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New Leaf
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New Leaf
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Mission Statement

New Leaf was the sustainability student group that became the activist group Climate Justice League in the Spring of 2013/Fall of 2014. New Leaf was responsible for many sustainable achievements at Hampshire, namely banning plastic water bottles and installing LED light bulbs on campus. The practices of New Leaf has since been taken up by Transition Hampshire. This page exists to keep the plethora of resources and educational information that the group provided.

Projects for Fall 2012

LED Bulb Brigade Initiative:

The first project funded by Hampshire's Sustainability Revolving Fund (SURF)! Goal is to replace 1000 incandescent and/or CFL bulbs on campus with new 12.5W, long-lasting, mercury-free LED bulbs.

Josh - Point Person - jkr10

Link to Bulb Brigade Data Google Doc

Dining Commons/Bridge:

Meatless Mondays and The Bridge

Mess Kits for sale!

Becca- raa11

Miriam- msm11

Svetlana- ssm12

Callie- cev12- Point Person

This is a student survey to try to guage general campus attitudes/responses if the dining hall did not offer meat on Mondays-PLEASE COMMENT/GIVE FEEDBACK! Thank you!

Campus Waste Management:

Working towards restructuring Hampshire's waste management to increase number of recycling bins, composte bins, trash cans, and ash trays on campus. Also working to educate the campus on the importance and practice of recycling/compost.

Proposal is well under way.  Need to determine cost.

Miriam- msm11

Olivia- orz12

Becca - raa11, Point person

Svetlana- ssm12

Hannah- hmp11

Jess- jcw11

Sam- so12

Hey everyone! We have a rough draft of our recycling proposal, and we'd love your input. You can make edits, or just tell us if you think it makes sense, or whatever you like ^_^ many thanks! Here's the google doc link:[[]]

Dish Rental Cart:

This will be a cart that people can rent for events instead of purchasing wasteful disposable cutlery and dishes.

Sophie- sgs11, Point Person

Arts & Education:

Making the campus more beautiful through visual environmental education and engagement.

Emily L. - eel11, Point Person

Andi- abc12

Emily D.- eed11

Sam- so12

Liz- edk12

Ava- als11

Sophie- sgs11

Slayton- stm12


This is an initiative addressing the issue of divesting from environmentally harmful industries including, but not limited to, coal and fossil fuels. Although Hampshire is not invested in such industries, there is much work and collaboration to be done within the consortium. We are currently planning an event to publicize and celebrate Hampshire's eco-friendly investment policies.

Alex- awl11, Point Person


Becca- raa11

Miriam- msm11

Maggie- mrc12

James- jfs12

Emily K- ek11


We are working towards a healthier campus through eliminating the use of toxic products on campus. We will initially be targeting the Expo markers used for whiteboards, and then proceeding to tackle cleaning supplies and the like.

Emilia- Point Person

Josh- jkr10

Food Waste:

We are working to assess and eliminate food waste on campus, both on the farm, and in the dining commons. We are searching for creative and socially responsible ways to approach this issue.

Olivia- orz12, Point Person

Callie- cev12

Sasha- sen11

Slayton- stm12

Liz- edk12

Renewable Energy:

Slayton- stm12, Point Person


Stuff we do as a group.

Monthly Initiatives: THIS MONTH= COMMUNITY CLOTHESLINES! Google Doc for clotheslines working proposal: :D

Spring Jam




Bonding activities

Revolving Fund Decisions

Historic Accomplishments

(since we started keeping track)

  • Replaced plastic, non-refillable salt and pepper shakers at Saga with refillable glass shakers.
  • Created light-switch stickers to remind students to save energy by turning off the lights, applied them across campus.
  • Created paper towel dispenser stickers to encourage students to use paper towels sparingly.
  • Establishment of Environmental Column in the Climax, Hampshire's student newspaper with a goal of writing an environmental article for every issue of the paper.
  • Institution of the annual Dish Amnesty program, which allows students to anonymously return "borrowed" dining commons dishes via New Leff collections.  This helps to reduce wasteful replacing of dishes in the dining commons.
  • Sale of bottled water officially ended at Hampshire College at the start of Fall Semester 2012.
  • Grant awarded by COCD to install Hydration Stations across campus to better facilitate a bottled-water-free campus. The installation is currently in progress.
  • Organized and hosted "Colleges Against Climate Silence Rally" in collaboration with environmental groups from the Five Colleges and the Pioneer Valley community. Approx 200-300 people showed up to rally for inclusion of climate change in our national (as well as local) political dialogue.

