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Nathalie Arnold
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Contact Information

Office: EDH 14]]
Office Hours: TWTh by appointment
Academic Information
Position: Assistant Professor of Writing

School: School of Interdisciplinary Arts
Graduate Alma mater: Indiana University



Nathalie (Nell) Arnold publishes under the name N.S. Koenings. Her short stories have appeared in Story Quarterly and Glimmer Train, and her novella Setting Up Shop was released as a chapbook by the White Eagle Coffee Store Press in 2004. N.S. Koening’s first novel, The Blue Taxi, and the short story collection Theft will be published by Little Brown and Company in Fall 2006. She has published anthropological work on Tanzanian politics and expressive culture. She has carried out fact-finding missions into political violence in Africa for Human Rights Watch, and acts as a consultant to NGO's and the State Department regarding Tanzanian affairs. Her current interests in fiction include Swahili literature, contemporary international fiction, detective fiction, and the history and theory of craft. Her anthropological interests include political economy, colonialism, Islam, the occult, and global migration; her geographical areas of expertise are Sub-Saharan African and Indian Ocean societies.


Nell Arnold received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Indiana University. Her M.A. and Ph.D. in Socio-Cultural Anthropology were also completed at Indiana University.


Fall 2016 Difficult Women

Fall 2015 Point of View for Fiction

Fall 2010

    IA-0277-1 Style and Sensibilities: Strategies for Fiction Writers

    IA-0379-1 Division III Interdisciplinary Creative Writing Project Seminar

Spring 2010

    IA-0280-1 Short Story Fiction Workshop

    IA-0298-1 Mysterious Fictions: writing about secrets

Fall 2009

    IA-121T-1 Writing World Families: Tutorial in Inclusive Fiction

    IA-0377-1 Division III Seminar in Research for Creative Writing

Spring 2009

    IA-0155-1 Writing Fiction About Families

    IA-0155-1 Who's Telling This Story: Point of View for Fiction Writers

        View course description here: Who's Telling This Story: Point of View for Fiction Writers

Fall 2008

    IA-0277-1 Style and Sensibility: Strategies for Fiction Writers

        View course description here: Style and Sensibility: Strategies for Fiction Writers

    IA-0377-1Division III Seminar: Research for Writing Fiction

        View course description here: Division III Seminar: Research for Writing Fiction

January 2008

    IA/HACU-0289-1Text and Image in Book Form for Dissemination: Seminar in Project Design

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