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Meeting Information
Place: Lemelson Hot Shop
Time: Thursdays 6-8 PM
Contact Information
Signer Information
Signer 1: Schuyler Goldmanscher
Signer 2: Michael Rachman
Signer 3: Jeffery Porter
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Glenn Armitage
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 722
Submit a Funding Request
Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual

Mission Statement

We are a group of students interested in the art and craft of glassblowing. We do the best we can to share this interest by training students to do lampworking, a method of blowing glass. We maintain, improve and put to full use the limited glassblowing facilities in the Lemelson Center. By leading small workshops and occasional guest demonstrations, we spread the knowledge and excitement of working with glass to all interested parties.



Bethleham Barracuda

Carlisle CC

National Minor Burner

Nortel Minor Burner x 3


We have a rolling cart full of graphite and stainless steel tools used for manipulating hot glass.  We also stock specialized eye protection including clip-ons for those who already wear glasses.

Steel Tools

Tweezers  4


Leaf Mashers


Diamon Shears


Tungsten Pick  3

Graphite Tools

Large Marble Mold

Large plate

Smalle plate  2

Small paddle 2

Reamers 5

Beadmaking Tools


Bead Release

Bead Cleaning Tools


We have a large drawer of color scraps, a few boxes of assorted clear rods and tubes of various sizes, and a small organizational rack of full color rods.


We have a Jen Ken, top-loading bead annealer.

Gas Supply

We have a small propane tank, which are leased from Ivey Industries (welding suppliers).  Lemelson has an arrangement with Ivey so we only pay a one-time fee to rent the tanks.  Every two weeks or so, Ivey comes to the shop and replaces the empty tanks with full ones. 

We have a regulator for the propane tank, and one regulator for the oxygen tanks.  When one empties, we just switch the regulator over to the fresh tank.

We now have a large tank that holds liquid oxygen.  This originally came from lab fees which were collected for a Jan Term EPEC Class in 2010. The benefit of a liquid tank compared to a compressed gas tank is that is empties less frequently.  It costs more to fill the liquid tank, but it outlasts a gas tank by nearly two months.

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