Capital, Mediation and Mass Media

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Meeting Information
Location: FPH 102
Days: Monday, Wednesday
Time: 10:30-11:50
Extension: 5393
Office: FPH 204
Office Hours:
Home Page:
Technical Information
Course Level: 200
Course Number: 212
Course Capacity: 25
Course Website:

Capital, Mediation and Mass Media is a Social Science class taught by Vishnupad.

Course Description

In this course we will engage with structures of capitalism and the modern experience of sociality that is marked by phenomenological experiences of what we will ?abstraction? and ?mediation? made possible by capital (money) and technologies of recording and reproduction such as photography and cinema, and the general spread of mediatic technologies through the social body. In the process we will interrogate how the combination of capital and mediatic technologies determine the uniqueness and specificity of the modern social experience. Apart from invoking anthropological literature, we will engage philosophical, psychoanalytical and post-structural theories on modernity and capitalism through the course.

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