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Mission Statement

Friends of Fermentation is for people to learn about and experience fermentation. Many different delicious foods and beverages are the product of fermentation in one form or another. The aim of Friends of Fermentation is to share our knowledge with others and to empower people to ferment on their own. Stuff we’ve made before includes sauerkraut, sourdough, yogurt, soda, pickles and a lot more. We aim to create a product in which all interested students have an opportunity to be part of. We want to teach fermentation techniques because we believe they aid in food security and diversity. We plan to program events involving the community which would include… Weekly meetings with participants to discuss fermentation options(Cheese, Vegetable Fermentation, Ethanol Fermentation for example Mead, beer, various wines, Yeast Scrubbing and Recycling, etc.) Our goal is to present the Bible of Fermentation (a book we have created which explains fermentation to anybody interested in a manner that is easy to understand and replicate). At this weekly meeting we will be showcasing last weeks product, or in the case of shorter fermentations we will discuss the process and how people can get involved. If there is no product available for consumption we will discuss what we should make next, and decide a day to set aside in order to create this product.

In the News

Friends of Fermentation was featured in the New York Times, with photos taken by Hampshire student Prateek Rajbhandari:


We have 4 large carboys, several plastic tubes, 4 plastic spatulas, 3 thermometers, and some unidentified objects.