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Greenwich Forest Garden

Weekdays: Always
Weekends: Always
Phone Number:
Building Information
Year of Construction: 2007
Floor Count: 0
Architect: Edgar Phillips-Jones



Ned Phillips-Jones studied aquaculture at Hampshire College later focusing on permaculture design. As part of his Division III thesis project Ned founded Greenwich Forest Garden, a biodiverse perennial landscape of nutritious and useful species surrounding a building in the Greenwich residential area of campus. Since graduating he founded Delicious Habitat LLC and works to facilitate permaculture and ethnoecology awareness.

Info Campaign

As part of the fall 2011 class “Design for the Greater Good” we organized an information campaign for the Hampshire Forest Garden. The goal of this project was to increase awareness promote usage of the Greenwich Forest Garden and make it available as an educational resource. We think the Forest Garden is an under appreciated and underutilized resource. We have created pamphlets, redesigned the Forest Garden’s internet presence, and built a structure for the future creation of maps. We have indexed the plants so that they are easily searchable and linked to additional resources. We hope that this will make the Forest Garden more easily available to the public.


Food Forest Stewardship 

This position is responsible for the care, infrastructure development, and ongoing management/development of Greenwich Forest Garden, a human habitat Division III project started in 2007 containing over 40 types of fruit crops as well as root crops, nuts, greens, herbs and shoots for the use of the Hampshire and surrounding community. The theory that informed the design of the garden is based in woodland ecology and ecosystem-derived principles, commonly represented by the term permaculture. Permaculture also describes a global network of practitioners and designers working for a graceful and ethical descent from societal dependence on fossil fuels. The ethical framework of the permaculture movement assigns priority to meeting the needs of people and the earth in an equitable way. This position serves as a fitting complement for students who have completed a Permaculture Design Certification Course or are interested in doing so in the future.

go to campusengagedlearning.hampshire.edu/ and search for Food Forest Stewardship


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