Environment and Social Justice

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Meeting Information
Location: FPH 103
Days: Monday, Wednesday
Time: 2:00-3:50
Email: sdarlington@hampshire.edu
Extension: 5600
Office: FPH G-9
Office Hours:
Home Page:
Technical Information
Course Level: 200
Course Number: 285
Course Capacity: 25
Course Website:

Environment and Social Justice is a Social Science class taught by Susan Darlington.

Course Description

This course critically examines the relationship between concepts and use of environment and social justice in numerous settings. Approaching landscapes as cultural artifacts grounded in people's beliefs, histories and interactions with the land, conflicts and inequities arise as people lay claim to the environment for particular uses. Debates surround definitions and implementations of development and sustainability, whether "community-based resource management" is the most effective method for promoting both social justice and environmentalism, and relationships between scientific and traditional ecological knowledge. Students will write a series of analytical essays on the different topics explored, and a longer research paper on a particular question or case. Instructor permission required.

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