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Devyn Manibo
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Contact Information
Residence: Prescott 74
Year of Entry: F10
Division: III
Concentration: Island Diasporas, Autoethnography, Multimedia Installation
Areas of Interest: Queer of Color Theory, Performance (F)art, Feminism, Anti-Oppression, Low-Budget/No-Budget Projects, Floral Print, Baking, Loose Tea, Dinner Parties, Brunch Parties, Glitter, Picnics, Springtime, Grass, Organizing Things
Languages I Know: English, Ubbi Dubbi, Taglish
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division I: Christoph Cox
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division II: Jaclyn Pryor, Jules Rosskam, Susana Loza
Faculty I Collaborate(d) With in Division III: kara lynch, Susana Loza, Jules Rosskam
School: HACU, IA



Born a mere score ago in Northern New Jersey, Devyn Manibo has grown to be a curious character with a passion for creating. She is a fourth year, studying media production, performance, and installation with a basis in postcolonial and queer diasporic narrative. She is the toppiest kitchen top and is trying to master the art of gluten-free baking. Some of her favorite things include kittens, race rage, corgi butts, glitter nail polish, floral print, and vintage kitchenware. She is the master of tea parties, glitter crafts, paper snowflakes, and (sometimes) giving fierce haircuts. Her space is always fully equipped with tea, cookies, and love and she's always down to process feelings when she's not drowning in work. She gets flustered is crowded rooms, she's usually anxious, and always bitter. She's not the best at making practical decisions, but who ever said that humans should be practical? She has been told she is the reincarnation of Jesus, and really, why would anyone doubt that? 

She can be found twynning 24/7 with her bestie, Karyn Warren-Gregory.

Considering living with Devyn? Here's a guide to staying on her good side.

Also, please read this Anti-oppression Link Round-up, especially if you're white. If you don't, you're gonna need to leave.

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High School

Devyn Manibo attended St. Dominic Academy, a private, all-women's Catholic high school located in the heart of Jersey City, New Jersey. There, she was an active member of Student Council, president of the Photography Club, an active member of the Drama Club, an editor of ELAN, the literary magazine, and a contributer and founder of the entertainment section of The Trumpet, the school's news publication.

Division I

A lot of queer theory academic boners, and realizing that video and performance are worthy vehicles for these boners.

Advisor: Christoph Cox

Fall 2010

January 2011

Spring 2011

Div I Projects

Lust, Power, Force (9:30), a video in the Futurist style, exploring women in relation to war, and the sexualization and desexualization of the female form for Futurist Performance and Performativity. (Director, Editor, Collaborator)
Read Me (2:58), a short narrative film, which explores the fluidity and ambiguity of identities for Hybrid Identities, Authentic Selves. (Director, Editor, Performer)
Food and Mood (16:40), a documentary video piece exploring the correlation between diet and depression among young people in the Hampshire College community for Complementary Medicine. (Cinematographer, Editor)
Harbored Dreamz (10:00), an experimental performance piece as a commentary on the notion of the American Dream, based on text from Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman for Devised Theatre: Creating and Performing Original Performance Material. (Collaborator)

Division II

Title: AUTO/ASSEMBLAGE: (Re)presentation and Resistance through Media Production, Performance, and Installation

An amalgam of video, performance, and site and time based installation as modes of resistance within postcolonial and diasporic narratives, with a basis in queer of color theory and critical media studies.

Chair: Jules Rosskam / Chair: Jaclyn Pryor / Member: Susana Loza

Fall 2011

Spring 2012

Summer 2012

  • New Media Intern at Bitch Media in Portland, OR

Fall 2012

Spring 2013

  • HACU-301: No Place: Utopian Visions in Film and Video w/ Jules Rosskam
  • HACU-286: Immediate Site: Time Based Installation Theory and Practice w/ kara lynch
  • FLS-250: Queer Cinema/Queer Media w/ Lokeilani Kaimana (Smith)
  • Queer Diasporic (Corpo)realities: Performance, Narrative, and Image - an independent study exploring film and performance as mediums of resistance and ways to convey and embody diasporic and postcolonial narrative(s) of struggles with the Pilipin@-American experience of displacement, melancholia, and the search for new meanings and understandings of “home” and “family.”

