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Ellen Donkin

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Office: Writing Center IA GR
Office Hours: By appt.
Academic Information
Position: Dean of Interdisciplinary Arts, Professor of Theatre

School: IA
Graduate Alma mater: University of Washington



Ellen Donkin, dean of Interdisciplinary Arts and professor of theatre, has taught in the drama department of Franklin Marshall College and at the University of Washington. Her special areas of interest are playwriting and gender issues in theatre history and theatre practice. She is the co-editor of Upstaging Big Daddy: Directing Theatre as if Race and Gender Matter (1993), and the author of Getting Into the Act: Women Playwrights in London, 1776-1829 (1995). She co-edited Women and Playwriting in Nineteenth Century Britain (1999). She currently chairs the Barnard Hewitt Award for Excellence in Theatre Research for the American Society of Theatre Research.


Ellen holds a B.A. in drama from Middlebury College, an M.A. in English from the Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College, and a Ph.D. in theatre history from the University of Washington.


Fall 2010

    IA-0131-1 Playwriting

Spring 2010

    IA-0131-1 Playwriting

Fall 2009

    IA/LM-0304-1 Mentored Independent Study

        (Co-taught with Prof. Colin Twitchell)

        View course description here: Mentored Independent Study

Spring 2009

    IA-0206-1 Writing A Child's Voice for Theatre: Plays for Early Childhood

Fall 2007

    IA-0131-1 Playwriting

        View course description here: Playwriting

    IA/SS-0246-1 Little Course of Horrors: The Psychology of Terror and Humor in Theatre

        (Co-taught with Prof. Lourdes Mattei)

        View course description here: Little Course of Horrors: The Psychology of Terror and Humor in Theatre

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