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This page contains notes from Hampedia Revitalization Project meetings.

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Airport Lounge, 2:30 PM


TX's notes from meeting
  • Minutes taken by Samuel Edwards
  • Discussed Hampedia history - advisory and management board previously in control of Hampedia; we think it could be less complicated
  • TX suggests Hampedia can act as vector for info not filtered by the administration; gives space for radical student positions without college endorsement so that college federal funding won't be threatened
  • Next steps: form board, give tutorials to general Hampshire population
  • Stuff we've tried: Approaching CLA to register Hampshire Bureau of Information as official student group (they turned us down)
  • Hampedia seen as just courseware; info side of Hampedia seen by faculty/staff as failed project and courseware as outdated project - we want to challenge that
  • Courseware aspect is not what we're interested in reviving, but rather using Hampedia as information center
  • Upcoming meeting with IT to potentially move Hampedia to school servers
  • Establish regular open meetings for Hampedia
  • Two meetings next, one on the Thursday after Advising Day and one on Saturday a week from today (Sat aimed at students in APL, Thurs aimed at faculty/staff in Kern) - future frequency of meetings TBD
  • Send separate daily digest ads for both faculty and students
  • Ideas for spreading the word: tabling at Saga or in library lobby, Facebook events
  • Yik Yak suggested but then turned down as it is a fualty way of advertising (implication of trolling/lack of planning)
  • Postering seems too much labor for little reward, but Aidan, Alice suggests some postering may be done if we're making flyers anyway but it shouldn't be our main focus
  • Tabling in library Thursday
  • Faculty meeting should talk about shift away from Hampedia as courseware and why
  • Last slide: what can you tell us about Hampedia?
  • Made list of specific faculty/staff to invite (Roxy Matuszek, Jim Wald, Steve Dillon, Bob Meagher, Josiah Eriksen, Ira Fay, Tim Zimmerman, CASA deans) and delegated who would contact them
  • Thursday after advising day decided for meeting aimed at faculty/staff
  • TX suggests we ask for Kern food funding from Roxy
  • TX makes poster (color), Aidan, Alice prints
  • TX will compose daily digest messages (Sam sends them out)
  • Sam will create Facebook events
  • Reserve spaces for Kern and APL; reserve table on Ad Astra
  • Advertise meetings on Hampedia; update Hampedia Revitalization Project page (Aidan, Alice and Sam will do this together)
  • Sam looks into Saga tabling; Aidan, Alice library and Kern
  • Meeting adjourned at 3:40 PM


  • Samuel Edwards
  • T.X. Watson
  • Aidan, Alice West
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