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Hampshire Student Union (HSU)
[[Image:HSU Logo.png|280px|center|]]
Meeting Information
Location: HSU Office (Back of the APL, former Community Council office)
Days: Thursdays
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Contact Information
Email: coordboard@hampshire.edu
Tel: N/A
Fax: N/A
Officer Information

Member Information
Coordinating Board
Scope Group on Academics
Scope Group of Campus Budget and Policy
Scope Group on Student Community
Scope Group on Student Experience
Scope Group on Student Leadership
Committee of Ten

HSU Bodies

  • Town Meeting
    • This is the central body of the HSU and is the place where major proposals about issues/concerns/changes that affect the Hampshire community are presented for discussion and decision making.
  • Coordinating Board
    • The coordinating board facilitates the administration and support of the bodies of the HSU, and serves as a central hub of information and communication.
    • The members of the group are responsible for keeping students--those within and outside of governing bodies--informed and up to date about HSU's work. The board membership is five at-large members, one representative selected from each scope group, a student representative elected to the Tri-Council, a student representative elected to serve on the Five College Student Coordinating Board, and additional elected student representatives to campus committees.
    • The coordinating board is responsible for the planning, implementation, and facilitation of the town meeting. Questions about the Hampshire Student Union or town meeting specifically should be directed to the coordinating board.
  • FundCom
    • The funding committee is responsible for distribution of the student activities fee (SAF) and the finances of the Hampshire Student Union. It funds student groups on a semesterly basis, and is a student-run organization.
    • The committee has elected officers and at-large members, as well as a full-time staff support person from the Campus Leadership and Activities (CLA) office.
    • All financial paperwork for student groups is run through the funding committee. These documents can be downloaded from the menu on the left.
  • The Accountability Board
    • The Accountability Board is a body for the Hampshire Student Union that exists to:
      • Ensure bodies and members act in accordance with the principles outlined in the Purpose, Values, and Scope document
      • Ensure that bodies and members act in a transparent, ethical, and actively anti-racist manner
      • Continually assess the HSU's practices and collaborate to enact constant improvements
  • Scope Groups
    • Academics
      • Works to bring student thoughts, concerns, and suggestions about the academic program to the relevant academic committees
      • Ensures that information is shared between students and the educational policy committee of the College
      • Works to inform all students about impending academic program changes
    • Campus Budget and Policy
      • Serves in an advisory capacity to the administration of the College, meeting regularly and sharing information and ideas
      • Actively engaged in budget and policy issues that affect all parts of the College
    • Student Community
      • Focused on identifying needs and responding to issues of diversity, representation, inclusion, and anti-bias education
      • Responsible for identifying student needs related to these issues and responding through collaborative programming, training, meetings, and specific action
      • Recieves guidance and input from community advocacy, the community advocacy union, and the office of diversity and multicultural education as they work to organize workshops and trainings on relevant anti-opression issues for all students
      • Supports and creates spaces for dialogue, including ongoing discussion and response, when significant incidents of concern occur on campus
    • Student Experience
      • Responsible for articulating goals, identifying issues, and collaborating with the division of student life and the office of finance and administration to find solutions to address:
        • The residence life experience and work towards housing procedures that are efficient and effective while providing opportunities for student engagement in the houses
        • All dining services and ensuring that dining solutions best meet students' needs
        • Health and safety on campus, including work with campus police, Hampshire College emergency medical services, Wellness Center, health and counseling services, facilities and grounds, and environmental health and safety
        • Student spaces and physical infrastructure related to the improvement or maintenance of the grounds and communal spaces
        • Student technological needsand the initiation of projects related to those needs
    • Student Leadership
      • Supports a wide array of student engagement at Hampshire by doing the following:
        • Arranging and supporting student involvement with campus leadership and activities during the student group reconition process
        • Taking active involvement in elections for student positions on the board of trustees and the board of trustees' committees, and working collaboratively with the secretary of the College in doing so ****Managing the election/appointment process for student representatives to College committees (outside of academic schools) and ad hoc task forces, in collaboration and in accordance with a given committee and its needs
        • Working to achieve a high level of accountability of elected and appointed representatives by setting standards in coordination with the Committee of Ten
        • Articulating a vision for student group success at Hampshire College, and, in collaboration with campus leadership and activities, contributing to the support of groups to achieve that success
  • The Union is a non-hierarchal participatory democracy, with all of the major decision making power invested in all-student Town Meetings.
  • Between meetings, smaller tasks are delegated to Scope Groups to work on, as well as the job of preparing proposals so they're ready for Town Meeting.
  • FundCom funds via the Student Activities Fee (SAF) according to the most recent SAF Guidelines.
  • Coordinating Board circulates information and organizes Town Meetings, as well as selecting agenda topics to advertise in advance in addition to the standard Open Forum.
  • Every single student is a member of The Union. The Union encompasses all Hampshire students.

Town Meeting Minutes

Town Meeting 10/17/13 file:Townmeetingminutes101713.pdf
Town Meeting 11/19/13 File:Townmeetingminutes111913.pdf

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