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Community Council

The Official Logo of Community Council
Meeting Information
Location: Community Council Office, behind the Airport Lounge
Days: Every Other Tuesday (starting 2/28/12)
Time: 3:30 - 4:30 pm
Contact Information
Officer Information
Sarah Gordon, Chair
Mandy Theissen, Vice-Chair
Samuel Goodspeed, Communications Chair
Camille Serrano, Secretary
Member Information
VACANT, At-Large
  • Sub-Committee(s):
Ugyen Lhamo, At-large
  • Sub-Committee(s):
Devin Morse, At-large
  • Sub-Committee(s):
VACANT, At-large
  • Sub-Committee(s):
VACANT, At-large
  • Sub-committee(s):
VACANT, At-large
  • Subcommittee(s):
VACANT, Merrill House
Camille Serrano, Dakin House
  • Sub-Committee(s): ?
Nathan Whitmore, Greenwich House
VACANT, Prescott House
  • Sub-Committee(s):
Sarah Gordon, Enfield House
  • Sub-Committee(s):
VACANT, Off Campus
  • Sub-Committee(s):
VACANT, SOURCE Representative
  • Sub-Committee(s):
Josiah Litant, Representative for the Dean of Students Office (non-voting)
Mandy Theissen, COCA Representative
Kwaku Yeboah Antwi, COCD Representative
Melanie Cox, FiCom Representative


The Dissolution of Community Council

In spring of 2011, Interim President Marlene Gerber Fried announced that the College would begin working towards the creation of a student government association (SGA) as recommended by the College's Governance Task Force, in their final report. During the May 2012 meeting of Hampshire's Board of Trustees, the Board voted to endorse the creation of a new student government (based on the Purview Document developed by the SGA Creation Taskforce), and the dissolution of Community Council which it will supplant. Community Council is now defunct and has been replaced by the Hampshire Student Union, a participatory non-hierarchical democracy.

Fall 2012 - Spring 2013: Interim Oversight Body

As the work to finalize the bylaws and structure for the SGA (working title) continues, an interim oversight body will meet as needed to fulfill some of the duties required of an oversight body. In this sense, the group will be similar to the work-group of Spring 2012, except without regular meetings. It shall be composed of two appointed members from each of the subcommittees (i.e. two from FiCom, two from CoCD, and two from CoCA), as well as a non-voting member, Josiah Litant, Senior Associate Dean of Students.

Meeting minutes will be recorded and posted on this page. This body will not be fulfilling the traditional roles of Community Council, but if you feel as though you have a concern to bring to this group, email Josiah Litant (

Spring 2012: Restructuring as "Work-Group"

Letter to Dean of Students

We are writing to inform you that Community Council will not be fulfilling its traditional governance role for the remainder of the Spring 2012 semester. Due to membership attrition, an unclear purview, and the process of transitioning to a Student Government Association, among other factors, Council is no longer able to function within its bylaws as a representative body for students, staff, and faculty. Given these circumstances the current membership of Community Council, in consultation with Josiah Litant and Marian MacCurdy, feel it is best to continue on as a “work-group” this semester.

This work-group will:

a) Provide oversight to the sub-committees (FiCom, COCA, COCD)
b) Vote on approval of all funding requests over $5,000
c) Assist in advertising the Student Government Association Workshops
d) Consult with the SGA Bylaws Committee, if consultation is requested by that committee
e) Select a representative to the Five College Coordinating Board
f) Fulfill any responsibility specifically requested by one of the sub-committees, or a student community member, within its capability, included but not limited to advocacy, conflict mediation, support, etc.


a) This work-group will determine its own operating procedures internally and in consultation with Josiah Litant in order to best accomplish its goals.
b) This work-group will be comprised of those members currently sitting on Community Council, who reaffirm their commitment to be involved for the duration of the semester, and be comprised of no fewer than 7 voting members. No vacant positions will be filled.
c) This work-group will meet for every other Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:30. Meetings will be open to all community members.
d) Officers for this work-group shall be elected by the work-group
e) This work-group will make decisions by made by majority rules votes
f) No officer on this work-group shall receive a stipend, as the members of this work-group are no longer fulfilling all of the duties of an elected Community Council officer

It is our intention to inform you of the internal changes to the structure of Community Council. The functioning of the current sub-committees, necessary for funding student activities and events, will not be changed by these changes to the structure of Council. The stipends of the sub-committee officers will not be modified by the work-group; they will remain the same as in the previous semester.


