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Welcome to Edu.Kink!
Meeting Information
Place: Faculty Lounge in FPH
Time: Mondays at 7:00pm
Contact Information
Signer Information
Signer 1: Hannah Rae Bracey
Signer 2: Jessica Goldsmith
Signer 3: Shannon Gadoury
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Emily Rimmer
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 602
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Student Group Signer Manual

Edu.Kink runs weekly workshops and discussions on issues surrounding sex, sexuality, and kink.


Mission Statement

Edu.Kink strives to educate the Hampshire community on ways to engage with kink and nonnormative sexualities in a healthy way. Our primary goals are to reduce the shame and stigma that often surrounds kink and to to provide members of the Hampshire and 5-College community with the knowledge and resources to safely explore aspects of their sexuality and/or personal identity. Edu.Kink organizes weekly workshops and discussions surrounding kink and BDSM through a trans*, queer, polyamory & asexuality inclusive lens. Workshops focus on safety, consent, self-acceptance, and communication within topics such as rope bondage, erotic hypnosis, polyamory, etc. To ensure that Edu.Kink creates a safe and positive space for everyone, students are asked to respect the following norms:

-Edu.Kink Norms-

1. Edu.Kink is a confidential space; please talk about what you learned, but not who you learned it with.

2. Edu.Kink strives to provide a safe space for folks of all genders and identities; please be respectful through your words and actions and provide trigger warnings for sensitive subjects. We also request that all attendees ask for consent before initiating physical contact.

3. Edu.Kink is a learning space not a hookup space; please do not use this as prowl grounds… just don't.

Fall 2013 Posters

Fall 2013

September 16th - "Ask Me Anything" with Zebra & Professor X

September 23rd - Sensory Play Workshop

September 30th - Ropes & Bondage Workshop

October 7th - The Scene & FetLife Workshop

October 21st - D/s Relationships, Protocol, and Roleplay with DOMinoes pizza and SUBway for subs.

October 28th - Hypnosis Workshop

November 4th - Sadomasochism Workshop

November 11th - Rope 2.0

December 2nd - Polyamory

Past Semesters

Spring 2013

January 28th - Planning Meeting For Trip to Fetish Fair Flearmarket #40

February 4th - Planning Meeting for Spring Semester Workshop List

February 11th - Sensory Play Workshop

February 15th-17th - Trip to Fetish Fair Fleamarket #40 in Providence, RI

February 18th - Talkback About Trip to FFF#40

February 25th - Impact Play Workshop

March 4th - Confidential Coming Out Space & Discussion on Being Open About Kink.

March 11 - Erotic Hypnosis Workshop

March 18th - Spring Break Pornshare

March 25th - Collaborative Aftercare Workshop

April 1st - How To Ask For What You Want & Introduce Kink To An Existing Relationship

April 8th - Pamphlet Planning & Awareness Discussion

April 15th - Staging Power Dynamics Workshop

April 22nd - Bondage Extravaganza

April 29th - Rope Bondage Extravaganza

Fall 2012

September 24th - Tickle Toy Crafting Workshop & Planning for The Semester

October 1st - Erotic Hypnosis Workshop

October 9th - Presentation on Feminism & Kink by Madison Young

October 15th - Talkback about Madison Young Presentation

October 22nd - Consent Workshop in Preparation of Hampshire Halloween

November 6th - Polyamory Workshop & Dialogue

November 12th - Ropes Workshop

November 19th - Safe Study Space

December 3rd - Safe Finals Crunching Space


6 Boxes of Chocolate Covered Pretzels. IT ALL GOT EATEN
13 ropes
A collection of giant paper charts from Midori's Kink Archetypes workshop from Fetflea #40


Fun educational pamphlets and tons of links to resources coming soon!


Q: Why do you like that? Freud? Jung? DSM-V? Childhood?
A: Armchair Psychoanalysis is an extremely common kind of kink-shaming and it makes a lot of people feel really crappy about themselves. You can ask what people are into but please don't ask why.
Q: What is kink-shaming?
A: It's when you yuck somebody else's yum. Some people juggle geese and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with you. When you make someone feel bad about themselves for what they like, that's kink shaming. You never know what someone could be into so it's good in general not to kink-shame regardless of who is present.

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