Hampshire College Slam Collective Unrecognized

Mission Statement

The Hampshire College Slam Collective Statement of Purpose: To establish and foster a healthy community of poets and spoken word artists on campus. We do so by: hosting a weekly open mic, attending and supporting any and all campus poetry workshops, inviting established poets to come showcase their work and/or workshop with Hampshire College students, and checking out campus vehicles to ferry anyone willing to and from local poetry events. In addition, we send annual teams of poets to CUPSI (College National Poetry Slam) and NPS (adult National Poetry Slam), as well as a representative to IWPS (Individual World Poetry Slam). This gives Hampshire College students an opportunity to see and hear a wide variety of talented voices, as well as make their own voice heard in a national forum for spoken word.


Archive of chapbooks, housed on the second floor of the library. Bookcase was purchased in Spring 09. Chapbooks are donated. A full list of the chapbooks we have can be found here: http://www.hampshireslam.com/2009/10/archive-holdings.html