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Hey, you, come hang out with us!
Meeting Information
Place: Dakin House LOVING Room
Time: Mondays at 8
Contact Information
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Signer 1: Dominique: dw10@hampshire.edu
Signer 2: Zoe: zgs10@hampshire.edu
Signer 3: Miranda: mjb08@hampshire.edu
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Who we are

We're 3 kids trying to bring back Slow Food on Campus to Hampshire! We'll be in the Dakin House Living Room on Monday nights, so stop by! Hopefully we can bring SF@Hampshire back to its original glory. 

Mission Statement

We, Hampshire Slow Food, will work towards providing a space for dialogue connecting all the aspects of food and food consumption. We seek to promote a food system based on the principles on environmental sustainability, social justice and high quality and excellence in taste.

1) Explore the relationships between local agriculture and the everyday consumer choices of surrounding college campuses

2) Defend biodiversity in the our food supply

3) To eat seasonally and sustainably

4) To connect people to the direct aspects-restaurants, grocers, etc.-and the indirect aspects of food; production, trade, travel, environmental, economic, etc.

5) Advocating the dehomogenization and standardization of food

6) To unite the Five Colleges-University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, Mount Holyoke, Smith and Hampshire Colleges-in promoting good, clean and fair food.


10 oz of Love

5 pounds of Hugs

Some Hampshire popcorn

Things We Do

  • Sit around and eat
  • Cook some things
  • Talk
  • Watch some movies, especially those relating to the movement
  • Find out about things happening, such as current events and trips


Curt Ellis at Hampshire on February 20th! 

Curt Ellis is coming to Hampshire after much pulling by LFI, CLA, GFC, and the Greenhouse Mod! The itinerary is beolw, along with some descriptions of his work, so please check it out!

5:00pm Dinner at the Tavern sponsored by Local Foods Initiative and 
Growing Farmers Collective
This is only open to our Hampshire community and will be a combination 
of local foods purchased, and other dishes prepared by members of the 
student groups with an emphasis on local ingredients.
7:30pm FPH/MLH Curt Ellis will present a talk "Growing Forward: A New 
Vision for Food and Farming" followed by a Q&A
This event will be open to the Five Colleges

Brunch/Lunch with Curt - details still brewing and will be announced soon

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH @ 7:00pm East Lecture Hall
Double feature film screening of King Corn and it's sequel Big River! 
(we will have organic popcorn ;) )

We are also planning a screening of Truck Farm - day and time TBD

TEDxManhattan Curt Ellis FoodCorps 2/12/2011

FOOD CORPS http://foodcorps.org/about  They are AmeriCorps service 
members building and tending school gardens and developing Farm to 
School programs for public schools around the country.

KING CORN is a feature documentary about two friends, one acre of corn, 
and the subsidized crop that drives our fast-food nation. 

BIG RIVER is a follow up to King Corn that looks at the environmental 
impact their acre of corn http://www.bigriverfilm.com/

TRUCK FARM http://truck-farm.com/ A whimsical film about urban 
agriculture...out of the bed of a truck.

Slow Food in Italy

Jason Tor is sponsoring a trip to Italy in May! Check out the link for more info.

Food, Farm, and Sustainability in the Summer!

Hampshire's running a 6-month institute this summer, you should check it out. It seems pretty cool. 

Historic Deerfield

Historic Deerfield is running a talk- series, the next being a Farming and Slow Food talk (February 26th!)

Relevant Websites!

Slow Food International

Slow Food USA

Slow Food on Campus

The old Hampshire Slow Food Blog

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