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Meeting Information
Place: HCEMS Office, basement of Merrill A
Contact Information
Email: HampshireCollegeEMS@gmail.com
Signer Information
Signer 1: Sophia Robohn (B pack training coordinator) srr12@hampshire.edu
Signer 2: Rahim Hirani (B-Pack) rh14@hampshire.edu
Signer 3: Sophia Shaw (B-Pack) srs13@hampshire.edu
Advisor Information
Advisor name:
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 622
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Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual

EMTs are now available 24/7!
Call us for: Alcohol poisoning, head injury, cuts, vomiting, mental health crisis, etc. Anything you feel like you might need medical assistance with! If you're unsure, give us a call, we're happy to come and check you out.

HCEMS provides emergency medical coverage to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors on Hampshire College campus.

Interested in applying for a position on the squad? Click the link below to apply! Applications are due no later than February 7th. Interviews will be held starting February 1st. http://goo.gl/forms/u2EX3xWG3b

Climax article on HCEMS: http://hampshireclimax.com/2014/12/13/emt-funding-act-passed-by-hsu/

HCEMS 2016.jpg


HCEMS in a Nutshell

  • HCEMS provides 24/7 coverage of Hampshire College during the school year with two Hampshire student EMTs on call at all times. HCEMS members are certifed as EMTs in the state of Masachusetts.
  • HCEMS provides no-charge medical treatment to students, faculty, and staff.
  • HCEMS has an average response time of approximately 2 minutes to calls located anywhere on campus.
  • HCEMS does not provide off-campus transport, but all patients may request ambulance transport to the hospital.
  • HCEMS runs with Hampshire College Campus Police in order to ensure the safety of EMTs, patients, bystanders, and responding ambulance staff.

HCEMS Operations

 HCEMS is currently functioning with a provisional budget to cover EMT's work study financial aid agreements.  EMTs who are on payroll receive pay for their first 12 hours of work each week.

          Being an EMT is a large commitment. Members spend between 800 and 1500 dollars to obtain their Certifications with time commitments of close to 200 hrs of class work and examination. To maintain certification EMTs participate in 28 hours of Continuing education every 2 years. In order to become a paid member of HCEMS EMTs volunteer around 300 hours of uniformed duty during their first semester on the team.

           In addition to these basic time commitments EMTs take on a variety of responsibilities. There is work to be done arranging additional funding to cover materials (eg bandages); Finding, maintaining and repairing the bicycles that the use to respond; interfacing with the state government, University of Massachusetts Health Services, our Medical Director, Hampshire political groups and other student groups and offices on campus; as well as planning and teaching continuing education courses.

       As a paid member you can expect to be paid for approximately one third to one fourth of your time commitment. Many EMTs work secondary positions off campus to finance their participation with the program and to pay for living expenses. While not the highest paying position, being an EMT has many rewarding aspects that keeps us dedicated to our jobs.

Training Schedule

HCEMS is a training service and is committed to providing its members with multiple continuing education opportunities.

For more information about training contact HCEMS's directors at HampshireCollegeEMS@gmail.com

Some trainings may be open to community members or non-HCEMS affiliated EMTs, including five-college student EMTs.

Community Outreach

HCEMS is currently working on a community outreach and development program. This program takes form in a number of ways, mainly involving increased community interactions. We are also working on presenting surveys to the community at large and soliciting quality of care feedback. The primary goal of this program is to make HCEMS more accessible and approachable, and to improve quality of care. Anyone with feedback or quality improvement suggestions is encouraged to e-mail HampshireCollegeEMS@gmail.com


HCEMS has four levels within the program (all members are Massachusetts Certified EMTs belonging to one of these three levels), then a number of officer positions. The three important positions regarding patient care are A-Packs, B-Packs, and Shadows. A-packs or B-Packs can also hold officer roles, which include duties ranging from webmaster to office management.

  • New members to HCEMS begin as "Shadows" - probationary members who respond to calls with HCEMS but are typically just observing. They may be allowed to perform simple tasks.  After completing 3 calls, a shadow is promoted to a B-Pack.
  • B-Packs typically assist with calls, taking vitals and performing basic interventions under the direction of an A-Pack. Most EMTs will be B-Packs for a couple of semesters, at which point they are considered for promotion to Super-B's.
  • Super-B's are B-packs considered for promotion to A-Pack. Super B's work in tandem, with an A-Pack supervisor who observes all calls.
  • A-Packs are the most experienced EMTs in HCEMS. They are in charge of all calls, and are the only members of HCEMS who can be on call by themselves.
  • All medical calls for which EMTs are dispatched are responded to by at least one Campus Police officer in the interest of the safety of students, community members, and EMTs alike.


HCEMS recruits new members at the beginning of each semester. Members volunteer for their first semester without pay and act as "shadows" who ride along with two EMTs for three calls and then are promoted to B-Packs. Applicants for HCEMS should be certified EMTs or waiting to take the national practical or written examination for their certification.

New hires will be expected to be fully certified and state licensed by the end of their first semester, or they will be let go. They may reapply when they finish their certification completely.

