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The Hampshire Fund (or the Annual Fund) is part of Institutional Advancement. It is similar to a checking account in that it is used to pay for every day expenses or operating budget at the college. The expenses that keep our electricity on (if you’re off-the-grid, congrats!), academic programs, and financial aid.

The Hampshire College endowment is akin to a savings account which we don’t spend and don’t use it for every day expenses. We draw upon 5% of it every year to help defray the operating budget, but it otherwise remains untouched, adding to it whenever we can.

So now you know why the Hampshire Fund is so critical in order to operate the college and why we ask for your support year after year.


Did You Know

  • Tuition covers 48% of the actual cost to attend Hampshire College
  • Each student recieves a "hidden scholarship" from the Hampshire Fund regardless of their ability to pay.
  • The Hampshire Fund supports all areas of the college, including financial aid, faculty salaries, and facilities maintenance.
  • Participation, even $5, is important to Hampshire because foundations consider alumni participation when funding grants.
  • Giving back to Hampshire is a way of saying, "Thank you!" for your education.

Hampshire Fund Highlights for the 2010 Fiscal Year


  • Achieved $1.5 million goal ($1,501,948), 5.9% increase over FY09 - college record
  • 1.6 times more increased gifts than decreased gifts
  • Fall and Spring Phonathons exceeded goal raising $106,258 – highest in recent memory
  • Eight challenge gifts all fully earned by student, alum, parent, and grandparent donors


  • Total donors 2,891 - college record
  • Grad alum donors 1,802 - college record
  • Parent donors 655 - college record
  • 22.6% alum participation up from 18.4%, highest since 2005
  • Class of 1970 participation 63% - record highest class participation
  • Board of Trustees and President’s Cabinet 100% participation
  • Graduates Gift Program year 5, 126 donors/40% participation - college record;
    earned $100,000 anonymous challenge from alum donor


Bridget Leung-Ingram 94F -Associate Director of Development for Annual Giving

Sarah Danson 06F -Annual Giving Program Coordinator

Deborah Nelson- Annual Giving Assistant

Tracie Butler-Kurth - Senior Annual Giving Officer

How to Give

  1. Go to http://giving.hampshire.edu
  2. Call 1-800-619-4267
  3. Send a check written out to Trustees of Hampshire College to 893 West St. Amherst, MA 01002
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