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Christopher Camp

Contact Information
Extension: (267)307-2884
Residence: 31 Holyoke Street, floor 2, Northampton
Year of Entry: f08
Division: div free is a state of mind
Concentration: Design and fabrication with an emphasis on sustainable technologies
Areas of Interest: Sustainability, Anarchy, Design
Languages I Know: English, French
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division I: Donna Cohn, Fred Wirth, Colin Twitchell
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division II: same as above
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division III: same

Cristopher Camp is a division three student, as of this writing. He is mostly interested in what Hampshire's course catalog calls "applied design", as well as sustainability, especially including the prevention of climate change. He is obsessed with bicycles, and loves to play ultimate. He's also got mad barista skills.

Life Sandwich

christopher was born in new orleans,louisiana,but grew up in bucks county,pennsylvania. after attending private quaker schools for more than nine years, he decided to drop that narrow interpretation of education that was society's expectation, and do something better instead. his parents did not agree, however, and he ended up in "a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers." after almost two years of proving, manily to himself, that there wasn't anything actually wrong with him, he was able to come home. he's been working, travelling, and learning things ever since.

what this section used to say:

"Flight is for the birds, wheels are for people" A man firmly grounded on the ground, Christopher believes in constant movement, and that cannibalism "is just a good idea" (perhaps the reason for his transience). Roundly rapping the rotunda of life on the head, Christopher lives life simply, doing whatever suits him, regardless of purpose, direction, or craft. He loves to drive, finds himself driven, and drove all the way to distraction just last week. He isn't expected home anytime soon. [written by jack lindsay, f07]

Work on "this god's Greenest of earths"

While I'm interested in lots of things, I came to college to learn how to design and fabricate the things that I see in my head. I'm working on my div three, which is the second prototype of a prone bicycle with a spindle hub. "what's that?" you might ask. prone is a term that means in a horizontal position, facing downward. the rider of a prone bike lies flat, and rides headfirst. this position has some advantages in cycling, the most notable being that it is more aerodynamic than other riding positions, and more ergonomic, too. "what the heck is a spindle hub?" you might wonder. it's a thing I invented, which is a device that places the cranks' spindle in the middle of the drive wheel of a human powered machine. this means my pedals rotate around the same axis as my rear wheel, which is part of what allows me to ride in the prone position in the first place.

I have other interests: sustainability, climate change, coffee, and anarchism are among them. interestingly, I find anarchism to be at odds with the prospects of a future free from catastrophic climate change, and therefor I don't really think about anarchy as much as I used to. I'm interested in the arts, but I mostly enjoy them, rather than create artistic works myself (unless you count the things I fabricate as artworks. which you probably should.)

this is what this section used to say:

Moving like quicksilver across a nation's torn plains, Christopher has passed coast to coast, pausing only pick up a souvenir or flip someone the bird (remember, birds are for flying). He has found in this world a single worldly pursuit: prone-frame bicycles. Under the direction of himself, he has come to Hampshire College to embark on the construction of a bike of his own design, having designed it purely of one mind, and with one goal: freedom from the tautology and totalitarianism of the seat. Truly anti-oppressive, his design is geared to revolutionize the world of ultra-premium top-level human powered vehicular movement. Truly though, it is geared for speed. This circuitous, hub-centered gearing was his own idea. He is very certain of what is his and what is yours, and this is his. It is not yours, nor anyone's else, past, present, or prefabricated. Copyright Christopher Avery Maxfield "The Gleamin' Demon" Camp, 1985-2010.

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