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Meeting Information
Location: HSU Office (Office in Back of Airport Lounge)
Days: Mondays
Time: 7-8PM
Contact Information
Tel: N/A
Fax: N/A
Officer Information

Member Information
Lewis Blake, Budget & Priorities Member, Elected At-Large Representative
Daniel Vogel, CoordBoard Manager for Internal Affairs, At-Large Representative,
Dalton Lewis, Educational Policy Committee, Elected At-Large Representative
Nick Lee, 5-College Coordinating Board Member, Elected At-Large Representative
Mia Pan, CoordBoard Secretary for Internal Affairs, Elected At-Large Representative


Upcoming Town Meeting

  • The next Town Meeting of the 2015 Fall semester will be on Wednesday, November 18th at 6:00PM in the FPH West Lecture Hall. We will be discussing Hampshire Halloween, library subscriptions, and restructuring the HSU

Coordinating Board

The Coordinating Board (CoordBoard) is a body of the Hampshire Student Union. The account number is 718.


There are 5 members on CoordBoard in total, all of which have voting privileges in a CoordBoard meeting (in the unlikely event a vote must be called.) Each Scope Group appoints one of their two Co-Coordinators to serve as a representative to CoordBoard. In addition, CoordBoard has five At-Large members that serve on specific Committees and or have specialized duties or both. At-Large members are elected by the wider community at the end of each year or when necessary. Finally, FundCom appoints one member to serve as their representative to CoordBoard.

Scope Group Representatives

There are five scope group representatives on CoordBoard with one appointed co-coordinator from each group:

The scope group representatives have voting privileges in CoordBoard meetings and are responsible for updating CoordBoard on the weekly activities of their respective scope group. They are also essential for providing a specific perspective on decisions and discussions that aligns with the goals and purposes of the scope group they are representing.

At-Large Representatives

There are five elected At-Large Representatives on CoordBoard that serve on specific Committees and or have specialized duties or both.

At-Large representatives have voting privileges in CoordBoard meetings and are responsible for the paperwork responsibilities of CoordBoard such as managing the listserv, working with CLA for paperwork, and taking minutes.


Bylaws of CoordBoard Meetings (Revised 11/21/13)

CoordBoard meets weekly at (time pending) in the HSU office in the back of the Airport Lounge. Meetings are open to all members of the Hampshire Student Union (Hampshire students) to attend. All 11 members of CoordBoard are required to attend the weekly meetings. The primary focus of CoordBoard meetings is to organize Town Meetings, with the secondary purpose of directing people and or proposals to Scope Groups that can connect them to the resources they need. Finally, CoordBoard functions as an information dissemination body for the HSU where Scope Groups, FundCom, and committees can share information with each other directly.

Duties & Purview

CoordBoard organizes Town Meetings and delegates proposals to Scope Groups. The Coordboard email serves as a central hub for student concerns and proposals, directing each proposal to the appropriate Scope Group for help and coordination with preparing the proposal(s) for Town Meeting. CoordBoard reviews proposals that have been put together by a Scope Group before adding them to the agenda for the upcoming Town Meeting. Proposals not ready for Town Meeting will once again be directed to a Scope Group for finalization. CoordBoard also selects an agenda to advertise for Town Meeting in addition to the usual open forum. CoordBoard does not evaluate topics or proposals on merit but only upon the basis of whether or not they are fleshed out and ready to be presented at Town Meeting.

Town Meeting

Town Meeting occurs every month and is open to attendance by any Hampshire student. Town Meeting is hosted and facilitated by the members of CoordBoard. Town Meeting exists to provide the space for proposals that can be discussed and voted on by the student body.

Scheduled Town Meetings

  • F2015
    • September 16th, 6pm
    • October 14th, 6pm

HSU Initiatives

Purpose, Values, and Scope (PVS) Document

  • The HSU derives its Purpose, Values, and Scope from the most recent version of the Board of Trustees approved "Purpose, Values, and Scope" (PVS) Document.

Document Committee

  • The HSU developed a Document Committee in S2014 in order to come up with some basic documents detailing how the HSU works. The Document Committee finished its charge and the final results of their work can be found on Hampedia. Please visit the their Hampedia page for more information on the committee's charge, minutes, membership:


Coordboard has both a general listserv and an internal communications listserv listserv. The former will have a reasonable amount of emails about upcoming meetings and updates on what the board is up to. The latter will be for the coordinators to have frequent emails which general students might not care to get in their inboxes a lot, though they can still sign up if they want to read them.

Proposals and Acts Voted on by Town Meeting

Fall 2013

Fall 2014

Meeting Minutes

09/19/13 Minutes File:09-19-13 Coordinating Board Meeting.pdf
09/26/13 Minutes File:CoordBoard92613v2.pdf
10/03/13 Minutes File:MeetingMinutes1032013.pdf
10/10/13 Minutes File:CoordBoardMinutes101013.pdf
10/24/13 Minutes File:Co-ordBoard1024.pdf
10/30/13 Minutes File:CoordBoardMeeting1030.pdf
11/7/13 Minutes File:CoordBoardMinutesNov713.pdf
11/16/13 Minutes File:CoordBoard111613.pdf
11/21/13 Minutes File:CoordBoard112113.pdf
12/5/13 Minutes File:CoordBoard12513.pdf
12/12/13 Minutes File:CoordBoard121213.pdf
01/20/14 Minutes File:CoordBoard012014.pdf
01/23/14 Minutes File:123.pdf
02/09/14 Minutes Joint meeting with Accountability Board
02/10/14 Minutes File:CoordBoard021014.pdf
02/17/2014 Minutes File:CoordBoard021714.pdf
02/19/2014 Town Meeting Minutes File:February Town Meeting February 19.pdf
03/02/2014 Minutes File:CoordBoard Minutes 3-2-2014.pdf
03/24/2014 Minutes File:Coordboard minutes 3-24-2014.doc
03/31/2014 Minutes File:Coordination Board Meeting Minutes 3-31-2014.doc
04/07/2014 Minutes File:4-8-2014 CoordBoard Minutes.pdf
04/15/2014 Town Meeting Minutes File:4-15-2014 Town Meeting Minutes .pdf
04/21/2014 Minutes File:Minutes4.21.2014.pdf
05/05/2014 Minutes File:Notesfrom5.5.14.pdf
09/14/2014 Minutes File:CoordBoard Minutes 9.14.2014.pdf
09/16/2014 Minutes File:CoordBoard Minutes 9.16.14.pdf
09/23/2014 Minutes File:Coordboard Minutes 9.23.14.pdf
09/30/2014 Minutes File:Coordboard Minutes 9.30.14.pdf
10/14/2014 Minutes File:CoordBoardMinutes10.14.2014.pdf
11/4/2014 Minutes File:Nov4thCoordBoard.pdf
11/11/2014 Minutes File:Meeting Minutes coordboard.pdf
11/18/2014 Minutes File:coordboard1118.pdf
12/2/2014 Minutes File:December2.pdf

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