endowment.You should compile a list of COCD and graffitti wall meeting minutes, surveys done thus far.

Amanda: Should we vote yes on the fridge and freezer?

Unanimous yes.

Amanda: We are going to approve the fridge and freezer going through, and then let the Community Council officers looking to buy furnishings for the office to empty out the account, since many of the items are around 5 - 10.

Sam: Wait, how much are the fridge and freezers?


Sam: OK, can we choose either the fridge or freezer and then set aside the other one for one of Joel Dansky's accessibilty projects which costs in the high 700s?


April 8, 2010

Met with Christine Cappello from the NYT and renewed subscription. Upped our subscription from 100 to 150 because the papers get used so much. Capello also mentioned that the NYT likes sponsoring events on campus, for instance if someone wanted to organize a discussion of t

Graham came in: Mixed Nuts and a Permaculture Design Certification Course and is looking to purchase some items. Graham is organizing a hosting of Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDCC) which from May 10 to 21st. It would be a 72 hour course. He would like to request funding for specific materials. 2 and 1/2 months ago submitted a request to FiCom and recieved an ambiguous answer. Went in Monday and found our they have no money. Now they are trying to finance this however possible. They put in requests to NS, The President's Office, CLA. There will be a fee for taking the class, because already they've had so much trouble raising money. We could probably fund plants, since those will go towards enhancing the physical space in the community. We approved funding the plants for $561. We will do a fund transfer to community garden.Pam Tinto will transfer all funds to her long standing account in the CLA which won't automatically clear out at the end of the school year (since this event will be taking place after classes let out.)

There will also be a meeting about the Tavern soon. Hoping that next semester will be more clear regarding that. Regardless, Mixed Nuts has immediate funding needs. They need an upright refrigorator and upright freezer for storing produce. Total request: 3,200 for the two. (1600 each) Will buy the fridge from Kittridge and have it delivered to the Dining Commons who will pass it onto Mized Nuts. We need to see how much money we have for the things we've already committed to any get back regarding the fridge/freezer.

Should we pay for the freezer/fridge instead of the booths? They seem more urgent... Lets try to get the booths paid for asap!

April 1, 2010

Amanda got doorknobs set up, is working with CLA to purchase picnic tables, is going to pay the bill for the NYT.

Deedee: we will be clearing out the council room to make it more accessible and allow more people to sit in the room, repainting walls, etc...Ella is in negotiations about booths with seller, will talk to Phys plant to make sure it is approved. Amanda explained COCD, Zaidee is signer for Bart's Arm and Mural Collective. They've held meetings among themselves and with Josiah Litant. Mostly Mural Collective has been working on the issue with Phys plant and Josiah. Reuben has been working with Mural Collective. Their goal is to find the solution to make the most people happy: students, faculty and staff. They are completing a survey in response to administrative concerns that Mural Collective wasn't truly representative of the collective opinion of the student body. They will be posting them in the mailboxes in the next few days. Deedee: Maybe it should be digital, that way more people will do it and no one can accuse Mural Collective of having biased result. COCD and Bart's Arm could be affiliated and add their names.Amanda: How much will it cost? Reuben: Mark Capello gave us figures around 25000.Amanda: What about the 3000 set aside too?Reuben: In the survey we making an option for people to buy cinderblocks, because they're only $2 a piece. We want the wall to be about/at least 12 feet tall and 30 feet wide, with a depth of 2 blocks and it will need to sink in the ground pretty deep, and we will need wet concrete (expensive).So we're basically looking at getting donations from interested in parties, and getting students to buy bricks.Discussion of using student labor to build the wall. Problem: The wall will probably be built during summer.Deedee: Maybe we could use the money that was set aside by Council and not spent. It has upwards of $100,000. We would need to have Council voteto bring it to an All Community Vote, and the students would have to approve it.Peter Modest: Maybe we could set up a table at Spring jam with info and let people make donations? The other question is why must students fund it, because they spent the money to destroy the wall, so its weird that we have to put up the money to rebuild it.Amanda: My hunch is after all our other projects wed have about 5000 left at the end of the semester to put towards the wall. You should also ask admissions for money because they love showing off the graffitti wall on tours.Where are we thinking of putting it?Reuben: We want it to be near the art barn. Either behind the music building or up against Lemelson or the path by Lemelson or behind the Yurt.Alex Wenchel: Behind the music building seems bad because of the hill there. Why not just in the middle of a field?Reuben: It sounds weird, but that would feel too public... we want it to feel a little like an enclave, like the old one did.Another concern is sun. We want the paint to dry quickly.Mark Cappello is drawing up an official blueprint that we could bring to a builder and hopefully we can have bidding start before the next time I come here.Declan: I think this is really productive. For me, I wanted this up by Spring Jam, and I think it's really important that it get built by fall.Kwaku came in last week and wanted to record our meetings by audio in the name of transparency. Amanda is ok with it, but wants more than just COCD to be recorded.COCD approved unanimously to let Kwaku record our meetings on condition that everyone at every meeting is ok with it.