Hampshire Carpooling

NEW PAGE for staff and students interested carpooling - from commuting, running errands to long distance trips!! Just click on the title "Hampshire Carpooling!!"

Bottled Water and Recycling


Sign the Five College Take Back the Tap pledge to demonstrate your support:

Recycling Guidelines:

What can I recycle in each bin?

Bottles and Cans:

  • Aluminum cans
    * Tin/Steel cans
    * Glass bottles (all colors)
    * Plastic bottles (all numbers)
    * Plastic yogurt tubs
    * Milk cartons and juice boxes

  • NO plastic cups
    * NO plastic clamshells
    * NO plastic bags
    * NO lids or bottle caps
    * NO styrofoam

Mixed Paper:

  • Newspapers
    * Magazines and catalogs
    * Posters, glossy paper, junk mail
    * Notebook paper
    * Photocopies
    * Computer paper

  • NO tissues
    * NO paper towels
    * NO pizza boxes
    * NO candy wrappers
    * NO cigarette boxes
    * NO paper cups or plates
    * NO plastic bags

Corrugated Cardboard:

Corrugated cardboard is the card board that has
the wavy layer in the middle.

  • NO pizza boxes
    * NO cereal boxes

Sustainable Orientation

Working to make environmental awareness a part of new student orientation.

Increase information about recycling and composting, working on showing a model dorm room, making the new student gifts more sustainable.


Community potluck with groups on campus like Local Foods Initiative and Mixed Nuts

Community Screenings

Film screenings that New Leff has put on for the general community to raise awareness of various environmental issues, both national and international. This can be a database to draw from in the future as well as a record.

  • Waste Land - Award-winning documentary shares a story of trash, art, and the dignity of the human spirit at the world's largest garbage dump in Brazil.

  • Gasland - Josh Fox's documentary about his cross-country travels to explore the impacts of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking" for natural gas, on people and planet.

  • Carbon Nation - The work of a Hampshire alum, this film brings an optimistic twist to the global climate change discussion by documenting the work people are doing, and how this problem is not insurmountable.

  • Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives - A moving documentary on the environmental impacts of war. Draws clear connections between the environmental and human rights movements. (this screening was put on in collaboration with the Amnesty International student group)

  • Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us? - Documents the amazing world of honeybees, the beekeepers who raise them, and the urgency of conserving a positive relationship between people and pollinators in the industrial world.

  • If A Tree Falls - Thought-provoking documentary about "eco-terrorist" group The Earth Liberation Front - raises questions about environmentalism, activism in general, law enforcement, and what is considered "terrorism".

Environmental Column

The environmental column is an initiative in collaboration with The Climax, Hampshire's student newspaper. Started in 2010, the column is loosely defined and exists with the simple goal of raising awareness of environmental issues and updates on campus by getting an article written for each issue of the Climax.

Past Articles have included:

  • Hampshire's greenhouse gas inventory and signing of the American College and University President's Climate Commitment (ACUPCC)
  • Addition of Zipcars to campus
  • Environmental and social issues of bottled water and water privatization.
  • Hampshire's paper consumption
  • Changes to Saga - most notably the replacement of disposable salt and pepper shakers with resuable glass versions - and urging students not to steal them.
  • Hampshire's ranking on Sierra Magazine's Top Ten Cool Schools list, and subsequent loss of the title the following year
  • Hampshire's energy sourcing
  • The Five-College Sustainability Initiative AKA Blue Sky Brainstorm
  • Hampshire's College's socially/environmentally responsible investment policy, and leadership in the national fossil fuels divestment campaign
  • The Sustainability Revolving Fund (SURF)
  • The LED bulb exchange project

Sustainability Tips

The collection of weekly Daily Digest sustainability tips brainstormed by New Leff and compiled by Josh Reynolds.

