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Meeting Information
Place: Adele Simmons Hall Lobby
Time: First Meeting: Thursday 9/12/2013 from 6-7:30
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Signer 1: Aaron Lindeke-Meyers
Signer 2: Louisa Smith
Signer 3:
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About Us

The CBD Student Group is a student-run discussion-biased group sponsored by the Culture, Brain, and Development Program. As the group draws its support from the program (which is generously funded by The Foundation for Psychocultural Research), we do not go through a student group recognition process. Instead of signers, the group is run by student co-directors, currently Aaron Lindeke-Meyers and Louisa Smith

As we are a group lead by students, for students, we always are open to discuss and create workshops around what you want to know about Culture, Brain, and Development. We welcome students from all disciplines and at all levels of study.
We meet weekly in the ASH lobby to discuss common readings (usually recent articles or studies from leading journals), watch and talk about documentaries and films that explore CBD themes, and sometimes we try out mediation and host workshops.

In theory, we set out to dissect and examine what it means for human sciences and culture to interact with one another. In practice, our meetings usually involve nitpicking over methodology, sharing anecdotes vaguely related to papers, talking about Div III, eating pizza, Fresh Side, and other food stuffs, and loudly (but productively) arguing over the meaning of "Culture," "Brain," "Development," and "and."

Add your name on the CBD Students' email list to receive announcements and readings for the meetings.

Fall 2013 Meetings

Meeting Times to be determined. First Meeting: Thursday 9/12/2013 at 6 pm in the ASH Lobby Dinner and lively discussion is always provided! Readings for article discussions can be found on the CBD rack in the ASH Lobby and also in the CBD office (ASH 100).


Wednesday, September 12th: What exactly is Culture, Brain, & Development? Is it a mysterious organization developing tools to control the minds of unsuspecting Hampshire students??? Maybe it's a think tank in the works? Or maybe it's an academic program dedicated to helping students from all disciplines make interdisciplinary connections and discoveries by changing the way they think about and study societies and cultures, the mind and brain, and human growth and development? If you'd like to explore the answers to these questions - and then some - join the CBD Student Group for our first meeting of the year. If you're new to CBD, come and see what the program's all about. If you're a CBD veteran, come ready to share. All students are welcome to attend!

OCTOBER meetings

10/3: Screening & discussion of the documentary "Buffet: All You Can Eat Las Vegas" by cultural anthropologist Dr. Natasha Dow Schull. Join CBD for an eye-opening documentary on food, consumption, binge culture, and waste.

10/10: Join CBD to watch and discuss a TED talk from Jill Bolte Taylor, the neuroscientist who witnessed her own stroke.

10/17: Seeing sounds and tasting color! -Synaesthesia is a unique neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic and involuntary secondary experiences. Join CBD to hear about Louisa Smith's summer work with synaesthesia and discuss this fascinating phenomenon.

10/24: Hey Doctor, Wait Longer to Cut the Umbilical Cord! -When a baby is born, the first thing doctors do is clamp and sever the umbilical cord. But could this common practice actually harm the infant? At TEDxBrussels, Alan Greene warns that millions of kids might be affected by not having the opportunity to receive crucial oxygen-, iron-, and stem cell-rich blood after birth, and calls for doctors around the world to optimize the timing of umbilical cord removal.

10/31: TBA

Tentative future meetings

11/7: Genetic Sequencing

11/14: Discussion relating to Dr. Catherine Monk's lecture on stress

12/5: Discussion and/or activity relating to meditation

Meeting Archives

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