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Meeting Information
Location: CSC 121
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Time: 9:00-10:20
Location: CSC 2-CHEM
Days: Monday
Time: 1:30-4:30
Extension: 5561
Office: CSC 211
Office Hours:
Home Page:
Technical Information
Course Level: 200
Course Number: 202
Course Capacity: 20
Course Website:

Chemistry I is a Natural Science class taught by Dula Amarasiriwardena.

Course Description

In this course we will learn the fundamental chemical concepts of composition and stoichiometry, properties of matter, the gas laws, atomic structure, bonding and molecular structure, and chemical reactions, and energy changes in chemical reactions. A considerable time will be devoted to learn the use of periodic table as a way of predicting the chemical properties of elements. We will also emphasize on application of those chemical principles to environmental, biological, industrial and day-to-day life situations. No previous background in chemistry is necessary but a working knowledge of algebra is essential both because students will be expected to develop skill in solving a variety of numerical problems and because it is essential for understanding some of the subject matter. In the laboratory, basic skills, and techniques of qualitative and quantitative analysis, use of modern chemical instrumentation will be emphasized. We will also do two project-based labs, learn to understand the scientific methodology and learn how to write scientific research reports. Chemistry I is the first term of a two-term course in general chemistry.

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