Current Roster

Fall 2015

NicoleEMT.jpg MarykateEMT.jpeg
Nicole Hohenstein MaryKate Duska
Current Rank: A-pack

Current Year: 4th

Current Rank: A-pack

Current Year: 3rd

Senior Alumni Advisor

Raffi Sherak
Current Year: Alum

Current Rank: Super-A+

B-Pack Training Coordinator

Sophia Robohn

Current Rank: Super-B

Current Year: 4th


CoralEMT.jpeg ThomasEMT.jpeg
Coral Breuning Thomas Varley
Current Year: 4th Current Year: 4th

Aaron Lindeke-Myers
Current Year: 4th

BenEMT.jpeg AndreaEMT.jpeg
Ben Liebman Andrea Wong
Current Year: 4th Current Year: 3rd


Mike Rachman
Current Year: 3rd

AliceEMT.jpeg OrionEMT.jpeg
Alice Morgunova Orion Poole
Current Year: 4th Current Year: 3rd

EMT Dylan.jpeg EMT Julia.jpeg
Dylan Welch Julia Rauch
Current Year: 3rd Current Year: 3rd

EMT Marta.jpeg EMT Rahim.jpeg
Marta Anex-Schnauss Rahim Hirani
Current Year: 2nd Current Year: 2nd

EMT Sara.jpeg EMT Serena.jpeg
Sara Brown Serena Valentino
Current Year: 3rd Current Year: 3rd

EMT Sophia.jpeg EMT Zach.jpeg
Sophia Shaw Zach Phillips
Current Year: 3rd Current Year: 2nd

EMT Ryan.jpeg
Ryan Ellerby
Current Year: 3rd

Patient Confidentiality

HCEMS takes patient information, such as name, date of birth, and address on campus from patients. After calls, HCEMS fills out paperwork in triplicate. One copy goes to Public Safety, the second copy of paperwork goes to Hampshire College Health Services.The final copy is retained by HCEMS, although all patient personal information is omitted - only the general location (Merril, Dakin, EDH, RCC, Tennis Courts, etc.), nature of the call, and date are kept. This allows calls to be reviewed for quality control purposes without releasing patient information. HCEMS recognizes that Hampshire College is a small campus and has a tight knit community, and will not discuss patients' personal information. EMTs that do not respond have no access to names or other information that would allow these members to identify patients they have not personally treated. EMTs are not allowed to discuss calls with patients that they've treated unless approached by the patient about the incident first.


Funding for HCEMS comes through a variety of sources. As a student organization, HCEMS receives money from Hampshire College. Additionally, the 5-year sustainable EMT Funding Act will be enacted in Fall 2015. Hampshire students will be paying around a $30 semesterly fee for five years. This semesterly fee will help pay for HCEMS to run and will also help build up a reserve fund for HCEMS. At the end of 5 years, the reserve fund, which is partly based off of the semesterly fee and partly made up of alumni donations, will be a large enough fund where HCEMS can run off of the interest from that fund. We hope that this sustainable plan will guarantee that HCEMS never has to ask the student body for money again.

Our Indiegogo Campaign!


3 Bicycles

3 Trauma Packs, each containing the following:

  • 1 CPR Mask
  • 1 Disposable Suction Unit
  • 4 Triangle Bandages
  • 1 SAM Splint
  • 2 SAM finger splint
  • 1 Patient Information Pad

4 First Responder packs

100 irrigation syringes

2 Patient information notepads

3 Tubes Oral Glucose

4 Pairs Trauma Shears

18 Disposable penlights

5 Bundles Biohazard Storage Bags

1 Box Knuckle Bandages

1 Box Fingertip Bandages

2 Tweezers

1 Backboard

5 Child CPR mannequins

2 Adult CPR mannequins

1 Set Disposable Oralpharyngeal Airways

1 Disposable Suction Unit

1 Pocket CPR Mask

2 Box Alcohol wipes

6 Box Benzalkonium Chloride wipes

1 SAM splint

2 Box 4x4in 12 Ply Gauze Pads (sterile)

5 Box 3x3in 12 Ply Gauze Pads (sterile)
7 Box 2x2in 12 Ply Gauze Pads (sterile)

1 Box Large Eye pads

2 Box "Ouchless" pads

2 Box 1/2 inch Medical Tape

2 Box 1 inch Medical Tape

1 Box 2 inch Medical Tape

1 Box CombiDressing

4 Bloodstopper Bandages

1 Box 3 inch x 4 Yard Sterile Gauze Roll

1 Box 4 inch x 4 Yard Sterile Gauze Roll

1 Box 6 inch x 4 Yard Sterile Gauze Roll

6 MultiTrauma Dressing
3 Box Instant Cold Compress

1 Box Instant Hot Compress

3 Box Small Gloves

5 Box Medium Gloves

1 Box Large Gloves

3 Box Extra Large Gloves


File:HCEMS Protocols 2015.pdf

File:MA OEMS Protocols.PDF
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