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Signer 1: Gaines Blasdel
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Advisor name: Adam Ortiz
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Mission Statement

Men Against Patriarchy is a collective of Hampshire students that is focused on addressing issues of gender inequality and homophobia, particularly in the context of challenging patriarchal norms. Our goals include spreading awareness about gender inequality and homophobia on campus through: educational programming, social programming, social media, posters, and dialogues. We also seek to create safe spaces where people who identify as men/masculine can engage in conversation about gender and its implications.

Men Against Patriarchy is a space for men - male-assigned or male identified - to engage with notions of patriarchy and masculinity, and to engage in local activism that begins to challenge and deconstruct patriarchal norms detrimental to all people. Our goals, specifically, are: 1) Creating physical spaces where patriarchy is defined and challenged, both through internal exploration as well as through social activism. 2) Engaging all members of the Hampshire College campus community in stimulating discourse related to patriarchy's negative impact on society, carried out via dialogues, film screenings, guerilla theatre, buttons, posters, guest speakers, presentations, tabling, and art exhibitions. 3) Advocating on behalf of all people during instances of gender-related violence or harassment. 4) Collaborating with other activist groups for the sake of campus-wide programming, dialogue, and education.


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