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James Baldwin Scholars
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James Baldwin
Meeting Information
Place: Cultural Center
Contact Information
Email: Cf14@hampshire.edu
Signer Information
Signer 1: Carmen Figueroa
Signer 2: Nisaa Jackson
Signer 3: Elijah Melendez
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Maddie Marquez
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 647
Submit a Funding Request
Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual

The James Baldwin Scholars Group is for students who participated in the James Baldwin Scholarship program during their first year at Hampshire. It is designed to provide the incoming first-year Scholars with the academic, social, and cultural support as they go through the transitional year from high school to college. Simultaneously, it provides mutual support to returning Baldwin Scholars who may experience a sense of isolation on campus. The James Baldwin alums, who have continued their education at Hampshire and often serve as leaders in the community, contribute to our group through their arranging various activities and events and serve as mentors and role models. Through these actions we help create a supportive environment, reinforcing a sense of belonging to our members.


2013-2014 Scholars:

  1. Arzu, Abel
  2. Davidson, Celeste
  3. Nazir, Anarmily
  4. Gorrell, Dykee
  5. Nichols, Marcellus
  6. Williams, Shaquirvi
  7. Fitts, Sackona
  8. Stone, Antoinette

2012-2013 Scholars:

  1. Jones, Shaina
  2. Ayala, Joel
  3. Garreston, Lauren
  4. Garcia, Gabrielle
  5. Pum, Yesenia
  6. Mesidor, Merlyne
  7. Murray, Anthony
  8. Brooks Kwasi
  9. Blalock, George
  10. LaFountaine, Josue
  11. Tate, Kameesha
  12. Jackson-Brown, Ajmal

2011-2012 Scholars:

  1. Gonzalez, Joshua A. 
  2. Zeas, Angel 
  3. Davis, Dante
  4. Ramirez, Urantia  
  5.  Pimentel, Tesh 
  6.  Troncoso, Aurelis 
  7. Waite, Allison A. 

2010-2011 Scholars:

  1. Farmer, Tzitzi
  2. Guillen, Peter A.
  3. Hamilton, Jamal
  4. Lopez, Melanie
  5. Rodriguez, Anna S.
  6. Singleton, Justin
  7. Vidal, Faustino
  8. Zelaya, Gerardo A.

2009-10 Scholars:

  1. Campos, Maya M.
  2. Dawson, Aura M.
  3. Gonzalez, Matthew
  4. Macias, Jesus F.
  5. Myers, Haneefah Z.
  6. Martin, Pia D.
  7. Morrison, Jr. Garfield A.
  8. Norris, Justin S.
  9. Shukura, Eshe K.
  10. Soto, Monica

Currently Enrolled Scholars:

  1. Lawrence, Sara
  2. Nurse, Khafre A.

Alumni Scholars:

  1. Arroyo, Nataly A.
  2. Bannor, Nana A.
  3. Brown, Tashal D.
  4. Carter, Issa H.
  5. Castro, Manuel
  6. Colon, William M.
  7. Dewindt, Tenisha E.
  8. Domino, Norman J.
  9. Durant, Divad P.
  10. Fernandez, Karina
  11. Gaines, Lorenzo
  12. Inchaustegui, Joaquin A.
  13. Landa, Marlem
  14. Leach, Orlando
  15. McBride, Carlos "REC"
  16. McKindley, Miranda M.
  17. McMillan, Chris D.
  18. Miller, DaVaughn L.
  19. Palmer, Napoleon
  20. Salgado, Krysia M.
  21. Sapp, Erica
  22. Smith, Robert V.
  23. Tejeda, Heriberto
  24. Timas, Joceneia
  25. Vigil, Natalia
  26. Vigil, Rachel
  27. Vioselin, Joanne
  28. Woodbury, Juan
  29. Bradley, Andre D.
  30. Colmenares, Jesus A.
  31. Fermoso, Edward
  32. Interiano, Geovanny M.
  33. Jackson, Damali A.
  34. King-Young, Jessica L.
  35. Ortiz, Reynaldo
  36. Peters, Kamil S.
  37. Pindell, Elora C.
  38. Thomas, Anthony A.
  39. Vargas, Julio C.
  40. Vargas, Luis J.
  41. Williams, Brittany M.
  42. Woodberry, Andre
  43. Malena, Aymee
  44. Martinez, Steven
  45. Morales, Ariel W.
  46. Nova, Daliza O.


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