Division III


The Division III

A student’s Div III is a year-long extended study project. Students must form a committee with a specific idea in mind for their project. Students must enter appropriate information on their project, how they will complete it, and also must indicate how they will fulfill the Advanced Educational Activity requirement of Division III. Each Div III is unique, and each project will have its own limits, expectations, range, etc. For example, one student may just complete a project, and not write a Division III Thesis explaining the process they underwent during the course of their project. Sometimes the Div III project and the Division III Thesisare one and the same. It is a time-consuming and difficult time for students at Hampshire College. Most students, faced with an overwhelming and thoroughly unfathomable amount of work to accomplish, simply disappear from social circles, forsake food and sleep, and instead work endlessly at their Div III Library Carrel.

During this time, committees will work closely with students, meeting once every week, or every other week. This provides Div III students with an incentive to produce work, as their committee will be very interested to see how their advisee has progressed over the course of a week.

See an example of a Div III Preliminary Proposalhere: Joe Fenstermaker’s Div III.

Advice for Those Who are/soon will be Div IIIs

Here’s a ton of great advice collected by PARC from Spring 2010 Div IIIs: File:PARCDivIIIsurvey.pdf

Division IIIs on Hampedia

This is a list of Division IIIs that have been added to Hampedia. Just click on the link to view their work!

(If you have put up your Division III on Hampedia, please add it to this list!)


  • Daniel Chapsky – The Best Picture on the Internet
  • Morgan Greenstreet – Ghanaian Music In Different Contexts
  • Andrew Katzman – Barrel Rolls and Broken Dreams
  • Jake Kolpas – Chant Down Babylon – The Languages of Reggae
  • Alexandra Krales
  • Jack Lindsay – Prototype Electric Vehicle
  • Richard Moran – The Wind Eagle’s Nest (A Film)
  • Lee Morgan – The Nature and Process of Metaphorical Interpretation
  • Rebekah Olstad – What Comes From the Sea
  • Rebecca Thomas – “Hearts Starve as Well as Bodies”: Community-Supported Agriculture in Westford, Vermont
  • Fletcher West – Explorable Hampshire


  • Julia Mattes – Tailor & Athena: Building a Better Bra Business
  • Molly McLeod – wrote and designed three distinct but complementary books about typography, centering around ampersand
  • Jose Fuentes – co-wrote and published Rising Technomass: The Political Economy of Social Transformation in Cyberspace


  • Climax Div III Issue 2009
  • Reason is a Choice by Christopher Luna


  • White Zombie
  • Teaching Tibet: Pedagogical Theory and Practice, and the Preservation and Education of Tibetan Religion, Culture, History and Politics, by William Brideau
  • We Are The Imagination of Ourselves The Principle of Lila in Advaita Vedanta Metaphysics: A Playful, Creative, and Storytelling Reality, by Shane Foster
  • 2008 (dspace)


  • Nora Harrington – “Little Black Train”
  • (dspace)


  • (dspace)


  • Collaborative Literary Creation and Control:A Socio-Historic, Technological and Legal Analysis, by Benjamin Mako Hill


  • Building the Perfect Beast: A Construction History of Hampshire College, by Mark Oribello


  • Robert Sieczkiewicz – The indefinite domain of the nonconforming : Czechoslovakia after the Soviet invasion

History of Division III

  • Hampshire had Division III students in 1970, the year of its founding. Learn more about the Hampshire Fellows