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Meeting Information
Place: FPH 107
Time: Thursdays 7:00-8:00
Contact Information
Signer Information
Signer 1: Nick Lee
Signer 2: Kwasi Brooks
Signer 3: Gabby Garcia
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Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 618
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Mission Statement

Debates abound in today’s political discourse regarding the Second Amendment Right to bear arms. Guns have taken on a political and psychological character that exists as a veil over the practical reality of firearms. To some, guns are a symbol of an individual’s rights; to others, they are a symbol of the maligned felon, and of our civilization’s wars. We stand in defiance of the absolutism of these symbols. We recognize that because these symbols exist in the popular consciousness, an informed education and experience of firearms becomes all the more important. It is vital to understand the operation of these symbols within gun rights discourse, and we seek to provide an environment for the Hampshire community to form their own views rather than borrow recitations of a political bullet point.

This group serves to inform and educate the Hampshire Community on the use of firearms and to demystify national gun culture. This will be accomplished by trips to the Smith and Wesson Sports Center in Springfield, MA (and other gun clubs) as often as funding allows. We will also hold weekly meetings to discuss contemporary gun news, review gun history within the United States and globally, and hold structured debates on the place of firearms in the modern world. These will all serve to ultimately deconstruct the members’ perceptions of gun culture and use while constructing the reality of the political and social discourses within which guns exert power influence.

Trips to the Shooting Range

Trips will occur periodically throughout the semester. For further details, attend our meetings please contact , Nick Lee.

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