The Show That Defined A Generation

Description: We will begin our EPEC course studying the television show, the card game, the movies, and details pertaining to understanding the “ins and outs” of the phenomenon. As time goes on, we will look into how all of this relates to ‘the real world’ – in terms of ethics, impact as a franchise, child psychology, gender studies, politics and power, animal rights & cognition, and language barriers. We’ll be meeting three times a week in which one day will be dedicated to lecture, one to a screening, and another to discussion.

Facilitator Biography: We are a Division II and a third semester Division I. We have extensive experience and an unabiding love for the Pokemon world. You could say our experience dates back to up to twelve years ago when the first episode of the first season aired.


The twelfth Pokemon Movie: “Arceus and the Jewel of Life” made its U.S. premier Friday November 19th at 5:30PM on Cartoon Network. It was amazing.

Finished downloading all twelve movies (Plus 1B- Mewtwo Returns), as well as the first four seasons (Through the Jhoto region)