  • As the weather gets colder, keep your thermostat under control. Going away for the weekend? Or just leaving your room for a few hours? Turn down the heat to save energy!
    21% of Hampshire's greenhouse gas emissions come from direct burning of fossil fuels. The easiest way to reduce this is to lower our heating intensity.
    Turn down your thermostat if you are leaving your room for any extended period of time. There's no need to keep heating an empty room. You can also lower your heat when you are in the room. A couple sweatshirts go a long way.
    Also, don't be afraid to lower your room temperature at night. You'll be warm and cozy in your bed anyway, so avoid excessive heating.

  • Water is a valuable resource. And so is the fuel we burn to heat it. When it comes to showers, a small change can make a big difference.
    Hampshire's buildings are currently served by a combination of electric and gas hot water heaters with storage tanks.
    If every student reduced their average shower time by just five minutes, Hampshire would save $7,340 each year.
    It's something to be mindful of. Save water, save energy, save money.

  • Everyone is going home for a nice, relaxing winter break. Make sure you conserve energy back at Hampshire by avoiding "vampire" electrical use!
    Before you leave campus for vacation (if you haven't leff already), take a minute to unplug all of your clocks, printers, mini-fridges, etc. Basically everything.
    Some appliances, even when turned off, drain small amounts of electricity from the wall outlet - over the long term this "vampire" drainage adds up.
    Some modern "smart" appliances automatically stop using electricity even when they remain plugged in. But is doesn't hurt to just unplug everything to be safe.
    Saving electricity means less CO2 going into the atmosphere, helping Hampshire to reach the goals of the Presidential Climate Commitment.

  • Zipcar is here, offering a new easy method of transportation! How can you save money AND reduce carbon emissions? Carpool!!
    Zipcar has the potential to help Hampshire reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions, and meet the goals of the Presidential Climate Commitment!
    For one thing, you no longer need to bring your car all the way to Hampshire just for the occasional errand. Rent a fuel-efficient Zipcar instead!
    For another thing, you can carpool. Doing your grocery shopping? Bring some friends! Not only will this save on CO2 emissions, but it will also save you money because you can split the hourly Zipcar rate with your friends.
    To sign up for Zipcar:

  • Bottled water is wasteful, expensive, and pretty pointless overall if you think about it.
    Every year, making the plastic water bottles used in the U.S. takes enough oil and energy to fuel a million cars. These bottles are then shipped all over the country, using more fuel, until they finally get to a consumer... who could have just drank from the tap.
    Then is the problem of garbage. About eighty percent of empty water bottles end up in landfills - and plastic takes thousands of years to decompose. And even recycling is far from a perfect process - down the road most of the plastic will eventually end up in the trash.
    And why are we paying for this? Tap water is paid for by our taxes, and around here the quality is very good. Yet for the "convenience" and "purity" of bottled, we are willing to pay. And that's what the big beverage companies want us to do. They manufacture demand for a resource we can get for free.
    So how can you help? Easy - don't buy bottled water! Spread the word!
    For more info, check out

  • Did you know you can prevent waste AND save money by bringing a reusable mug when you buy coffee at Hampshire?
    The next time you go to the Hampstore or the Bridge, here's a tip: bring a reusable mug/thermos!
    Both of these locations will only charge you a refill price for coffee or tea if you provide a cup, regardless of the size.
    This is great for two reasons. Not only does it save you money, but it also reduces the use of disposable paper cups that end up the trash, and eventually in a landfill.
    Take advantage of this deal and help Hampshire reduce waste!

  • Before you leave for spring break, turn down your thermostat and prepare your room for an energy-efficient vacancy.
    21% of Hampshire's greenhouse gas emissions come from direct burning of fossil fuels. The easiest way to reduce this is to lower our heating intensity.
    There is no need to keep your unoccupied room warm and toasty if you will be away next week. Turn down your thermostat before you leave! It saves energy, money, and reduces our carbon footprint!
    In addition to saving energy from heating, you can reduce energy consumption over break by being sure to turn off all your lights, turning off power strips, and unplugging appliances.
    Have a mini-fridge in your room? Assuming that you will not need its food-preserving capacities over break, please consider unplugging it, as refrigeration consumes a lot of electricity. Leave the mini-fridge door open to vent moisture and prevent mold growth.
    Thanks for helping Hampshire reduce it's greenhouse gas emissions! Enjoy spring break!

