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Hampshire Halloween is a hallowed Hampshire tradition, a huge event occurring every year. It has grown so huge that the entire campus is closed, and Hampshire students are allowed to bring up to three guests. It is funded by the Student Activities Fee & ticket sales. It is planned by the Hype Committee. Prior to Hype Committee (before F'13), planning was done by the Committee on Community Activities, (COCA)

Hampshire Halloween 2014: October 31st, 2014 The Hampshire Halloween line-up is here.

This years long awaited headliner: Mykki Blanco "Mykki Blanco is the all-encompassing metropolitan artiste—multi-faceted, multi-talented (poet, rapper, actor and author are just some of her varying vocations), and multi-gendered (Mykki is the womanly side of 24-year-old Michael David Quattlebaum Jr.), the enthusiastic entertainer is armed with an aggressive and impressive flow, a sharp fashion sense, and a rare blend of confidence and humility." -Interview Magazine

Hampshire is proud to host Mykki for our Halloween blast and we are sure she will put on a wild show. Of all the submissions that we reviewed for potential headliners, Mykki proved to be the most talented, unique, and groovy as well as the one with the most dance-able and catchy music. We are all stoked to see and hear what Mykki brings to the stage on Halloween night.

Please get stoked with us by listening to Mykki's jams here: https://soundcloud.com/mykkiblanco And check out her beauty and other talents on any of these sites:







The rest of our incredible lineup:

5:45 - 6:15: FIG featuring Freddy and the Yetis FIG is the stage- and nick-name of Andrew Figueroa, a Division III student at Hampshire College studying music and Latino identity. For his Division III project, he has composed a cabaret style Hip-Hop theater piece, called The Mixed Race Mixtape, which is showing now at Hampshire College. FIG has played at numerous Hampshire events and continues to excite the student body as we grow and learn together. HYPE is thrilled to have FIG back as a performer and to have them collaborating with another Hampshire-hailing performance: Freddy and The Yetis!

“Hailing from Northampton, MA, Freddy and The Yetis are a fusion band, who draw their compositional style from artists like Zappa and Phish while basking in the jazz and the rock sensibilities of artists ranging from Steely Dan, to Herbie Hancock, to Daft Punk, to The Mahavishnu Orchestra. The group's unique style is reflected in its’ members, who come from the music departments of Berklee School of Music, UMass Amherst, Hampshire College, and Westfield State.” Described as “a jam band with style”, Freddy and The Yetis have been playing clubs and festivals all over New England for the past two years. HYPE is excited to welcome Freddy and The Yetis to Funk-Up Hampshire Halloween 2014.

6:30-7:00: Varcroft/Norse Varcroft is the stage name for Hampshire College student, Isaac Wade. Varcroft has been remixing great dance and house songs for campus parties for his entire Hampshire career! HYPE can’t wait to have Varcroft pump up the crowd at Hampshire Halloween!

Norse is the stage name for Hampshire College student Soren Nielsen. He mixes up classic and current popular music into fun dance tunes!

7:15-8: The Skins “The Skins are an infectious Brooklyn-based rock band consisting of siblings Bay Li, Reef, and Kaya Mckeithan, along with friends and dueling guitarists Daisy Spencer and Russell Chell. Although they range in ages from 15-21, The Skins play like old pro's, offering a soulful interpretation of rock that today's audiences crave.”

“Their self-titled self-released EP, The Skins, received rave reviews creating buzz from countless blogs, radio stations and labels. Their first in-studio music video recorded received over 10,000 views in its first week on youtube and continues its steady rise each day.”

The Skins, having just signed a major record deal with American Recordings, recently released two new singles: “Kiss Me” and “Maybe”, and have just been voted as Deli Magazine’s NYC Band of the Month.

8-8:15 = FIREWORKS

8:15-9:00: TBMA

HYPE is excited to present TBMA at this years’ Hampshire Halloween! “Emerging from Boston’s competitive music scene, seasoned musicians Joey Fisher and Chris Curran bring a unique mix of talents into the studio to forge a signature sound.” TBMA, or The Bolivian Marching Affair, pump up crowds with heart pounding bass, boisterous remixes, and originals such as ‘Showtime’, ‘Vega’, and ‘Obsessed’. ‘TBMA’s unique sound design identifies them from the rest of the pack and their musical output keeps chugging them ahead. For bass music, TBMA is somebody you need to pay attention to because these guys deliver a diverse range of tunes that keep things real.’ -YourEDM

TBMA’s thrilling dubstep and infectious dance music is sure to turn-up the tent at Hampshire Halloween!

9:15-10:00: AFK Hailing from Dallas, Texas, AFK is the bass music brainchild of 25-year-old Jimmy Blythe. AFK is getting his productions played out by the likes of Rusko, Datsik, Downlink, Calvertron, Crizzly, Excision, Run DMT, and many other legendary names throughout the EDM genre.

For the last few years, AFK has been performing dubstep, trap, and drumstep around the world, and HYPE is more than excited to welcome him to Hampshire College!

Check out AFK's music here: https://soundcloud.com/afkdubstep

10:15-11:15: Mykki Blanco (see above)

11:30-12:15: Foie Gras “Force-feeding you music for your own good!” Foie Gras is a music group currently located in Amherst, Massachusetts. Foie Gras consists of DJs, producers, music enthusiasts, and Hampshire College students, Finn Liss and
Nick Kane. The group keeps the campus excited all year long with dance parties to their infectious house mixes, and has performed at many other Hampshire events. HYPE is thrilled to welcome Foie Gras back to join the party at Hampshire Halloween 2014.

12:30-1:15: Smarty McFly Smarty McFly is the stage name for 21-year-old producer, DJ and student at Hampshire College, Keenan Villani-Holand. He started making dance music after his high school punk band broke-up, and his high-energy presence and eclectic sets have made him a party favorite around Hampshire’s campus.


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