Immigrant Solidarity Network

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Immigrant Solidarity Network
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Signer 1: Rodrigo Padilla (rip11)
Signer 2: Mikaela Gonzalez (mmg13)
Signer 3: Gustavo Mad (gem12)
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Group Account Number: 721
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Mission Statement

As the Immigrant Solidarity Network we acknowledge that the root cause of discrimination against undocumented immigrants in the United States derives from a politics of racism, classism and xenophobia. These politics manifest themselves most clearly in the systematic separation of families by the department of homeland security, the rape and abuse suffered by detainees under the custody of private detention facilities and overall human rights violations including unequal access to basic services, vulnerability in the workplace and general interpersonal acts of discrimination in every day life. The policies that have come together to marginalize this community themselves derive from a xenophobic understanding of the world, a fundamental lack of information, and an ideological battle between the ruling classes of this country who benefit from the state of illegality that makes it possible to systematically exploit members of the undocumented community. The ISN has two main goals. Firstly, providing immediate relief to the undocumented community in the valley, and secondly, raising awareness to the plight of the undocumented population in the U.S. within the Hampshire College campus. As a collective we will strive to accomplish our first goal by holding phone-banking, petition signing, food drives and letter drives as well as working with community organizations. To accomplish our second goal of raising awareness within the Hampshire communities we will hold film screenings, table and hold regular meetings in order build up the group?s presence on campus and the foundation for a successful final event: hosting a national undocumented activist. Hampshire College Immigrant Solidarity Network is committed to and will help expand and integrate the different Hampshire communities into this discourse in order to advance consciousness around one of the most important issues of human rights in this country.

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