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Callan Rogers-Grazado

Callan and her brother Xavier smiling like Totoro
Contact Information
Residence: Prescott 100E
Year of Entry: 2008
Division: Division III
Concentration: Arts Integration, Early Childhood Education, Sequential Art
Areas of Interest: Picture books, Creativity, Autobiographical Memory, Cooking, Baking, Video Games, Music
Languages I Know: English
Languages I Am Learning: Japanese, Spanish
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division I: Lourdes Mattei
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division II: Melissa Burch, Laura Wenk
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division III: Melissa Burch, Jana Silver
Callan Rogers-Grazado is a current student at Hampshire College. She is one of a handful of teacher licensure students at this school, studying Early Childhood Education with a focus on arts integration in the classroom. In addition to learning how to teach, she has a passion for the visual arts, particularly sequential imagery--such as picture books and comics.  She is exploring ways to bring her own creativity into the early childhood and elementary classroom to enhance learning and help children to develop deep understandings of important concepts.  Ever since her first experience with interning in a second grade classroom during her senior year of high school, Callan has known that teaching will be the most fulfilling career possible, and hopes to be able to work with children in a large variety of capacities throughout her life.



Division III Project

As an early childhood education licensure student, my focus is primarily on learning to be a successful teacher. While that is a substantial goal in and of itself, there are a few topics within the realm of education that I have begun to examine further throughout my Division III. I intend to explore the theory and practice of arts integration in the early childhood and elementary classroom. It is my belief that by effectively bringing the arts into all academic subjects (including math, science, social studies, literacy and more), students’ engagement and deep understanding can be enhanced.  For the first half of my Division III project, I have been writing a substantial essay about the theoretical underpinnings of arts integration, including why it is important and how it can be implemented.  I also intend to develop some lesson plans that exemplify "true" arts integration.

The second half of my Division III will be comprised nearly entirely of the practicum semester, which is described in more detail in the "Work" section.

Spring 2012

EDUC-323: Early Childhood/Elementary Practicum (Mount Holyoke)

EDUC-322: Practicum Seminar (Mount Holyoke)

Fall 2011

EDUC-325: Math & Science Methods (Mount Holyoke)

PSYCH-331: Social and Personality Development (Mount Holyoke)

Spring 2011

EDUC-300-M: Developing Literacy (Mount Holyoke)
IA-0157-1: Teaching Art to Children
HACU-0200: Graphic Novel Art (Independent Study)
CS-0200: A Comparative Study of Children's Picture Books (Independent Study)

January Term 2011

IA-0244: Learning Through the Arts (at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art)

Fall 2010

PSYCH-230: Developmental Psychology (Mount Holyoke)
MATH-156: Making Meaning for Operations/Reasoning Algebraically about Operations (Mount Holyoke)
IA-0269: Sequential Imagery II
EDUC-205: Whiteness, Racism & Inequality in American Schools (Mount Holyoke)

Spring 2010

JAPA-02: Building Survival Skills in Japanese (Amherst)
IA-0241: Digital Art/Multimedia/Malleability
IA-0159: Sequential Imagery I
CS-0217: Research Experience in Psychology: Autobiographical Memory

January Term 2010

CS-0258: K-12 Teaching Pre-Practicum (Mark's Meadow Elementary)

Fall 2009

JAPA-01: Intro to Japanese (Amherst)
IA-0234: In Search of Character
HACU-0157: Convergent Histories: Art Since 1950
CS-0208: How People Learn

Spring 2009

IA-0160: Drawing Foundation
HACU-0240: The Personal Essay
HACU-0126: Intro to Visual Culture

January Term 2009

WP-0103: Introduction to Writing

Fall 2008

SS-170T: Minding Culture
NS-0195: Pollution and our Environment
HACU-0230: Studying Buddhism through Material Objects
CS-0202: Philosophy of Mind


Fort River Elementary

Student Teacher (January 2012-May 2012)

I will be teaching full time in a kindergarten classroom for three weeks, and subsequently returning to my previous second grade classroom to student teach full time (including at least two weeks of lead teaching) as the main component of my education licensure.

Student Math & Science Teacher (Fall 2011)

This semester I assisted in a second grade classroom during math and science instruction.  I was able to gain some experience with the Investigations curriculum, and further developed my own classroom management techniques.

Student Literacy Assistant (Spring 2011)

As a student teacher during literacy instruction, I observed and assisted in a second grade classroom twice a week.  I conferenced with students about reading and writing, helped them develop skills and strategies for effective writing and reading.

Career Options Resource Center (CORC)

Office Worker (January 2009-January 2011)

Things I do include greeting students who come to the office, answering the phone, designing and posting flyers, writing blog articles, interviewing staff and alumni, updating databases, designing the whiteboard and bulletin boards, and more!

Gorse Children's Center at Stonybrook

Student Assistant (Fall 2011)

Twice a week, I work as an assistant in a preschool classroom.  I play with, observe and assist the children, and discuss my observations with the lead classroom teacher.

Tuesday Market

Kids Art Intern (Summer 2011)

I developed and executed weekly art activities for children, assisted with the Food Stamps x2 program and the market as a whole.

Hampshire College Children's Center

Volunteer (Fall 2010)

I helped out in the preschool room by interacting with individual children and groups during both educational and recreational periods, as well as cleaning up, preparing snack, and recording observations.

Mark's Meadow Elementary

Student Teacher (January 2010)

I assisted full-time in a first grade classroom and provided support to students with special needs.

Crocker Farm Elementary

After-School Helper (Fall 2009)

I helped supervise approximately 30 students (K-5), organized and implemented recreational activities.

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