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Meeting Information
Place: Lemelson Hot Shop
Time: Thursdays @ 7:30
Contact Information
shk11@hampshire.eduURIs of the form " <br /> <br />" are not allowed.
Signer Information
Signer 1: Emma
Signer 2: Anna (Sophie)
Signer 3: Sarah Jayne
Advisor Information
Advisor name: Glenn Armitage
Signer Resources
Group Account Number: 563
Submit a Funding Request
Funding Request Decisions
Student Group Signer Manual

Mission Statement

The Jewelry Collective was formed in 2010 to fill the gap of metal working at Hampshire. We are a group of passionate people working to improve our artistic abilities and hands-on metal working skills. Our goal for this collective is to learn more about jewelry making in all forms and to create beautiful and functional works of art. We hope to get more people excited about creating their own jewelry and exploring their own artistic abilities. We have a soldering station, tools to do wire work, texturing, cutting, filing, and many other things. Our general on hand materials are different gauges of silver, copper and brass wire, copper silver and brass sheet metal, solder, and assorted beads and other costume jewelry. Eventually we would like to start working with such things as enamel, casting, and precious metal clay, along with acquiring more jewelry books to help learn new skills. We would also like to host an informational jewelry classes and demonstrations that would be open to the entire Hampshire community.


3oz Chasing Hammer - 1
6oz Rawhide Mallet - 2
chain nose pliers - 2
flat nose pliers - 2
round nose pliers - 2
wire cutters - 2
lazer saw blades - 2doz
saw frames - 2
handy flux paste - 5lb
Sterling silver round wire 20ga - 0'
Sterling silver round wire 18ga - 3'
Rio Pickle - 3lb
Copper round wire 14ga - 1lb

Examples of Wire Jewelry

Simple beaded bracelet with hand made wire clasp and hammered disk

Pearls with clasp.jpg
Pearl necklace with hand made wire clasp

Simple hammered copper wire earrings

Chain Maille jump ring necklace pendent

Simple wire earrings with beads

Loose jump rings

Soldered circular stud earrings

Soldered building earrings

Copper bezel stud earrings

Triangle mismatched stud earrings

Square hollow form brass and silver ring

942749 10201062434705410 1614317032 n.jpg
Silver and brass ring with concave dapped centerpiece

480617 10200380375294351 528156625 n.jpg
Roughly dapped convex brass ring

944124 10201073910352294 1868022264 n.jpg
Dapped silver mesh necklace

Pennies dapped into domes

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