March 25, 2010

Amanda and Sam will be stuffing boxes with quarter sheet for the open house (April 1st) Monday @ 3:30

Grafitti wall open house next Thursday @ 6:00

Cyrée: Prescott Tavern conversion into QCA because of accessibility concerns

Purchasing door knobs for CC and FiCom office

E-mail Pam Tinto to confirm payment

NYT subscription good to go

Yellow Bike proposed 10 new bikes, COCD decided to fund 5 for roughly $300 each

Discussed stipends

March 11th, 2010

Amanda has completed all the paperwork for picnic tables. Pam Tinto just needs to sign. She estimates the cost at $5000.

Kwaku called the New York Times for invoices and paperwork. Needs to change name of subscription from Alex Torpey to Marie.

There is still not 20000 dollars in the COCD account, we only have 8000.

Community Council didn't vote to approve Ella as both secretary and Co-Chair, so she'll be secretary only unofficially.

Ella and Sam measured the spaces for booths in the upper RCC. Ella calculated the cost for putting in booths in the long (unwindowed wall) in the Upper RCC at around $8600, and the short (windowed wall) at $7600

Ben Obreicht finished the paperwork for the Tea House! Sam and Ella emailed P. Tinto to let her know we approve of funds being taken from our budget.

We need to figure out stuff about the Graffitti Wall and stuff boxes, get food, etc....

March 4th, 2010:

Ella: - Booths- (during meeting) measured and calculated exact costs of booths

                    - Talk to Pam Tinto, Debbie, Phys Plant, Sedexo and Bob from the RCC

        - Volunteered to sit on student/faculty panel on the Tavern

Sam: -Talked to Joel Dansky who met with Mark Cappello to estimate costs for handicapped accesibility projects we are interested in funding. We should receive exact costs soon.

         - April 1st graffitti Wall meeting at 6:30 (meeting with Ruben?)

Amanda: Picnic tables, high top tables, problems with the NYT, posters for meeting

Sam & Ella: Meeting at 330 on Monday for booth measuring!

Other business:

Elected 4 positions for COCD: Community Council liason and Co-Chair: Sam Bortle, Co-Chair Ella Wind, Facilitator Amanda Lynk, Secretary Ella Wind.

December 18th, 2009:

Next week: COCD Open house!

Sam: Talk to Joel Dansky about ramps, mailbox stuffing for open house

Amanda: Talk to Pam Tinto about picnic tables and adirondack chairs, print out quarter sheets for mailbox stuffing

Ella: Mail box stuffing for open house, ordering for COCD, booths

December 7th, 2009

Next semester: Ben contract request form! Must be done!

This week:
Rachel - setting up meeting with Marie about foosball tables

Emily – working with Larry about bike sheds

Amanda: getting Marie/Pam/Carolynn to order:

Painter’s tape





Ella – minutes on Hampedia

We have two meetings: Tuesday at 12:50 with Bob in the RCC main hallway, and Wednesday at 12:30 with Larry in the Airport Lounge. Come to both!

November 30th, 2009

Lunch with Bob!

T TH 12:30 or F at 11:30

Cabinets that Tara and Molly talked about

Upper RCC - booths and painting

Amanda - talk to Marie about PCard ---> Home Depot paint
Ella - Marge about the booths - fix the COCA subcommittee
Emily - email Larry and Mark about Ben's project
Rachel - setting up meeting with Marie about foosball tables

FiCom needs to go through council to fix things

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