Summer 2013

  • Communications Intern at QWOCMAP in San Francisco, CA

Div II Projects

Bodies Move (3:02), a collaborative short documentary film depicting and preserving the body as space, highlighting the ambiguity of the human form for Intro to Non-fiction Filmmaking. (Director, Editor, Collaborator)
Brutally Beautiful Life (5:26), a short narrative/interview piece focusing on anxiety, depression, and eating disorders and the manifestation of these issues on every day life, and living with, accepting, and loving a queer body for Intro to Non-fiction Filmmaking. (Cinematographer, Editor)
Names We Have Been Denied, a collaborative narrative and movement performance piece with Frederick Fluchel and Mel Mel Mooring, part of a multimedia QPOC centered drag spectacular entitled Burning Down The House of ___________, performed on December 4th, 2011 in the Red Barn. (Collaborator)
Nawala Salita / Lost Words (7:16), a collaborative experimental non-fiction narrative video piece focusing on the notions of loss, desire and the search for home for Intro to Non-fiction Filmmaking. (Director, Editor, Collaborator)
Queer as a Class (12:32), a documentary video focusing on class and privilege dynamics within the queer community at Mt. Holyoke College. (Cinematographer, Editor)
The Jungle of Hypercathection, a ten minute performance piece based on performance ethnography of various field work communities for Performing Identity: Race/Gender/Sexuality in Theory and Practice. (Collaborator)
My Body... That's an Interesting Topic, a small photo project featuring twelve prints, focusing on the vulnerability and anonymity of the human form, as well as the subjects' relationships with their bodies, accompanied by an audio piece compiled of clips from each subject for Still Photography I. (Photographer, Editor)
Do You Feel Threatened?, a fifteen minute collaborative video/performance/installation piece based on Jack Halberstam's book In a Queer Time and Place. (Cinematographer, Editor, Collaborator)
still (14:30), a collaborative experimental autoethnographic video piece exploring queer kinship, history, and time. (Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Collaborator)
Differences (3:02), an improvised experimental satire about ableism in relationships, based on a conversation in Chili's. (Director, Editor)
Swallow, Beauty. You are already inside the body you fear. (A Division III by Zique Fancy Lyric), Stage Manager
Never Never Other: Mixed Bodies, Melancholia, and the Corporeality of Queer Diaspora, an academic zine for Immigration Nation.
THIS IS ABOUT YR NEEDS (10:07), an extension/progression of Differences, focusing on ableism ableism, communication, (in)visibility, and the way(s) we love or do not love or cannot love. (Stage Manager)
rot + remembrance, a three part collaborative sculpture and sound installation exploring tactile and aural memory through a lens of loss, nostalgia, escapism and recreation. (Collaborator)
now/here: mo(ve)ments of almost there, a video and sound installation exploring utopia as the almost touched, almost there, now, here, but nowhere. (Director, Editor, Performer)
WELCUM TO SALVE////ATION, a dual channel collaborative sound and video installation of temporal oozings. (Collaborator)
manlalakbay ng kalawakan // celestial traveler, a collaborative video piece exploring histories of colonialism, forced migration, corporeal traumas, new industrial slavery, and the search for home for queer diasporic filipina/os. (Director, Editor, Collaborator)

Division III

Tentative Title: for the islands i've lost // the islands i've never known

Co-Chairs: kara lynch and jules Rosskam / Member: Susana Loza

Utilizing island diasporas and melancholia as broad themes, I will explore video, performance, and corporeal installation as mediums of resistance. I will use this as a platform to convey and embody diasporic and postcolonial narrative(s) of Pilipin@-American experiences of displacement within and without (y)our (i)lands, melancholia, grievance, desire, and the search for new meanings and understandings of home, family, bodily haunting, and kinship. What does water mean in the ways we experience kinship? How do we navigate this simultaneously fluid and impenetrable wall when building community and family? I will push against colonialist desire and the perpetuation of corporeal violences; I will investigate what it means to grow into and inhabit a queer diasporic body in postcolonial contexts, and the instabilities and contradictions within my own skin. These will be moments of collective resonance, of rage, of anger, of militant optimism.

I will be working throughout the year on a series of video projects, each representing an element, fragment, or theme of my queer diasporic body, as well as queer diasporic bodies as a collective corporeal experience. These will be documented performative act(ion)s, as well as staged explorations of the body in relation to (un)familiar spaces. These will range from small and fragmented bodily movements to the uniting of body and place on a grand scale. Videos will be paired with live performance as a way of (re)creating worlds within worlds, using representational objects and movements, to push the gaze of onlookers. These moments will be able to stand individually and tell stories on their own, but should be understood, examined, and experienced as installation, with each element in conversation with one another. Site and time will play important roles, as this will be a space of convergence for past, present, and future – motherland and diaspora. The nuances will become especially pertinent once juxtaposing notions of home – where I grew up, where I reside, where I’ve moved (to and from), where I have never been, where I want to be, etc.

This is a love story, and a search for the self within other, and the other within self, a meditation, and a slippage, a lack, and longing that will not be met, a rupture within (our) corporeal desire(s). I will meld theory with memoir and autoethnography to create a skeleton for my piece. I will meld mediums, culminating in a multi-channel/multi-media, video and performance installation that will take place during one long weekend in the Spring of 2014. After the initial installation, these separate channels/vignettes will be pieced together into a single-channel video.

Stay up to date on my devising process on my Div III blog.

Fall 2011

  • CSI-159T: Hybrid Identities w/ Kim Chang (TA)

Extracurriculars and Beyond

Devyn has been a freelance photographer for a number of years now, scoring jobs with New York Magazine and Impose Magazine, as well as having her work exhibited in various venues in the New York Metropolitan area, and published by various print and web publications. Her portfolio can be viewed here.

For her first two years in Western Mass, she could be found messing up the chemicals in the Jerome Liebling Center for Film, Photography & Video on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30pm-6pm. She now works for the Center For Feminisms as a self-identified master of creative endeavors.

Student groups and academic involvement

Community Advocacy Union
• CFF/QCAC Representative and Liaison (S13)

QIPOC (Queer International and People of Color)
• Signer (S12-F13)

QCA (Queer Community Alliance)
• Signer (S11-S12)

PASA (Pan Asian Student Alliance)
• Signer (F11-S12)

Current Endeavors

Devyn is currently working on her Division III project, a multimedia installation titled for the islands i've lost // for the islands i've never known: imag(in)ing home in a queer diaspora. Devyn has been chosen to receive the 2013 Princess Grace Undergraduate Film Scholarship to complete her work. Devyn will also be debuting her video collaboration with Riko Fluchel at the 26th Annual MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival in November 2013.

She is working as the committee coordinator for the fifth annual Five College Queer Gender & Sexuality Conference, which will take place on March 7th and 8th in Franklin Patterson Hall at Hampshire College.

Devyn is a contributor to various print and web publications including Bitch Magazine, Impose Magazine, and others. She is currently working on a piece on Greenwashing for Black Girl Dangerous.

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