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Meeting Information
Place: Library Lawn, Arts Village, or FPH
Time: Saturday 12am - 4pm
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Signer 1: Sean Bilson
Signer 2: Aidan Alice West
Signer 3: Flint Rusch, Lina Apte
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Group Account Number: 733
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Mission Statement

Mythos is Hampshire College's premiere improv combat roleplay troupe. We play capture the flag with foam swords, CounterStrike with Nerf, improv games, and full roleplaying games. For swords we sometimes use a variety of standard fantasy classes. For guns, we use classes taken from TF2.


Saturdays we meet from 1-3pm (sometimes 4) to enjoy theatrical role playing and fun with foam weapons.

On sunny days, we meet primarily on the Library Lawn, although sometimes in the Arts Village. Outside is for swords!
If it's raining, snowing, or we've just had too many swords lately, we'll be in FPH with our NERF guns.

Tuesdays from 4-5pm we also have a smaller, secondary meeting for practicing swordfighting either in the Arts Village or next to the path from FPH to the Library.

So far this year we have averaged about 25 attendees per Saturday meeting. You can see our awesome members here! (They're awesome because they put their names up. Everyone is not nearly as awesome)

4 out of 5 doctors agree that Mythos is the most entertaining two hours of Saturday afternoon. The 5th was bribed by the FDA.

Upcoming and Ongoing Events

Night Mythos

This is much like regular Mythos except at night when it dark and terrifying! Yaaaay! Dress for the occasion (greens and browns work better than straight black) and scare the living daylights out of your friends by stalking them in the dead of night! Happening some Friday in April. (I lied! Happening May 3rd!) FIN We didn't make it to the woods this year, but from 8:30 to 12:30 about 20 folk played cap flag, kill the king, and red rover!

Tavern Scene

Show up dressed as your favorite hero who has ever saved a princess (or prince) and swap stories of your heroic deeds with your new comrades. This could be someone from a video game, movie, book, entirely made up, whatever! Come eat, drink, and be merry (assuming we get funding, which will make us merry)! Happening May 8th, 7-10 in FPH's FacStaff Lounge! And we did get funding, so there will be consumables!


The Quickening’s coming to Hampshire! As I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for, Mythos is bringing the action-packed, super-exciting sequel to our spring 2011’s Highlander (by which I mean the low-budget, b-rated sequel)! If you’ve never seen this cult-followed classic (and please don’t go watch it on our account. Or watch at your own risk. Seriously, you’ve been warned.), it basically breaks down like this: you’re an immortal person who can be injured but can’t actually die unless you’re beheaded, and all the other immortal people out there would love to do you this favor. So you sign up to get a sword the morning of (9 and on) and go out hunting your rivals, clash in an epic duel to the death, and when someone’s decapitated (or mutually-silently-agreed upon by the combatants to have proved sufficiently epic), scream at the top of your lungs “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!”. At which point all the nearby prospies (because of course this needs to be held on accepted students day) decide Hampshire’s the best place in the world and run off to enroll right away so they can join Mythos in the fall. Then you sally off to hunt some more until there actually is only one. Scheduled for April 27! FIN Didn't really happen; one guy asked about it so he was the only one and there can be only one. So congratulations, you WON!

Woods Mythos

Woods Mythos will happen sometime when we’re done being wet and cold in place of a regular Mythos. We’ll send the e-mail out ahead per usual, meet in the Arts Village briefly so folks can help us tote weapons, then wander off to the tennis courts for a round or two of one-flag capture the flag before heading into the woods. It will be great and natural and WOODSY!

Past Events!

Since we're a rather busy group and almost 10 years old, turns out Mythos has hosted some things. Lots o' things. And all these things were taking up a lot of space on this page, so to make room and try to keep it all neat and organized, Mythos now has an archive of older stuff. Click here for our past events page.

Reviews and Testimony

Player Reviews

Members- Feel free to add your own!

