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The sport climbing Mecca of Rumney, New Hampshire
Meeting Information
Place: Hampshire Climbing Wall
Time: Tues., Wed, Thurs. from 6-8pm
Contact Information
Signer Information
Signer 1: Faraday Borg
Signer 2: Matt Raymond
Signer 3: Maria Myers
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Earl Alderson
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 711
Submit a Funding Request
Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual


Mission Statement

The mission of the Climber’s Coalition is to offer opportunities for experiences that are often left behind in the modern world: a sense of camaraderie, outdoor exposure, a better understanding of oneself through educated risk, physical and mental fitness, and consideration for the natural environment. We approach these through several venues, such as the physical experience of rock climbing (with or without a group), working with local groups and non profits to better relationships and access in local areas, teach technical rock craft, and provide experiences that offer to put people in connection with others and the environment around them. Our primary goal is to always provide healthy and fun experiences for all members. The Climber’s Coalition is non exclusive, where individuals of all identities and abilities are very encouraged to join.

We pride our group as one with many skills as individuals, and we utilize that to sponsor an array of events/activities. This has come through in many forms such as a Health and Fitness day that we have sponsored, local trail days we’ve attended, speakers and renovations we have organized, and more recently, worked with several groups (Hampshire, Non-Hampshire, For Profit, Non Profit) in an effort to preserve access to a local land area. We are a group founded on taking trips, exploring resources, and encouraging folks to stay psyched, no matter what their passion.

To stay informed on Climbers' Coalition events and activities, sign up for the [1].

Upcoming Events

To stay in the loop, the best place to follow us is our Facebook group. If you’re not already a member, send out a request to join and we’ll add you.

RCC Climbing Wall
Tuesday, Thursday, 6:00- 8:00pm
Haven’t climbed before? No problem! Come to the Hampshire wall and meet our awesome belay staff and learn how to climb or improve your skills. These days and times will most likely change after spring so be sure to check back periodically for updates!

We're in the revision process! Stay tuned for an updated page.

History of Climbing at Hampshire

Hampshire College has enjoyed a rich history and tradition of climbing. Over the years, Hampshire has attracted many accomplished climbers. To a greater extent, students learning to climb while at Hampshire have continued to persue the sport after graduation. Generally, climbers come to Hampshire in waves. We are currently experiencing a peak in these waves: more students are enthusiastic about climbing than in previous years.

In the early 1970s, the sport of rock climbing was gaining momentum on a global scale. Two of the historic figures in the climbing community were themselves also part of the Hampshire community: student Jon Krakauer and OPRA instructor David Roberts. Roberts was especially instrumental in designing the foundations on which OPRA is based today.

The Robert Crown Center hosts one of the first indoor walls in this country. When the structure was initially built, it consisted of a series of bolt holes on the vertical cement walls of the RCC. Wooden holds were then screwed into these holds, giving climbers a chance to simulate rock climbing in an artificial setting. In the early 1990s, the wooden structure that is seen today was constructed over the primitive cement walls. This wall now hosts plastic, wooden, cement, rock, and fiber glass holds. Over the last few years, the Climbers' Coalition has purchased many of the high quality plastic and fiber glass holds and volumes that appear on the wall today.

The upper RCC bouldering cave was designed by Hampshire student Pete Ward in 1998. Due to a certain uncooperative OPRA director, Pete was forced to actually construct the cave over the time period of a single weekend. With the help of OPRA instructor Earl Alderson and other students, Pete built an incredible training facility consisting of two slightly overhanging sidewalls bridged by a fifteen foot horizontal roof and headwall.

History of the Climbers' Coalition

The Climbers' Coalition was founded in 2003 after an administrative change in how student groups are run at Hampshire. Founding Signers were Pete Clark, Meghan McCutcheon, and Amy Brown.

Cave.jpg Hanging out in the upper RCC bouldering cave.

Weekly Meetings

Currently we are hosting informal meetings during regular Climbing Wall hours, so come give climbing a try. Make your voice heard and hear others, help to organize and inspire! All necessary equipment is provided.

Meet some folks who love climbing and make some friends too!.

Photo Gallery

Gunks chris.JPG High Exposure (5.7) Gunks, NY

Gunks chris2.JPG Belaying, Gunks, NY

Rumney sam.jpg Jolt (5.10b) Rumney, NH

Rumney Max.JPG Giant Man (5.12b/c) Rumney, NH

Batcave.jpg Diah and Friah bolting in the Bat Cave, Farley, MA

Potrero.jpg El Potrero Chico, Hidalgo, Mexico

Max.jpg Upper South Branch Pond, Baxter State Park, ME

Maine.jpg Upper South Branch Pond, Baxter State Park, ME

Tufacave.jpg Kalymnos, Greece

Tufa.jpg Thigh Master Glenna Alderson Kalymnos, Greece

Greece1.jpg Safety Turtles in Kalymnos, Greece

Skinner.jpg January climbing, Mt. Skinner, MA

Zeb swing.jpg Yo Ali at Farley, MA

Britton1.jpg The Verdict (5.12c/d), Farley, MA

ZebV12.jpg Brother's Keeper (V12) Happy Valley, MA

Max12aclip.jpgRed River Gorge, KY

Max11.jpgRed River Gorge, KY

Annabelay.jpgRed River Gorge, KY

Zeb13b.jpgTable of Colors (13b) Red River Gorge, KY

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