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Meeting Information
Place: Office hours in CLA Office, Faciliation Group every other Monday starting 2/10 in the Merrill Living Room
Time: Office hours: 10am - 2pm Facilitation Support Meetings: 6pm - 7:30pm
Contact Information
Email: epec@hampshire.edu
Signer Information
Signer 1: Jessa Orluk (jmo11)
Signer 2: Tom Howe
Signer 3: Ally McCarthy
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Carolyn Koske Strycharz
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 628
Submit a Funding Request
Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual

While the rest of Hampshire's academic structure is still considered quite radical by the rest of the world, the folks at EPEC are still determined to push the envelope. Through small, flexible courses designed by students, staff, faculty, and alumni we aim to foster a supportive, inquisitive, and collaborative community of learners. A single individual that seeks to teach others a specific skill can facilitate EPEC courses, or an individual simply seeking to explore a topic with other individuals can serve as facilitator. Topics range from belly dancing to computer programming to philosophical explorations and navigating Hampshire’s divisional process. They can be a semester long or only one workshop. The possibilities are only limited by the creativity and determination of the individuals involved.

"EPEC serves as a forum for encouraging and incorporating means that everyone believes are important to Hampshire but not always present: interactions between new and veteran students, student projects engaged in examining and improving the Hampshire community, student-initiated group work, non-scholarly professional skill development, student projects reaching into the greater community. 

EPEC has proven that individualized education does not have to be isolating." '-EPEC Coordinator Manual, September 2001

In addition to providing a platform for community-designed classes, EPEC also provides support for all student facilitators on campus: TA's, Signers, EPEC facilitators, etc. To aid student facilitators, we will be offering bi-weekly EPEC meetings where facilitators can come together and learn strategies, tips, and tricks for sticky facilitating situations. Facilitators can also skim through the online resources provided in the 'Resource' section of this page.

Contact Information

Email: epec@hampshire.edu


EPEC Announcements


NEW AT EPEC: FACILITATION SUPPORT GROUP! A biweekly meeting for all student facilitators on campus. Come to share stories, tips, and tricks (and snacks!). Every other Monday starting February 10, 6pm -7:30 pm in the Merrill Living Room.

SIGN UP FOR CLASSES THIS SPRING! See the step-by-step guide for facilitating an EPEC course!

Want to take and EPEC this Spring? See the EPEC LISTINGS below and click on 'SPRING 2014'!

Love community education? Love helping people think through their ideas and help brainstorm solutions to facilitation problems? APPLY TO BE THE EPEC COORDINATOR IN F14! Interested applicants should send an email with a resume and cover letter to epec@hampshire.edu by APRIL 4th 2014!

Want to facilitate an EPEC? READ THIS!

A step-by-step guide for applying to EPEC:

1.) Think of a topic you're interested in. You don't have to be an expert. You don't even have to know anything about it. (Have you always wanted to learn about gardening by just haven't found the time? What about mediation?) Or you might have a certain skill that everyone keeps on bugging you about. ('Hey! So, I hear you're really good with computers...do you think you could fix this for me?' or 'Wait, you know how to bellydance/snowboard/skateboard/photograph things! That's so cool! Can you teach me?') Just think of something. Dream big. Then make sure that your ideas fall in line with the EPEC risk guidelines: hampedia.org/wiki/EPEC_Risk_Guidelines Also think about any possible funding you might need. (It will come from the Student Activities Fund, so make sure you follow all COCA guidelines.)

2.) Come to this page. Congrats on reaching this step!

3.) Fill out this application (begin by entering a title for your EPEC: 


4.)Until the EPEC coordinator approves your class, it will be listed as 'Pending'. Usually it will be approved within 1-2 days. If it takes longer than that (it usually will over Jan Term and Summer Break), feel free to e-mail the coordinator at epec@hampshire.edu. We get sidetracked sometimes. If there are any problems with your application (i.e. there are safety concerns that need to be addressed) the coordinator will send you an e-mail identifying the problem, and either telling you what has to be completed in order to have your EPEC approved, or kindly asking you to stop by CLA and chat with us and the Risk Management staff person for a few minutes. 
An Important note on evaluations....
Facilitators, please let the EPEC Coordinator know BY THE END OF ADD/DROP if you would like to receive an evaluation for facilitating your EPEC. The coordinators must schedule at least one visit to your class in order to give you an eval, and they need time to figure all of that out. If you do not notify that EPEC coordinator BY THE END OF ADD/DROP if you would like an eval, they will assume you do not want one. 

5.) Go forth and facilitate! If you can, take pictures, record what you're doing. We might feature you on the EPEC facebook page! Also, keep an eye out for EPEC events (they will be publicized on the Daily Digest, here, and the EPEC Facebook) where you can meet other facilitators, share what your classes have been working on, ask for advice, and eat delicious food. 

Want to take an EPEC? 

A step-by-step guide for taking an EPEC:

1.) Look at the EPEC course listings. (See: EPEC COURSE LISTINGS)

2.) Find one that looks interesting and fits in your schedule. 

3.) Email the facilitator and ask to join the class. 

4.) Go to class. Learn stuff.

5.) If you want CEL credit for the class, please let your facilitator know and they will contact the EPEC coordinator, who will arrange CEL credit. 

EPEC Listings

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