  • We use a LOT of paper. Help to prevent waste and save trees by printing double-sided, reusing, and recycling your paper.
    You can save a lot of paper in the long run by printing double-sided. Check with your professor to make sure they will accept double-sided printing assignments - if they don't, you should suggest it.
    Another way to reduce waste is to reuse paper which has only been printed on one side. Need to jot down some notes? Don't get a new sheet, use an old one!
    Have you seen the colorful boxes around campus (library, airport lounge, post office, and more) designated for reusing 1-sided paper? This is a New Leff initiative where you can drop off any used printer paper which has only been printed on one side. When enough 1-sided paper builds up in these boxes, New Leff will take them to Duplications and turn them into free notepads! So bring your paper to the boxes!
    Finally... RECYCLE! Do not throw away your paper when it has been completely used. It won't do much good sitting in a landfill. Recycle it to save trees! This goes for newspapers, too - use the New Leff box in Saga near the compost/trash bins. Thanks!

  • Do you find yourself in possession of dishes from the Dining Hall? Lucky you - it's DISH AMNESTY WEEK!
    From now, up until Tues, April 5th, you will notice cardboard Dish Amnesty Boxes in the stairwells of Dakin and Merrill. This is your chance to anonymously return any dishes or silverware that may have somehow found their way into your room, lounge, etc.
    Just put your dishes into the boxes, and on April 5th your friendly neighborhood New Leff Members will return them to Saga for you! It's just that easy!
    Why is this an awesome thing to do? Because when dishes get taken from the dining commons, they have to be replaced every year. This is very wasteful and expensive. By returning your dishes, you help to conserve resources. Thank you!

  • Water Water Everywhere... but less than one percent of the world's water is fresh and accessible. So don't waste water! Here are some simple ways you can save....
    -Turn off the sink faucet while you are brushing your teeth, and turn off the faucet when you leave the bathroom! It's not complicated.
    -Turn water off in between dishes while washing your dishes. No need to keep the water running the whole time.
    -Don't support water privatization (bottled water is evil): use a reusable water bottle instead! Really, the tap water here is FINE!
    -Take shorter showers. A few minutes less goes a long way.
    -Shower together, if you are so inclined!

  • It's spring... spending time outside is good. Leaving garbage outside is NOT good. Respect Hampshire's common outdoor areas and keep them clean!
    Whether you are relaxing on the library lawn or trekking through the woods, please make an effort to leave our natural spaces better than you found them. Don't leave your trash... and if you do see trash, be a hero and pick it up! Thanks!

  • You may have noticed the wonderful and witty new stickers around campus advising you to save electricity/resources by turning off lights and using less paper towels. Please do not remove these stickers! Taking the stickers makes New Leff sad because the stickers are meant to benefit the ENTIRE campus - enjoy them where they are. Thank you very much!

  • It's Fall! It's cool, sunny, and just plain beautiful outside. ENJOY THAT BEAUTY! Feed your appreciation for Nature with some outdoor activities!
    -Go for a bike ride around campus, or bike to Amherst Center instead of taking the bus.
    -Take a walk in the Hampshire woods; there are plenty of trails to explore.
    -Hike Bare Mountain - it's just a bus ride away!
    -Do all of the above, and more, to see the changing fall colors! They don't last long.
    -Just go outside! When winter gets here, you'll be glad you did.

  • Notice the new glass salt and pepper shakers at Saga? Do Hampshire College, the environment, and your fellow concerned students a favor and DON'T STEAL THESE NEW SHAKERS!
    If you were around last year, you probably remember the plastic salt and pepper shakers that used to be on the Saga tables. Did you know those shakers were disposable, one-use, non-refillable? That once they were used up they were trashed and then new ones replaced them? That's pretty wasteful, don't you think?
    That's why New Leff worked with the Dining Commons last year to get the wasteful salt and pepper shakers replaced with refillable ones.
    But if you steal the new salt and pepper shakers, the same thing will just happen again - Saga will opt for the cheaper disposable plastic shakers because people keep taking the costlier glass ones.
    Please keep this in mind and do not take the salt and pepper shakers from Saga. Thank you.

  • Save Energy by turning off the lights when you leave the room. It's so simple, but it's still an issue. The new light-switch stickers should help remind you, but ultimately you have to take the initiative and bring darkness to Hampshire campus!
    Every bit of energy saved adds up. Thank you.

