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Matt Krefting
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In the Kitchen
Contact Information

Year of Entry: 99F
Year of Graduation: 2003
Concentration: Literature and Experimental Music
Faculty I Collaborated With: Christoph Cox, Jeffrey Wallen
School: Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Matt Krefting came to Hampshire College in the fall of 1999. He spent much of his time at school thinking about and making sound. His other interests centered around literature and, to a lesser degree, philosophy. Along with John Shaw and Aaron Rosenblum, he helped create CMC, the Creative Music Collective, a student group with the purpose of bringing "outsider" or "experimental" music to Hampshire. At the same time he was active as a volunteer at the Flywheel arts space in Easthampton, MA. Between the two venues, he was involved in booking artists such as Joe McPhee, Arthur Doyle, Overhang Party, Major Stars, Lee Ranaldo, Roger Miller, Six Organs of Admittance, Double Leopards, Matt Valentine and Erika Elder, PG Six, K Salvatore, Thurston Moore, Volcano the Bear, Bablicon, Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, Joshua, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Michael Hurley, Sonic Youth Sonic Youth, Eugene Chadbourne, Charalambides, Ruins, Dredd Foole, Pelt, The Magik Markers, Golden Calves, and many more. His Div III was a paper entitled "Cutting Through Control: The Sound Art of William S. Burroughs." In September 2008 Krefting found himself back at Hampshire, gaining employment as Alumni Relations Officer. Visitors to the Alumni House are actively encouraged. He lives in Easthampton, MA.

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