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The most refined way to hit your friends with a stick.
Meeting Information
Place: RCC Gym
Time: M 6-8, Th 6-8, Sat 3-5
Contact Information
Email: cmm12@hampshire.edu
Signer Information
Signer 1: Sonam Friedensohn
Signer 2: Joshua Singer
Signer 3: Matthew Fullmer
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Robert Garmirian
Signer Resources
Group Account Number:
Submit a Funding Request
Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual


Mission Statement

For years the Hampshire College Fencing club has given students the opportunity to learn, teach and compete in fencing. The club's main goal is to allow students to explore fencing in any direction they desire. Students can use the club to stay in shape, meet five college students or compete in local tournaments. Every year the club also hosts a number of scrimmages and events, where fencers from other schools and clubs come to Hampshire to practice and compete against our fencers. Our advisor is Samuel Kanner who teaches martial arts at Hampshire.

Search for "Hampshire College Fencing Club" on Facebook and join us for regular updates!

Safety Steps

Being a physical sport there are a lot of opportunities for club members to get hurt. In order to prevent injury the club has several "rules" that ensure safety. For example, a fencing blade cannot be raised about the knee of the person holding the blade if someone without a mask is around them. Fencing gear is also specifically created to ensure that the blades cannot badly harm the fencers.  We also encourage fencers to be aware of their bodies, and not to do anything they think might injure them.

Equipment Purchasing

Only Hampshire College students can get reimbursed by the SAF (student activities fee) Coach cannot be reimbursed - Have CLA purchase all

Equipment Storage

The Fencing team's equipment is kept in two lockers specifically designated for the club. Our coach, Bob in OPRA, and one of the signers keep copies of the key.

Emergency Services

In the event of an emergency the fencing club would contact the EMTs and Public Safety Officers to help coordinate the situation. If either of those options is not available two club members would drive the injured person to the local hospital.


out of date

12 Masks

19 Gloves

18 Jackets

2 Sabre lames

3 Foil lames

3 shoulder guards

7 French grip practice foils (1 left handed, 6 right handed)

2 Pistol grip practice foils (both right handed

1 Practice sabre (right handed)

1 French grip practice epee (left handed)

1 French grip electric epee (right handed)

6 Pistol grip electric epees (right handed)

7 Electric sabres (2 left handed, 5 right handed)

4 Electric foils (2 left handed, 2 right handed)

9 Body cords (foil/sabre)

7 Mask cords

8 Epee body cords

3 Epee tip barrels

1 Epee tip

1 Scoring machine

1 Bag of barrels and nuts

1 Bottle of Acetone

2 Wrenches

1 Roll of fencing tape

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