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Cross-listed courses can sound complicated at first, but it’s pretty simple. Basically, some courses are listed under two (or sometimes even three) schools of thought (Schools) or Distribution Areas. So you might see a course in Social Science that is also listed under Cognitive Science, and you might see a course that fulfills your Mind, Brain and Information distribution as well as your Physical and Biological Sciences one. Often, courses are cross-listed to show that the course takes an especially interdisciplinary approach. Co-taught courses are also often cross-listed based on the School of the professors.

It’s important for Division I students to know that you can fulfill a distribution requirement for only one of the area for a cross-listed course. Using the same example as above, if you took a course that can fulfill MBI or PBS, you would need to choose one of those areas to count for your Division I requirement. You do not need to choose which distribution requirement you will use the course for before you take it, only when you actually file to pass Div I.

As a note, cross-listed courses will always have the same course number in each School. If a class is listed as SS-181 then it would be listed as CS-181 as well.

The Hub should clearly state which courses are cross-listed when you search for courses.

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