Sarah Gordon
Melanie Cox
Nathan Whitmore
Devin Morse
Ugyen Lhamo

*Approved by the Monday Group

What [was] Community Council?

Community Council is the equivalent of Student Government Association (SGA) with a uniquely Hampshire twist. Community Council operates best with feedback from students. All meetings are open: come to the Community Council office behind the airport lounge, Tuesdays at 3:30-5PM. Feel free to contact us directly by email: ccouncil at We will be discussing all comments, queries and suggestions sent to us in our meetings, and hopefully be able to transform student feedback into action by Council.

What We [Did]

Community Council  is a body established by the Hampshire Community with responsibility for the following:

  • Regulations concerning the quality of life on campus and the well being of the college community
  • Relations of Hampshire College to the surrounding community
  • Collecting, maintaining, and distributing the Student Activities Fee
  • Establishing, maintaining, and promoting the Community Norms
  • Advocating student, staff, faculty, and administrative interests
  • Organizing a bi-annual All-Community Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Spring 2012

Fall 2011

Spring 2011

Community Council Meeting Minutes Archive

News From Council

2011-2012 Election Results

Fall 2011 Community Council Chair:
Leanna Pohevitz

Off-Campus Representative:
Dina Spanbock (Unopposed)

Greenwich House Representative:
Nathan Whitmore (Unopposed)

6 At-Large Representatives:
At-Large Position #1: Leanna Pohevitz (By Default, as Council Chair)
At-Large Position #2: Nelson Hernandez
At-Large Position #3: Ugyen Lhamo
At-Large Position #4: Devin Morse
At-Large Position #5: Eshe Shukura
At-Large Position #6: Jimmy Lovett

Mid-Fall Election Results

Find election results and details here!

2010 - 2011 Election Results

Position Name Voter Responses Winning Candidate Percentage of Residents who Supported candidate Percentage of total voters who supported candidate
Chair (At-large Rep.) 342 Leanna Pohevitz 36.54%
At-large Rep. 342 Rob Liota 31.32%
At-large Rep. 342 Alex Wenchel 19.56%
At-large Rep. 342 Jenna Weingarten 17.46%
At-large Rep. 342 Katie Culpepper 16.28%
At-large Rep. 342 Vanessa Bellini 15.36%
Dakin Rep. 17 Ugyen Lhamo 100%
Enfield Rep. 57 Sarah Gordon 100%
Greenwich Rep. 60 vacant
Merrill Rep. 12 vacant
Prescott Rep. 35 Benny Oyama 100%
Off-Campus Rep. 88 Devin Kharpertian 53.4%

Past & Present Projects

Governance Task Force

Council passed a resolution to issue an open letter to Ralph Hexter and the Board of Trustees to ratify the Re-Rad governance task force elections and grant Leanna Pohevitz and Will Romey places as student representatives to serve alongside Dee Dee Desir in the Governance Task Force.

Elections Task Force

Leanna and Emily were intended to co-chair an Elections Task Force. This task force would look to provide a blue-print for Council to hold consistent, transparent, on-time elections each year. Issues such as voting schemes, the role of first year students, nominating/campaigning/voting are all being discussed. See updated Election Practices below.

Understanding Council

Procedures and Guidelines

Community Council Structure

Official Documents

Governance at Hampshire

REALLY understand

Council History

Orientation Opening Day Speeches by Council Chairs

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