  • "I like shooting people!" -- Rachel Ithen
  • "I wanted to hit people with hammers!" -- Tim Carroll
  • "You just lost your arm! This arm has been with you your entire life!" -- Ian Campbell
  • "Pew Pew Pew" - Bennett Hartnett
  • "I can't believe that I graduated from Hampshire without ever playing Mythos! Dammit! (I never smoked pot either but I regret not doing Mythos a lot more.)" -- Evan Silberman


The current Mythos arsenal consists of:

NERF Guns (Indoor Play) Foam Swords, Spears, Sickles, Shields, etc.... (Outdoor Play)
Guns Foam Weapons
15 mavericks 15 long swords (4 TBR)
6 alpha-troopers 14 short swords
6 night-finders 11 arrows
5 10-shot rotators 6 healer bells
3 fireflies 5 magic missiles
3 raiders 4 claws (1 TBR)
2 add-on pistols 4 foam balls
2 buzz-saws 4 knives
2 dart-tags 4 long spears (1 TBR)
2 long-shots 3 boulders
1 air-zone 3 machetes (all TBR)
1 ball blaster 3 short spears (1 TBR)
1 berserker 3 tonfa
1 blow-gun 2 flags
1 deploy 2 maces (both TBR)
1 hornet 2 pink pickaxes
1 jaguar 2 round swords
1 long-strike 2 torches (1 small, 1 large)
1 magstrike 1 anvil
1 nerf single shot 1 axe-sword (TBR)
1 recon 1 chainsaw
1 scout 1 das vatertickler (TBR)
1 titan 1 glaive
Total Guns: 59 1 javelin
1 popsicle monster hunter sword
Ammo and Extras 1 ring
217 stream-lines 1 sperm
92 velcro and whistlers 1 vampire slayin' battleaxe (TBR)
71 suction cups 1 war hammer (TBR)
12 foam balls foam blocks for 4 shields
2 buzz bee berserker missiles hundreds of flat glass circles (for gems)
1 nerf titan rocket various spare chunks of foam
1 wide nerf bullet Total Weapons: 80
13 6-dart clip
7 18-dart clip Laser Tag (Indoor/Outdoor, gifted to us by Magic Draft)
3 36-dart clip 4 blue laser tag guns
2 magstrike clips 4 gold laser tag guns
1 18-dart clip replacement batteries
2 riot shields
2 scopes
2 stocks
1 barrel extension
1 clip connector
1 light
Total Darts: 380
Total Other Ammo: 16
Total Extras: 35 (incl. clips)


Used Foam Sword(s) (Received used (2-3 years) Fall 06): 21 These Swords have been repeatedly repaired, although the remaining ones are holding up nicely.

New Foam Sword(s) (Purchased Fall 09- Spring 10): 20 These are falling apart, but should be fixable with copious hot glue and duct tape. We'll probably be asking Ficom for repair supplies before long.

Foam Spear(s) (Fall 08): 4 These weapons are also being continuously repaired, but the most recent round of duct tape has helped considerably!

Double Ended Spear(s) (Fall 08): 1

Foam Claws (Pairs)(Fall 08 and Older): 2

Previous to 2011 there were 48 foam weapons


125 Foam Weapons as of Feb 15, 2011


Misc Costumes for 10-20 people. Includes a Unicorn Horn hand crafted by a student blacksmith.

Other Media

We have a ridiculous number of photos on Facebook courtesy of Bea Carbone.

We also have a couple of videos (courtesy of Micheal Char) with extra awesome sound effects! One is full of swords and the other one full of guns!

    Mythos2.jpgMy4.jpg My5.jpg My6.jpg My8.jpg My9.jpg My10.jpg My12.jpg

My11.jpgRKIMythos.jpgMy3jpg.jpg My13.jpg My14.jpg


  My16.jpg My18.jpg My20.jpg  My31.jpg My34.jpgMy33.jpgMy36.jpgMy37.jpgMy39.jpg

 My35.jpgMy38.jpgMy44.jpg My48.jpgMy61.jpg  My45.jpgMy47.jpgMy43.jpgMy51.jpgMy52.jpgMy53.jpgMy58.jpg My55.jpg   My54.jpg  My50.jpgMy56.jpg My60.jpg  My59.jpgMy57.jpgMy49.jpgMy28.jpg

 My41.jpg My42.jpg My25.jpg

  My23.jpg My24.jpg     My40.jpgMy26.jpg My27.jpg My29.jpg My30.jpgMy15.jpg

Other Information

Past Signers

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