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The First Gateway to Your Hampshire Journey

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Welcome! This thing here, called Hampedia, is a student-created and student-managed digital space where members of the Hampshire community can come together to document ourselves, the things we do, and the place we attend.You can find information on a wide variety of topics in Hampedia, and we hope you add you own information and perspectives too.

Hampshire is a wild ride; Hampedia's here to help you through, and to help you help others through. Enjoy!

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Dive Into Hampedia
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Learn what Hampshire is about. Read the Guerilla Guide To Hampshire College, helpfully created by Re-Rad!

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Create Your Hampedia Profile
An important part of Hampedia are its student profiles, created by the very same! We encourage you to fill out your own, and in so doing help document Hampshire and its many wonderful people.

To get started, you might take a look at the Simple Hampedia Tutorial for Students.

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Student Groups Core
all about Student Groups
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Neighborhoods Core
houses and dorms
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Office Hours Sign-Up Core
don't waste paper, save time
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First Year Students Core
your new home!
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Trustees Governance Core
reshaping hampshire
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Pre-Lottery SuperMarket
housing made easy
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FundCom Funding Portal
funding for groups
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Technology Portal
software you love
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HampBook Exchange
buy, sell, and trade
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pages yet to be created
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pages that need links to other pages
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