  • Going home for Thanksgiving break? With a bit of preparation, you can save lots of energy in your dorm while you're gone.
    Heat uses a lot of energy, and it's useless to heat an empty room. Before you leave for break, turn down your thermostat to the minimum so that energy is not being wasted.
    Have you heard of vampire electricity drain? This is what happens when certain gadgets and appliances remain plugged into electrical sockets - even if the device is turned off, a small amount of electricity will continue to be drained out of the wall socket. Take all of Hampshire's vampire electricity together and you have a lot of wasted electricity. Help to prevent this by unplugging your various power strips and devices.
    Try to clear out your mini-fridge if you have one so you can unplug it, too. Refrigeration uses a lot of electricity.  Thanks!
    Have an awesome Thanksgiving vacation!

  • The Hampshire woods is there for everyone to enjoy. Please keep it enjoyable by not leaving trash and broken glass. We are all old enough to pick up after ourselves.
    In particular, the various fire circles in the woods have lately been surrounded by broken bottles, cigarette boxes, newspapers, etc. Please respect the rest of the community and carry out your trash if you choose to bring it in.
    It's called Leave No Trace, and as Hampshire students we should all be aware of it.
    It's good for the environment, and it's good for people.  Thanks.

  • Get involved in the new 5-College Sustainability Initiative!
    The 5 Colleges are soliciting ideas from students which may eventually be realized as part of an initiative launched by the 5 College Directors last November. At this point, feasibility is not a concern - propose any idea to make the Five Colleges or the Pioneer Valley community in general more sustainable.
    Submit ideas here:
    Also, stay tuned for a series of open meetings in February to brainstorm and push this initiative forward.

  • You are what you eat! Support local, organic agriculture by buying veggies from the Hampshire Winter Farm Stand! Thursdays, 10am-2pm, the Library.
    The food we eat tends to be shipped from all over the place, and all that shipping requires the burning of fossil fuels. So the more local the food, the better.
    Conventionally grown produce requires the use of chemical pesticides, many of which have been proven harmful to human health, as well as harming ecosystems by killing all insects - both pests AND beneficial predators.
    Organic produce is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals.
    These are just a few reasons to buy from the Hampshire College Organic Farm, so go to the library on Thursdays, 10am-2pm and stock up!

  • According to Energy Star, up to 90% of energy used in clothes washers goes toward heating the water.
    Unless you have oily stains on your clothing, there's no need to use hot water.
    Choose the "Bright Colors" cycle to wash with cold water! It takes no effort but it makes a big difference.

  • Does bottled water drive you crazy?  We finally have the momentum to ban its sale at Hampshire, but we need to show President Lash some serious student support!
    New Leff has been working to end the sale of bottled water on Hampshire's campus, and President Lash has agreed to make this happen IF we can demonstrate visible and overwhelming support among the student body.
    1. Pledge to stop buying/drinking bottled water, and add your name to the growing list:
    2. Send President Jonathan Lash a personal email supporting a bottled water ban on campus.  He has specifically asked that students email him their support.
    3. Be on the lookout for tabling at Saga and the library, where you can add your name to the official petition which will be brought to President Lash, already 300 names strong.
    4. Spread the word!
    We are fortunate enough to have tap water which is safe and dependable - it is wasteful and makes no sense to pay for privatized water and plastic pollution when we have the tap alternative.  For more info on the issues of bottled water, check out this short video:

  • Bottled water is no longer being sold on Hampshire's campus, so take the opportunity to admire the new Hydration Stations being installed. Use a refillable bottle and make use of this filtered tap water (which is just as good as any bottled!)

Stations have been installed in Cole Science Center and in the RCC. More to come as the year progresses.

  • Did you know that you can reduce your toilet's water consumption by placing a rock in the tank? This displaces water and means less water used per flush!

You can use any object that suits the purpose well (it doesn't have to be a rock). Don't use a brick though, because it's possible for it to dissolve over time and cause plumbing problems. Don't use gravel or small particles, for the same reason. But it's worth using the rock! Reducing the volume of the toilet tank can save major amounts of water over the course of a year!

  • It's getting chilly outside these days. Instead of cranking up the heat, try wearing warm wool socks, sweatshirts, etc. Get cozy and save energy!

About 22 percent of Hampshire's greenhouse gas emissions result from the burning of natural gas for heat on campus. You can help to reduce the college's resource consumption by being resourceful on a personal level. If you've got some warm clothing, why not give it a try?

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